24 Replies to “Trampoline Bella.mp4”

  1. Amazing!>>>t.co/kaNZSerkEr Works great love the quality and has been threw a couple wind storms holds up nicely with stakes. Nets were a pain to put up very difficult but otherwise easy.

  2. Hi I'm with weather.com. Did you film this yourself? If so will you give us permission to use it on all Weather Company owned platforms + partners with a courtesy to you on screen? Please reply here or to [email protected] Thanks!

  3. Only the ignorant will claim these dogs are evil!!!! Ignore them, this is what I say!!! Bella is great, seems to be having so much fun. Sending love to Bella!!!!

  4. this may look like play to some people but these dogs have been proven to have no conscience,sympathy or empathy, no emotions, they are bred for killing and killing is what they do, until people wake the bloody hell up and realize that more children will die every day. they only belong in the wild or in the zoo, not in gardens on trampolines where the risk of killing a child is huge

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