okay Brad I'm sinking April it really sinking Cory funk nice to meet you I missed you I was in Hawaii and I was then why guys if you haven't seen the videos good question look what Kroy build like what is its use you got scope its poor in the world and it dude it's like a real-life Minecraft what's the strongest thing in this world record family oh my gosh bald me name one thing that's stronger than family nothing bro so joined the funk band check out the merch we got the Corvette hoodie who got that sleeve who got that back and then you also we got yeah I'm getting a call oh we got the phone case fits every found worldwide shipping you guys have not heard the news dude worldwide shipping I've had some comment I'm gonna take this I've been wearing the shirt for two weeks straight and it smells like cheese but I love it oh us a light rain bro that's what we call it blinking top it by a Oh Corey's Corvette link on top of the scripture makes you check it out let's take a tour of the fort this is your for you bill today actually I can't do that you guys have to click up here to watch the fort video your rough you're mean bro no I'm just kidding we're gonna go through it anyway this entire video so nice but maybe a couple people clicked it and when they came back to this video like a refrigerator i spray-painted a microwave there was a secret room in here where's that we were supposed to a 24 hour challenge in this way out we were what do you do now instead do it in the field trampling with ball pit because what are you doing to the fort right now we're going to destroy it with the crazy colors everyone please it's very easy one-click it's free go down there subscribe post notifications if you want to get posted again shout out all you got to do is subscribe post on vacations it was the mush cuz he did it he's part of the phone booth let's destroy this I'm ready birthday let's go baby let's destroy hi Zach that's my friend Zach he's cool just right with us let's get the drift car seat maybe I went through and just like taptic give it a high-five it's time to fill this trampoline I am so excited for this video and time for you to drown for you to go avalanche of boxes kills Zach Willie survive fam will help them out though there's a lot of it like gnarly things that have to go into a huge trampoline filling that costs $4,000 to do we have to open all these boxes and we have to on that every single one of these sack of all honey balls again a hundred sixty thousand Zach what are you saying about the street we got for ballsack it's a where it's a rare ballsack tree basically like an apple tree with three stacked apples dude this is beautiful from up here cannot express how excited I am this is phenomenal thank you for providing this YouTube thank you phone phone for staying and hope you enjoy the rest of the stream exact we need help opening these bro we need you he's so excited go for exact go find out dude this is like actually feels pretty cool go on we're not even done yet guys and we're to our hips involved imagine this but to our brains up here six feet up in every blocking my brain cells then we can't think well we'll just have fun it'll be kids there's what feels like to be in a ball pit not yet though we'll show you once this is all right Waco anyway I'm saving you oh thank you God alright let's finish this let's finish this going on oh let's ditch this who's gonna do a flip oh well so you can flip all right my turn come over there I we got this guy's let's do it this is our biggest project yet so I hope you enjoy hope you subscribing for more crazies like this because there's more to come and I'm so ecstatic about this so much money so much time we go friends helping us this is family bro we got Jeremy got Danny Corey Chantel Sebastian Landon and Zach big ol family who he had the boss to top first who's the strongest Zach Stern Oh daddy's turn he's not broken wrist kind of oh you tricked us so we gotta grab the rest of these walk them over here and then drop them inside of the ball oh my god that's P minus 30 minutes we're like a foot away from me at the top this will be our last champion clean up this house you know that right cuz we'll be moving out we just come back and just bother mom and pop I just do enough for that definitely what is all this crap my god we're doing traveling just all the guys come in another one sorry we'll get your shots after this do you just enjoy yourself for sure yeah bro judges belly flop yeah you see Baba you see the wave how's that going we got it okay Brad I'm shaking yeah but it really sinking yeah go H do short guys watch this you ready here's me here's Corey oh my gosh you came to the top of these guys we bought that much guys coming down below if you want to be here with us well yesterday one else come with us oh they'll save us I got you imagine losing your phone in this house even jumped in yet she's gonna get actually Chantelle and Natalie together the two girls jump in push you in already three okay yeah just wait slowly see weird that we thought we got too much balls go babe go go go go go go oh my gosh you're so lucky that this is a trampoline billiard balls he just slipped and fell in koi he did like foot like almost fell in did you film it yeah all right so this setup was super super gnarly but to make it even crazier I'm gonna go on the roof and I'm gonna jump off into the ball pit all right where's this ladder at I need to get on the roof okay Bryan coin did you jump soon three two one oh my gosh this is so gnarly this respect of those sketch of course they are they'd be super heads and bathing suit scrapbook it all the balls they're all overfilling they're all they've overflowed and some eyes look how much it's sagging I think I missed it yeah good boy ready I'm terrified hundred fifty thousand subscriber subscribe for more best oh my god oh that was that was like top of the line of drill and rough for me oh I'm like blacking out right now you like it edge really top of description we're making some youtube history right here yeah I wanna say thank you for tuning in thank you for watching thanks for being here guys funk fam is the realest and this is what we want to do in this chat yeah I really want to thank every one of you guys for coming on and watching this and also if you guys want to keep up with our daily lives we have our Instagram snapchat Twitter all that good stuff but we like to go on a post and if you like to check us out awesome thank you for out semester that's who yes oh you guys check that out it'll be awesome yeah yeah Oh ladies get into a problem guys all right funk fan moment take a little bit of a break and I'm gonna head on these crazy cart yeah one of you have to give up your crazy grunts Danny okay it's you probably sorry guys Walmart merch plug top of the description join the phone fan nothing stronger than the bond of family weird blood come back come hang out with us we got the sick chick Kate this the jackets the fog fam Corvette oh it's oh I see I see on the outside warm on the inside for winter and check it get the squash it and lastly but not least we got the phone worldwide shipping all sizes all cases check it out love you guys we're almost done cleaning up and this was an old date thing I mean swear to God it was just so much time and effort goes into this trampoline is full the house is dirty let's just leave it to for mom and dad to clean so guys we're good squashing like you guys should be doing squashing that like button camera here's the camera I gotta leave and go pick up my Corvette the video is over it is this was subscribe oh and also a big shout to everyone and all the links will be down below I'll be putting them there after I'm editing this tonight so thank everyone who helped early piece and I don't know Thank You Fung him


  1. I would jump in but I would sync to the bottom because I’m like 1 inch from 4 feet but I wouldn’t want to sit

  2. #funkitchallange do a belly flop and choose anyone is the room to do 5 belly flops and you do 1 and other does 5

  3. So what is this now does every Youtuber now how to do flips and stuff and also the people who are in their videos

  4. You you guys should make iPads cases so I can buy one I don't have a phone okay I love you guys I love your Channel I was in the hospital until I am having surgery and I look on your on my tablet and I just automatically said Funk breast y'all make me happy

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