what is going on guys Courtney and I are about to go drift in the snow because it is it's freaking snowing really hard first time drifting in my car kind of scared I'm not gonna do anything crazy sports cars do not like snow I've heard and experienced slightly on the drive here but yeah we're gonna go out try to have some fun real quick I have no idea what the rest of this vlog entails so yeah let's do it I kind of want to do it right here like that it's gone yeah that was pathetic alright guys if you ever are gonna drift turn off traction control okay that was terrible do you want me to do it No Oh God Quinton Stern here's a jeep no fair oh boy bro he's gonna die all right this is not okay oh go ahead and hurry up it's freezing okay here's your camera it's now wait I know it's freezing let's go Oh God it's your cold for this and there's not enough snow over there so whatever screw it we're going home well guys there's only one thing I can really do well it's snowing and pretty sure I've done this every year since I could do a backflip so might as well oh I'm not in the mood to do it backflip Oh God pray for me mom times like this I wish I had body fat oh my god why why am I doing this holy dude my feet are gone I'm walking on nothing oh good morning I woke up this morning at 5:00 in the morning my room was so cold I couldn't sleep in it it's like negative five out right now oh look at the snow did it it didn't snow anymore last night did it mom guess what I have a video that like no other big youtuber can do trampoline vs. snow all of them live in California or Florida all right time for me to go find the snow shovel we used to shovel snow off the trampoline like we had put duct tape on the end of it God it is so cold okay maybe I'm just a puss but it's cold dude I almost frickin hate it why why is there just a random little puddle vice-premier snow shovel where yeah we have a snowboard that Quinton left here I don't know how to snowboard though oh there it is it's super Ben but hey let's go it is so bright out dude snow makes for the best lighting let's take a quick look at the foam pit oh my gosh look at it it's covered well I don't know where I'm gonna flip off but I guess I'll start piling it over there this may take a little bit oh boy oh look who came to play you want to help me rose it is good and powdery soft snow but uh there's not very much of it so it's gonna take a little while I'm gonna use like my whole yard hey don't mess up my pile okay hi guys after slaving away for a few hours this is what I have done Dylan just got here so he's gonna be helping me get all the skittles off the trampoline it literally reeks of skittles like you can smell them but I scraped all of that all up there and this is what we have it's probably you know four feet tall at the top I would do a triple front flip but it's just not wide enough and if I miss it then I'm definitely gonna break my back that doesn't sound very fun so I think I'm just gonna do a double front but since it's not a triple I have something else in mind are you ready let's bounce off the snow and the skittles trampoline versus snowy skittles look at my trampoline guys take a look you my trampoline is so nasty good thing we're flipping off that side so sticky good thing there's a coating of skittles well I probably be cutting into my trampoline alright I hope you guys we would like because this this is taking forever Quentin went to the gym that's why he's not here so I mean there's a bigger workout anyway my shoes are never gonna be the same I quit let's move this Tramp rested pull up over the skills yeah what this better be soft so slippery and sticky at the same time Oh so on my back it's so cool oh now the water's going down my butt crack well now it's time for one more thing very new always that clothes on yeah oh oh that's so cold oh this is the worst idea I've ever had here's some pants tailor oh god it hurts are you watching my video yeah I'm eating a mud ride nice well that was frigging cold okay guys it is the next morning um what was I gonna say oh yeah it is literally freezing in my room okay I don't know if any of you guys remember this but a long time ago I showed in a video like see that crack right there right above my window well water used to leak down in there and like soak where my stereo used to be and now it's just like the winter cold is getting through there so it's freezing in my room slept on the floor last night in front of my heater fan on full-blast woke up like three times so been getting some pretty horrible sleep another reason can't wait to move I feel sorry for whoever gets this room whenever they buy it yeah I might start packing a little bit from the new house I really just want to be ready for that and I have a lot a lot of stuff to get but I was talking with my mom yesterday about me getting the whole basement to myself in the new house cuz that's what I wanted I haven't told you guys this but I'm paying for half of this new house and my brother's a teen and he's gonna be working a lot my sister's like hardly ever home and I mean it's a huge house we all have plenty of room but I just kind of wanted more room for my videos and I just want to be able to do a lot of fun stuff and I didn't want to have to install the wall in the basement to like separate the rooms Dylan Quinn I like all my friends there over all the time and we all usually just hang out in my room it is it's a decent sized room I mean it's fine but it would just be cool if we all didn't have to sleep in the same bed because then my gay comments would go down a lot and I mean I thought it was kind of fair about my whole family kind of went so I doubt that happens I guess I'll live but I'm still excited for the new house it's going to be cool I ordered this bean bag okay it's eight foot wide four feet tall it is huge and it's made of elk fur on the outside pretty cool cannot wait for that I have a ton of like videos I want to do with it and all of it will be going down in the new house but anyway I'm about to go outside I want to do some flips in the snow for some reason I've been feeling like I want to do some flips and my retainers and so I'm talking like an idiot again [Applause] that was my first side flip to my right side it's too slippery oh I hear baby nice too it offers you to see I actually landed that sweater to put her right on yeah trying to make my like I wanted to do this for an Instagram edit but that was not worth it so cold well guys that was basically for this video it was like completely random filmed in like three different days but hope you guys enjoyed it thank you guys so much for watching this video don't forget to leave like and share the phones if you enjoyed it's like hard to breathe out subscribe if you're new and I'll see you guys in the next one peace out


  1. I never get snow now, years ago we got like 3 feet deep of freaking snow and now the news reports have the time lie to us and when they dont it snows an inch and its not even good snow

  2. My nana can drift better than you guys can and she was in a transam sorry I cant spell

  3. When you stopped playing Shawn Mendes’s music cause of copyright I got sad 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

  4. Lol you are SICK and crazy in the snow whar I liv it,so really snowy but I am safe and if i whare you I wood stellar do it!!!!?

  5. whos watching this in 2018 and thought that they got a new dog because Rose looks so young! i did but then realized it was just Rose?

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