Want to make sure you never miss a kindly keyin video again, be sure to subscribe and hit that bell to turn on notifications. Super Saiyan kindly keyin Baldi? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Sorry, I was powering up. I apologize for that. Hello everybody, I am kindly keyin and welcome back to Roblox. We’re we’re looking at a door right now. That’s it. That’s all that’s happening. It’s there’s Baldi’s office on the other side of this this door. GOT EM Yeah! Yeah, I’m the door. This is the Baldi’s Basics roleplay that we played in the past. I think it’s called work-in-progress or something like that. So there’s a whole bunch of new morphs including this one right here. It’s a door. It’s actually really cool because, Someone tries to walk through it it opens, but there’s obviously nothing there! There’s other doors too as you can see LZ King right here. He’s uh, he’s the door 99. So yeah, look at all these door options. There’s a whole bunch of new morphs that I thought that we would check out today. So that’s what we’re gonna be doing and exploring a little bit more of the world of all these work in progress. As I understand it, a lot of stuff has changed. There’s… there’s Granny. There’s Porygon from the the texticks roleplay. Also I have granola stuck in my teeth, I had a granola bar for for breakfast and it’s like right it’s like really uncomfortable. It needs to go soon. I wish I was just a door then I wouldn’t have a mouth to get a granola stuck in my mouth. This is weird. Ok, this person needs to stop. stop, please! This is a violation of my door security. Okay. Stop chasing me you maniac you? Absolute maniac I have no idea. What what is that? Let’s drum. You scare me Immensely, you’re funny. I like you and that’s a weird-looking porygon porygon Too and porygon badge morph remake and who the heck is Joe? Who invited you Joe? You’re a weird-looking, dude? Anyways, let’s I guess well, can I remove face remover? What why would I ever want to remove my face? Clearly if I’m a door with no face, I’m still just a regular old door. We saw these right? These are all like the cool dis guys. Disco Joe. Who are you? And why are you in my Buffy spacings? Oh My gosh we have like tattle-tale people’s change my ruler golden who I didn’t even think about that Can I hold a ruler as I totally can and now I’m a baldies office door with the golden ruler now before my might the almighty baldies office two Powers get into my head. I I don’t I don’t know what else I can say. Okay, so Wait, I’m so lost. And I all I hear is doors opening and closing. Have we been in been in this room? What are you weird mix? Yeah, you are a weird mix You’re like bully arms with principal body, but bully head. I don’t like it Hello new, I’m glad you’re here. And what is this is this from one of the ripoffs that we played? I don’t know It’s so confusing. Is there a morph remover around here? I don’t want to be a door anymore Please I want to be a real boy. I just want to go back to be your real boy 2d morphs Let’s check out the 2d morphs. Is there anything in here that we haven’t seen before? What mad Rock Why why is there a mad rock in here also, why is there a weird song playing yum yum yum yum yum yum yum I’m I’m so lost and confused. I had to edit making this. So hope you like it old Happy Baldy. He looks very happy. I do like it Okay. So we’ve seen all those 2d morphs special three morphs. Okay. Oh, no, we’ve been in here We’ve been in here. This is boring 3d morphs. Have we been in here? Okay, we’ve seen all these I’m pretty sure got a love playtime. Oh, wait is there there’s a morph remover in here? I knew I find you eventually. Oh gosh. What happened to me? What what is Guys help my head has become a bodies puff. It’s sore This doesn’t seem healthy. Someone save me. Is there a doctor? Hello Oh Gosh, I hate this what happens if I turn into play time. Am I still gonna have an I? Mean sure The door still opened. Oh, gosh, this is fantastic Just just lovely, please. Oh Okay, it only it never will remove the door. I am forever going to be a door person Okay, let’s go to the bonus room. Let’s just check this stuff out. I have bought the VIP stuff. Hello Granny, please don’t don’t go through my myface. That’s my that’s my face store All right. Stop. Stop going through my face door. It’s weird. Waldina. Hey That’s awesome. Okay, so we have all Dena now and oh my face store is gone I highly get to be a normal ball Dena as normal as ball Dena can be I can change I can be a camping ball Dena. No, I can’t be a camping ball Dena. Well, that’s very disappointing What is Baldy slender? That’s really cool-looking. Have I noticed that before look at how his tentacles are moving? That’s freaky man. Baldy slender. That’s a cool morph. I actually want to be that morph. I don’t want be stinking ball, Dena I guess it’s fine. What what is Youtubers more I see my name in the youtubers. What does what? What oh my gosh I Have been transformed into Oh, what the heck that’s incredible and Esposito over there why I don’t even what is happening here? PGH films is the superhero. We’ve all been waiting for we’ve got a vgn Baldy. Look, I’d leaky Baldy That’s amazing what in the world and then the e Louie you lead them? Yeah, I just still don’t know how to say that guy’s name. I’m sorry you You let him I don’t know but that looks really cool I think he’s like he’s the puppet from five nights at Freddy’s so they’ve turned it into that’s man This is cool. I love it. I got a B. Oh, hey, you’re you’re me but Baldy version me I gotta be the Baldy version of me. Oh my gosh, this is incredible. Okay ball Deena. I’m sorry you have been Completely superseded by the ability to become Baldy. Kyun This guy’s gonna buy my merch I don’t have any merch Oh No. Okay. Let’s go be Baldy kyun this is incredible. Look at this. We got it. We got compare the two. Okay, hold up. Hold up I gotta line it up, but I don’t want to become the key in Baldy yet. Oh, that is so good I love it. It looks like he’s like it’s like a kindly Keon can of soda This body is made out of a kindly keen can of soda. What are you? Oh, you’re me. Ah I am seeing the inside of the qiyan Baldy face. Okay, let’s become the Oh My gosh what in the world is happening? I love it. This is fantastic Okay, we need to check some more morphs, but come on How are we gonna ever find a morph that is better than this? This is incredible the Baldy kyun has finally arrived. Let’s go to small VIP Um, I think we’ve seen all these. Yeah, we’ve been we’ve been this guy so freaky golden granny why? What happened to you? Are you okay? Golden Baldy shadow Baldy and just regular old great wasn’t there a regular old granny and the other like morphs room? I think there was let’s go to the golden game pass. Oh my Gosh, why are your eyes on fire? You should get that checked That doesn’t that doesn’t seem right. Your eyes are on fan your nose is on fire Why I mean, you look really cool Oh what have I done? Oh gosh. Oh my gosh Can I go super saiyan Super Saiyan kinda like iam Baldy? Sorry, I was powering up I I apologize for that. Anyways, let’s just move along mods and fam games. Oh my Oh Ball Deena that is a weird look in ball, Deena And who’s Billy? Who are you you’re so normal-looking. Everybody else is so unique, but you you’re just You’re just Billy. Okay, I guess that’s it Okay, what else what else we got youtubers who played we’ve been in here? Yeah, who’s this guy? Someone get this guy off this wall. We don’t approve of this guy anymore. You you poop wait Okay, I’m sorry. I shall not pass. I’ll move along then. Okay, this is incredible. Okay Let’s go to the school. Let’s go to here school. Let’s check it out Was that granny? You made that noise didn’t you? Granny? Oh my why Why do you have a smiley face on your on your belly? What’s going on with that? Is that permanent is that oh, it’s spinning around you that’s very strange. Wait. It’s a head You’re it’s like you’re still kind of a roblox person, but you’re not. Oh, that’s scary Okay, let’s do some exploration of the neighborhood. See if anything is new around here. Can’t go in here. Okay? Can we go in here? Nope. Nope can’t go in there. Let’s check out baldies house I know we’d been in baldies house before no losers. I remember that because I was like shoot I’m not gonna be able to go in but I broke the rules for the sake of science This is also baldies only friend a whole That’s so sad Alti okay, let’s go inside. What are the living conditions of? Mr. Baldi? He’s got a refrigerator I think I feel like I’ve seen all this and he loves Cookie Crisp Apparently he just loves Cookie Crisp, you can’t get enough Cookie Crisp. What a life, you know What a life this this Baldy character lives such a simple, man Okay, I still feel bad that his only friend is a tree but sure, you know it is what it is I think this is principal’s house. Get out of my yard in the halls. Yeah what the principal has a dog? I would love to see the principal’s dog. What do you think? The principal’s dog is? Oh, that’s a great question Is it like a is it a desk? Oh, it’s a school desk. It’s got to be a school desk a walking school desk Oh, that’s right playtime and bully are the principal’s children. We’re finally getting into the deep lore here. Can I sit down? oh, I’m Experiencing life as it’s a bully. What about playtime? There you go. This is what it feels like to sit in play times bed What happened to my legs my legs? They don’t they don’t seem okay my legs seem very not Okay, man, this RP is ridiculous. And I kind of love it. Let’s continue our adventure through the neighborhood We’ll also explore the school. Yeah, big white building right here. What is who’s building is this? Who are you you’re just roblox new business roblox noobs house. Was that what I just picked up a jar full of jelly bellies Oh, man, I love jelly beans that makes me want jelly beans. It’s too early for jelly beans Can’t start your day with a bunch of jelly beans. I’ll end my day with a bunch of jelly beans I don’t understand what this is and why I have it but I have it and thank you for the jelly beans. Mr Roblox newb, I’m gonna leave now. Okay. Okay. Bye. Welcome to here neighborhood Let’s take our jar of jelly beans and explore some more of your neighborhood big yellow building What do we got Antonis and sadness and despair? Maybe it’s for sale Oh, okay, that’s fine Oh, this one’s for sale. Let’s see what’s inside. Should we buy it? Oh Nice little fireplace perfect for roasting my jelly beans vote for Mike and burg one, two three Okay, okay There’s upstairs. I gotta say this house is pretty nice. I don’t love the fact that The floor is on fire though It seems like we should have a chimney and we don’t seem to have that we’re ventilation is not very good in this house. Hmm I may not buy this home because I worry that it’s gonna burn down the second I start a fire Okay, I think there’s one more house in the neighborhood unless there’s another side No, I don’t think there’s another side although we should check. All right, let’s go inside What it’s orange because This guy, okay. I was not expecting that. This is my setup. Should I let you guys know though I don’t record on a on an Apple Computer. Not that I have anything against Apple computers It’s just that they’re not quite as versatile as a Windows PC and oh my gosh, this is so cool He’s even got like the whole the whole background set up I love it you got all my little toys and stuff I wish I had a Baldy toy back there and the granny but I don’t I do have a hello neighbor can’t really see him though There he is found him and Luigi, but you can’t really see Luigi either I’ve got a Luigi in a bowtie and Mario hat Mario right there on the couch. This is So cool. I Don’t have a bunch of my logos just plaster to the wall though. I don’t have that but still I love it This is so cool my own house in Baldies, I live in here neighborhood. You guys finally figured it out. Now people are gonna start showing up in my house, man This is really cool. Who would have thought? So great. Oh Man, okay. Well, let’s step out for the day now that we finished Well, no, we should record a video first. Okay, here we go now here’s the question does kindly key in Baldy have kindly qian’s voice or does he have baldies voice or does he have a Combination of both I don’t even know if I can do that I guess technically if I’m trying to talk like Baldy it is a combination of both So that’s the voice kindly key and Baldy would have hello everybody. I am kindly kin Baldy Welcome back to baldies basics where we play baldies basics because I’m Baldy and it’s the only game I ever play Kindly, keen Baldy would also have pets because I have pets too I have cats and I have a dog, but he would not have cats and dogs He would have very unique and special pets. Well, I guess cloudy copter We could say cloudy copter is one of kindly Keon baldies pets. Let’s say that’s his dog. That’s his harvey What would be his cats though? That’s a question. I’m gonna leave up to you guys What kind of pets would kindly qiyam Baldy have? Alright, we got we got finished the video we got closed out. All right, everybody That’s gonna do it for this episode Thanks for watching. Be sure to subscribe and like my That’s how kindly qiyam Baldy finishes his episodes, but the episodes not done Not the got this one just that one. Is that confusing? Yeah, it is. Let’s go to the school Let’s see. What’s going on in the school. What is a bathroom? Okay, we can’t go in this one That would be very inappropriate but we can’t go into this one. Okay, let’s check out boys room. I’m sitting on toilet Sitting on a toilet with my ruler There you go. This is some grade-a content right here. Welcome to YouTube. Is there another toilet there is fascinating two toilets in one bathroom This is actually pretty cool because there is no bathrooms in the real baldies basics. So I appreciate that they added bathrooms I am kind of tempted to see if the girls room is is different than the boys room though. Let’s just Check hello. Is there anybody in here there’s nobody in there. So let’s just Okay, it’s the same. I don’t feel comfortable. I’m leaving. I’m sorry. I’m sorry Principal you didn’t see that you didn’t see that no run, but Baldy and principal are both mad I think they saw me Oh get out of here. I hate this no no Baldy. I’m so sorry I was just I was just curious I just wanted to know if their bathroom was better than our bathroom. It wasn’t it was exactly the same So now we know everybody can be happy, please. Please don’t hurt me All right. We are looking for for changes in the school Oh granny What the heck the music is play. She’s playing the granny music. That is really bizarre. What is this Oh, Bobby’s office what You won there’s room for improvement though Go see Baldy in his office for some tips did what art that is magical. That is a magical flying baldie I love it makes me very happy. What’s going on over here. Is this the creator? Yeah, Kayden crafts zero six two two is the creator of this role play. So there he is hanging out with all his buddies Very cool now. Is there a secret over here? Because there was in that other roleplay that we played and then we found file name, too But I don’t think there is anything here. Maybe I can go through this. Nope. Can’t go through that sneaky Hmm. Whoa, what is this? the gym Students please refrain from using the phone while Professor Baldy is in the building It causes him to forget what he was doing and prevent him from hearing We know this if you think this is new it’s not this gym has been here for like two months Seriously, I totally missed this before What can we play ball d ball it’s everybody’s favorite sport Baldy ball Please let me out. I’m stuck. I can’t I can’t pick up the ball though Sorry these hands. We’re not designed for picking up the ball. I can’t do it. I can’t play sports That I don’t even have a ball in my inventory. It’s very disappointing want to play basketball. I can’t get this thing though I can’t get it out bummer. Oh, well, that’s actually really funny that the gym has been here for that long Maybe it was in a different spot. I don’t know I’ve never seen it before so it’s new to me Oh my gosh, the playground is quite extensive and I play in the swings Yes, I can. I’m not very good at this. Can I go higher, please? Oh, here we go. Here we go Can we do a full loop? I know we could in the other one. Let’s do a full loop here. Look Hurt, huh? Nope it’s not gonna happen. I get like stopped right when I get to the very top. Oh Are you okay, sir? Are you all well, what are you? You’re you’re scaring me you’re scaring. All the children is fan Great. I have like a cool greaser. Zombie fan. Nice. Let’s move along. What is this? What are you you’re a golden pumpkin? Okay, cool, Oh ball. Do you think we can play basketball? Let’s try to play basketball with the with the ball d ball. Whoa, what just what is happening? Uh, I don’t think I’m okay What I just all gravity has ceased to exist for my character I I don’t know what’s happening you guys I can fly I can now fly Through the hallways. I I’m a superhero what? Is happening I I don’t I don’t understand What I can just fly I can I can go anywhere. What is this? Have I seen this before? fireworks and a The Baldy that has been destroyed Oh, what is how am I flying a world is happening? What is this? There’s two forests. What? What is this pores? Why is there two forests? I can’t go into that forest. There’s a wall there’s an invisible barrier. Oh, no, I’m falling. Nope. I’m not able to fly anymore That hurt am I dead? Oh, yeah, I’m dead. Okay, let’s let’s turn back into kindly Qian Baldy Let’s finish off this episode the right way. Oh, you know what though? Before we end this we haven’t actually gone Into the into the school bus, I’m stuck. I can’t move I’m stuck. Okay. Hi reset my character again So weird, okay, let’s try this again this time I’m gonna walk to the school bus I think it’s over here, right the school bus is not over here, but my house is so that’s pretty cool But that’s not why I’m looking for. I’m looking for a bus. What is this? What what’s going on here? What this is a teleporter that it teleported me, didn’t it? Whoa Where am I? Hello? I’m Very lost. I don’t know which hallway I’m at now. Am I in a different school? Oh, this is whoa, okay What was that? what I’m What is happening what there’s an upstairs? Okay, sure, okay, I’m just Not even Touching the keyboard or the mouse. I’m just Flying into outer space. Well, I’ll tell you what, I think we’re gonna save the exploration of the second floor and Checking out if there’s anything different in the camping area for another episode But I do have to say this is pretty amazing kindly, Keon baldie Unbelievable. Am I getting banned? I’m not even what why am I getting banned? What is happening? I didn’t do anything I’m sorry, I Didn’t ask for this. I didn’t ask to be launched into outer space Anyways guys that’s gonna end this episode. You should check out this mod because it’s pretty cool. It’s not mod. It’s a game It’s an it’s a roleplay. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this If you did be sure to hit that like button and of course if you’d like to see more you can subscribe to my channel By clicking on that little circle with my logo net right below this window You can also watch more of my videos by clicking on the sides of the screen But otherwise, thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys next time

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