– Inge's I am here with Chad and in his video we set up an invisible fence but has a magnetic field all around our safe house to protect ourselves from project circle members let me show you what that looks like right here so here is where it wouldn't start using an invisible fence that I buried underneath here it goes all the way through here if a project circle member ever comes to the safe house they cross this path they will get zapped but they have to be wearing the special watch that's what's gonna zap them yes so inside this way watch inside this watch we actually put in a chip device in here that will activate the magnetic field whenever someone crosses it this watch here why don't you just put the watch on and demonstrate four of them on my video I tried it so you should try it let's put that watch on and cross this fence and show these guys I'm gonna get zapped you guys okay fine for you guys if you guys want me to cross this line and get that give this video a big thumbs up right now put that watch on me everyone's giving it a thumbs up but like it was so small feet look I can't excuses excuses it'll work there we go Apple watches on okay B you're gonna cross this line right here you're pretending projects are go show show everything I got the watch on you gotta bring your whole body you do I mean you can do how'd it feel it felt like a little sting you know like it was kind of shopping like if I didn't expect that I definitely would not cross it didn't like like injured me but it definitely shocked me like I don't want to I don't want to go past this point anymore the wire is actually buried underneath the flags aren't one electrocute you it's the wire underneath the fly so we don't need the fight and the wire is buried all around the entire house so no matter where they go whether it's here over there if they try to get to the house it's gonna shock them now the trick be though is how are we going to get project circle members to wear this watch well I feel like an able to trap a project so remember we got to think like a project Gurgel member so what do they always do to us they always like make us play all these weird games and trick us true they're always leaving like riddles and clues weird things yeah we got to pretend like we are a project circle member leaving clues or hints or notes to another project circle member okay okay that'll fool them yeah for sure well turn the table around this time we will send them to a scavenger hunt I think that'll work and it'll lead right to this watch and they'll be like oh my boss just wants me to wear this watch that's where it is all right guys we got all the supplies we need to trap a project zargo member we have the best thing there is a decoder wheel this is pretty much their language we made a bunch for you guys to suit you guys want your own there's a link down below to click you can get these for yourself and help us solve all these riddles and they always write their clues and riddles in like random notes so I got oh yeah I gather that awful and they always write and read so here is a red permanent marker okay I also got this treasure chest here that I took from the laboratory you know I think though it'd definitely fall for this right here it's an alerts that someone's at our front door see what it is let's look at the security camera footage do it to hacker it's a front door but we set up a trap he had a really cool gadget he put a gadget over the door that tricks the hacker into thinking we're home when he looks through the hole he sees me and be even though we're not even side the health right now yeah it's actually called the Vig the visual imitation device so right now the hacker is actually at he thinks we're inside of her house yes we ran off so it totally worked we should we should follow him so we could set these up for him areas those bushes he's almost there is he's like sneaking around you wouldn't know that's probably the trick these prints on the bushes he's hiding too just like you put somewhere if you see some guys leave a comment here guys do you recognize this place the hackers are always hanging out here this is the way we should be about the clue is definitely let's just sleep under clues here okay let's go here's the gate oh it's a lost dog oh man if any of you can just see this dog let us know okay I feel like we need like a really good plan this project our goal is never like black and white they never make things easy for us a shoelace is true they're always talking riddles but they always like use a very formal language yeah see like lavatory little bathroom yeah and then except saying left or right they say east and west you know they're very fancy and remember when they had us do that one thing they like take 12 steps north and then 20 steps east yeah maybe we could do some summer of that I think so yeah that's a good idea Chad okay and we should decode it using our decoder all right guys so we got the decipher wheel here now key equals R where's that key yet we have spin this until the key equals R just like that now we're ready to use the projects or what language what do you want to do V okay let's say like 27 steps north okay so you write 27 steps I'm gonna find where the N is on here so the N is a coffee cup so let's do 27 steps coffee cup awesome all right um how about 11 steps west okay now we've got to find the W on here so the W is an up arrow V okay now this is kind of tricky because up like if you do not know the projects or the language you would just think north but then up is actually at this time so very tricky so now we need to put this note somewhere where that project circle member is gonna find us okay I think a good place for this is the bridge they always have it in like a really creepy scary places do that let's go so I'm gonna put this note right in here click back now we need to walk this off 27 steps north 11 steps west and leave our next clue for the project circle member here come here it comes right now okay so we need to walk in press up north ready one two four six point seven okay feet now I got to go west okay eleven steps okay one two eleven okay right here on these bushes because we got to leave our next clue here there he is he's coming he's checking all over the place he's looking for something okay that's when we put our clue was right inside this bridge here I hope he finds it you find it is it ok he's walking it off I'm over here get to our place chance ok this is where we're gonna put the safe and inside the safe we can put coordinates to where he needs to find the Apple watch awesome okay so here's the three-digit code so I'm gonna set it so I'm gonna set the code to five one eight okay I can use the decoder five is a cassette tape or a VHS tape you can't really tell one is a anger symbol and then the number eight is a triangle with an exclamation mark scary we're gonna leave this combination just on top of the safe inside the safe let's put coordinates ward he's gonna find the Apple watch 23 degrees north and 37 degrees south throw that inside the safe we're gonna lock it up when he finds this hopefully he knows the project is our most secret language I can get in here in between the bushes where they usually like to hide and now we're gonna go to the location of those coordinates I just read you so follow me this is where the coordinates lead I chose this trash can right here because projects are go often hide things inside of trash cans I thought this would be perfect and believable and you like trash cans because I don't like digging in it so you're gonna be leaving get this stuff in here right sure sure so well you're gonna write a clue down right essentially if he's gonna write a note right now that tricks the hacker into wearing the Apple watch and tricks them into going into our house so what real does are right there be I wrote down Chad and V are gone but not for long wear this watch and you can't go wrong guys alright so I've got to watch right here give me your note B let's go ahead and put it inside the trash can okay all right so this is gonna totally full to hire he's gonna wear the LA she's gonna come to our house and go be great okay let's go I think he's coming I think he's gonna find the treasure chest we we put over there he's got his flashlight on he's looking around oh you bought it yeah yeah he just tossed us nope you got it unlocked yeah he does know the project sort of secret language well he's got it now and now he's got the coordinates of where we left the Apple watch okay let's go hide over by the Apple watch here we go okay and this brush right here thinks that he's following his phone's coordinates he figured it out okay he definitely figured out that the trash can okay he's reaching into the trash can boy he's good he's got it cut the dog doesn't have a watch – okay it's reading the note yeah yes he got the watch I put the watch on dude put it on do it put the watch on dude yes yes yes he's going to our house ever people get it go back to your house right now well snow you're keeping up with them there yes he's looking his phone his charity he's checking the coordinates of her house let's go around to the back a big circle these guys are so silly I think up something down here though I saw something come out of his pocket what is that oh my gosh just a perfect circle nope okay a bunch of symbols and it says a diamond road Wow let's see these symbols okay spike ninjas we are gonna need your help if you have the decipher wheel we need to help you to help us decode this so pause this screen if you have the decipher wheel we're gonna need your help it looks like it might be a place or a road we need to go to cool it's like triangle footprint anger simple glasses ear white ball paperclip alright guys if you have to just die for real figure this out for us thank you so much to all you notification ninjas who show up whenever I post a brand new video I'm showing your comments right here make sure to subscribe to me and subscribe to Chad and check out his video right here follow us on instagram at be quaint and add Chad wild clay and leave me a note if you figured this out and I was next time your move


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