hey everyone dan here from the diamond mine con welcome back to dr. Travis's challenge Coliseum for the second minecraft challenge which is going to be called the trampoline challenge now try us today is going to be lots of bouncy bouncy fun because check it out the whole Colosseum floor almost of the Colosseum floor has been changed into bouncy blocks and they look absolutely epic so I'm just going to quickly go through the rules and then we'll just jump straight into the challenge because I am really really looking forward to this one so as I just mentioned the floor of the challenge Colosseum has been changed into a giant trampoline thanks to the bouncing blocks and mods now our challenge today has a time limit of three minutes and what we have to do in that three minutes is jump out of the observation pod and use only the bounce of the giant trampoline to make our way over to the many golden islands in the sky actually let's get turns to demonstrate as you can see it's very very bouncy and each of these golden islands houses a golden carrot and at the end of three minutes the person with the most gold carrots to his name is the winner it's gonna be incredible so Travis are you ready to do this I thought you might be so let's get straight to it three two one let's go go go go go let's jump out we go go and collect as many of the points as we can as possible I think I'm gonna go furthest out first and it's so bouncy where is he where is he he's over there look ah oh man this is gonna be incredible oh I need to reach this need to reach it so badly here we go let's click our first point of the game boom now I'm gonna move over to this one can't make it one go no no I can make it I can make it it's going to the top I just make it no this is bad this is bad this apart oh jeez yes I can make it right now let's collect another one and we've got a total of three minutes to see if we can collect as many as possible can I get up to this one though I can't even reach that one I'm gonna reach that one I'll just get in the top of it oh that was there we go there we go we got three in total I wonder how many he's got I don't know where he is where's Trey Oris driver are you buddy are there he is that you can see right in the distance that looks hilarious oh geez and I stopped bouncing right then let's get back to business and stop spying on him we've got just over two minutes to go and I can't remember which ones I picked up yet oh god this is going to be this is going to be a bad stroller oh no this could be a bad strategy if I don't remember which ones I've got this is a lot harder than it looks the floor is so bouncy I think I don't think I've been over to this one I'm not sure let me go and check I hope I haven't been that wasn't just wasting my time here we go I have been here all no that's terrible right then we need to go to this one next can we we can just about make that one can we yes nice one but then I'll know he's make it away over to our side we don't wanted to take any of the ones that we've we've already got we want him to go up to the ones that we have already taken so you just met with an empty chest where is he that looks so funny it's bouncing up and down looks incredible I think I've got that one that he's actually just gone over to get I just need to go up this one block here and we should be able to make this one yes we've got eight in total this is good we've got just over a minute left – can I reach this one quickly bounce onto this platform yes this is looking good she's looking good I wonder how many he's got you checking the ones that are empty how you doing over there buddy are you doing you'll see this one's empty this one's empty oh man we got 50 seconds to go just 50 seconds anyone below – this one quick quick quick quick quick quick I don't know if I seen this one yet Oh see my girl – this one has he seen it has he seen it I'll be surprised if he hasn't oh yes he has seen it oh my goodness where is everyone yes all over the same one we're going to say one come here no no I want that no no you stole that one you little punk oh man what are you doing what about this one I couldn't reach on where this one over here I haven't checked all of these over here and get this one he just stuck that one underneath my nose Oh quick I want to sit in the bottom of the platform this is not good this is not good I probably taking this one now no my bouncy is not on point we've got ten seconds to go my goodness I don't know if I think they've all been taken this is bad this is bad news got four three two one and that citrus stop checking chest worried buddy I'll come and bounce over to you we're gonna have to go back up and into the pod to count how many each person has actually let's meet over at the chest that's underneath the UM the observation tower here so let's go over here from see who has obtained the most golden carrot so come over here buddy this is too caught up fell off I fell off right let's get back up here right then let's open the chest and I think I'm going to go first and you need to put them in one by one so I'll put them on the top row and you put them on the bottom row so I have got one two three four five six seven eight nine to fill the top row so truss here we go how many have you got put yours in the chest one by one either one two three four five six seven eight nine zero one more of you go over you've got nine ten eleven twelve twelve we got twelve oh my goodness George you won oh man I guess that makes up for last time that is incredible he cut twelve you even if I got that one that you stole from under my nose you would have still been the winner which means you've equaled the scores at one apiece – well done Travis high five there we go straight up there go celebrate by bouncing all all day long to celebrate because you did a good bounce antenna key was speedy he was efficient and he got the job done so I'm know about upset I thought I'd with a nine a nine score I would have done pretty well so that means in total there were how many were there twenty-two nine plus no he got 12 did he so is 21 in total so there was gonna be one winner we just got it in the end of the three minutes and that is pretty much the trampoline challenge toasters having an absolute well of a time look at him look at him bouncing up and down all over the place oh well don't show us you made it one apiece which means going into the next channel will be hard going to the next challenge we will be drawing so whoever wins the next one will be ahead on scores and there's pretty much trampling challenge guys if you did enjoy I would like these more challenges then please do leave a big fat thumbs up that would be awesome well done again choice for winning the challenge and if it happens to me the first few who seen by me then please do subscribe and join team a TDM today for daily minecraft videos and we will both see you next time good

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  1. You should have did a thing called a tray view and you could see if he cheated or not when you’re editing. Also, 2018 anyone?

  2. Hi Dan I'm a huge fan you are amazing I wish you were my friend I love your videos they are amazing my name is Amanda I'm 7 years old

  3. DanTDM I love you videos but look at your brother videos it is so sad you r brother did something to your family hope you 2 make up

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