Treestand Hunting in the Middle of a Giant Stampede! – The Hunter Call of the Wild

Treestand Hunting in the Middle of a Giant Stampede! – The Hunter Call of the Wild

I got one wildebeest here just kind of traveling look at this two three four oh they're not stampeding oh my god they all just randomly came in oh this is amazing are they coming my way oh my freaking God welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the very beautiful the hunter called the wild today we're back out in for a hunka Savannah and we are going to be looking for the elusive Stampede I know that sounds weird but I have been hunting here a lot and I still have not experienced the Stampede so I really want to check out that also there's been some new DLC that we should be able to make good use of we actually have stands now there was never actually stands in this game so they released tripod stands which you can place anywhere and then we have tree stands as well that you can place on specific trees obviously these trees won't work they're too bushy but if you can find on a tall long tree you should be able to place these as well so yeah we're gonna use these maybe sit out in some of the hot spots where the Stampede should hopefully be and see if we can experience one because that's one thing we haven't done and I really want to do it all right so we're ready to rock and roll now where we're gonna go today is down where we've actually heard the Stampede in the past we explored this area as you can see that's where my walkways were and we've heard the Stampede we've never actually seen it though so we're gonna kind of hang out down here somewhere we'll place a waypoint right here and yeah we'll head over there that's two kilometers away maybe we'll find something on the journey as well well the road has ended and we are now on a very small trail I think I'm gonna get off of my maybe in a second here I thought they were supposed to be bridge around here I know oh we're actually I guess this is technically the swamp right here so this part down here I thought to be water it looks like it's all dried up though so that kind of makes sense so yeah moving forward we're gonna continue down this pathway here kind of follow maybe the outside of this hill I'm thinking this is really good Stampede territory because they don't have many places to go I think this hills – Wow large to climb so we'll see what we can find down here and we'll keep our ears open till probably hear them before we even see them I found a family of warthogs now warthogs are actually very skittish so I'm surprised they haven't seen me yet it did just change their direction I'm wondering should I go for this we got another guy yelling down here somewhere I was trying to actually look for him and I think I found his family that he's trying to protect I did see one with some Tufts there yeah this guy right here very easy they're really far away though I wonder if I should use my stand unfortunately I don't have any lures for them so I can't lure them to me so this stands gonna be a little difficult to use actually we're gonna try and actually get around this stuff once again he's doing a warning call this time oh yeah there we go okay this is why this stands amazing getting that upward view is really really nice now I do have a rifle that I could take this guy down with we actually got multiple guys here trivial very easy that's I think that's the biggest one I've saw all the rest are trivial so should we get Rango for this guy it's gonna be a hard shot even from this distance [Applause] got him okay took a few more shots that I hope for but we did take him down so let's go get this guy well I found the warthogs again whole family of them is over there what's that I see something wanna know wildebeest Oh do we get a herd and this isn't a herd that's definitely wait wait wait holy crap I think there might be a herd going on down there we got quite a few it's actually coming towards me too well it's actually exit this and see if we can go kind of intertwine with that I don't hear it though so I don't think it's the actual stampede cuz you're supposed to be able to hear the Stampede well there they are right there and I just scared them away oh my god there is so many and look at the war dogs okay that's definitely a stampede so finally I have seen at least the end of one ice unfortunately my train over there and I think I scared them back but let's see if we can maybe well let's see if we can maybe follow these guys I'm not gonna take a shot it's just too far away I want to see if we can get close to these guys actually before we leave let's also grab my stands unfortunately that warthog I don't know how I lost it but I've been looking for it for probably 10 minutes and I can't even put a blood spot so I saw it go down I might I might have just knocked it down though oh that sounds so cool alright how do I pick this up there we go pick that up I'm gonna head this way we have to go pick up my other stand though but you can hear it now you can actually hear the Stampede okay you know what this is uh kind of where we saw the wildebeest and look at this look how high the tree stands can go I had it up here for a second there we go Oh what the hell was that okay I'm gonna stand up um let's actually go up there something's grunting at me and oh my god are they coming back am I gonna get this lucky I hear them they're right over this tree this is so cool I didn't expect the tree stands to be so high up this is a great way to view can we actually look all the way behind us pretty much yeah so these are actually really easy to use unfortunately this damn trees still in my way what grunted at me there's something right here oh hey there what's going on blue wildebeest did you lose your herd bye dude oh don't start running man don't start running I might have to shoot you okay hold on I'm gonna get to my right rifle here he's just kind of hanging out I'm gonna feel bad about this bye crap I should have changed I expected him die come on damn it oh that one's probably gonna get away all right we might be able to track him though all right well we got his blood rate are his blood trail lead rates very low I don't think I was using I think the wrong rifle I think that rifle has some very low powered bullets so we probably should have changed it we're actually at a very bad part of the map trying to track things because of these damn bushes that are everywhere here it's damn near impossible to try and follow a track unless you can actually start to find it like for example that warthog couldn't even find the blood so if you don't have the blood you generally can't follow it I don't think this one's gonna die but we'll follow it for a bit oh do I see them there they are there's one running into a tree it's amazing okay yeah I see them again I scared them off clearly they're going up the mountain I was gonna go back to get my tree stand you can actually see oh wait this is cape buffalo I could definitely go for the kill here I don't know what the hell he's doing but he's clearly stuck on a rock seems like ambles do that a lot in this game I wonder if I should try and go for it I decided to and he's still moving that's unfortunate all right so back at the tree stand now with the other stands you can pick them up I don't know if you can actually pick up the tree stands after you place them which is weird because they cost a lot of money I think of like 6 grand same price as the tripod stands I guess the benefit of the tree stands is you go even higher but examine track what oh I must be trapped on the ground by me ah yeah it doesn't look like because what they tripod stands if we put one of these bad boys down there's this little bag on the ground and you just click the bag to pick it up so I didn't expect that unless you're a bag up here I think I saw it's just the seat and that's just how to exit it so yeah I think once you have it up you better men have it in a good spot this one is an awful unfortunately I'm looking at a tree though so if I would have known that I wouldn't have threw this up obviously right here still a decent view and I think you're gonna have something like 90 stands on each map so if you're a serious hunter you totally set up a map and come into me oh my god this sound of the stampedes is horrifying feel like I'm gonna get attacked or something I have been attacked many times in this game anyways they're going up to the hill where we hit that cape buffalo I don't think I had a very good hit there so I doubt I'm even gonna see any bullet around here but I thought we would check just in case not getting lucky with bagging them today but hey that's that's what that's what hunting is all about sometimes it's lucky sometimes it's not oh is this the start of it I've got one wildebeest here just kind of traveling look at this two three four oh they're not stampeding oh my god they all just randomly came in oh this is amazing are they coming my way oh my freaking God this is exactly what I want I think I've got one really close to me – there's a lot clearly going on I don't even want to kill them I just wanted to experience the Stampede and goal complete it's right beside me they're gonna run right beside us okay we're obviously gonna try and get one hit it sounds like they're like right below me this has got to be all them over here alright they might be running the other way so we should probably go for a kill now I just want to just appreciate this for a little bit together we're running back this way these guys are that are the stragglers so sorry dude but I do want to get a side shot and a tree okay God I'm for sure Oh God are they running back to me there he's down okay I at least got a kill today let me see if we can get another one look at all of them holy crap I'm not even gonna go for a shot because my tracking game hasn't been so hot today so let's just appreciate that we got one kill finally and Oh get that one oh that was the perfect setup though I bet if I wait here again because this is a I need zone this is their water zone they'll probably come back so we're just gonna confirm this trophy that's exactly what I was going for the of course along up mostly and we went through both of them and yeah complete kill female not bad we're just gonna save that harvest rut gotta taxidermy it just cuz it's a generic female all right there we go ah finally finally we experienced the Stampede they weren't in full run but it was cool to see the sheer size of that population Oh oh hey hey the wildebeest are back okay that usually means there's a lot more oh my god where did you where'd you all come from like I'm looking around and then they're all just here this work though clearly they came back what's up dude how are you doing okay let's actually look for a good one now I just heared him off hopefully doesn't scare the whole pack off because that wouldn't be good very easy I need a mythical give me a freaking mythical no don't go away don't go away my friends oh there's gotta be a good guy in here you guys are all miners where's the big old piece they're probably at the front of the pack that would make sense actually not gonna go for a kill this time they'll be back they came over they'll they saw me and they ran away this is like spawn camping for hunting they need the water and I'm just chilling here well then that's convenient not sure where you popped up but hey I'll take it and he's running come on well Lisi slow he's a big beefy ball baby double head that's for sure he did stop these guys are so hard to take down all right come on go through that tree oh he died ha ha ha finally I got something right ok this time I'm not gonna lose it so it's northeast directly of where I am we definitely got to use that compass cuz it reverts me around and that's what makes it so confusing ha but yeah Cape Buffalo it's been a while since we got one of those so that feels pretty good well I really hope I don't lose a cape buffalo body that would be embarrassing but already I'm getting a little nervous he was right here I swear he was great oh god please don't tell me I lost another one no oh he's Wow see this is how this is how directionally bad I am I knew exactly where I killed him and I want that eight ways ah but there we go this was considered a hard – so I think we will taxidermy this guy because I mean look at the size of this sucker how'd we do in terms of hits all right flash right scalp EULA and right lung and then you second one I mean I got him right in the butt but I didn't actually do anything on that one so we got lucky that he went down 98% on the first hit all right so I've been what time is it in terms of the day it's probably afternoon now yet 12 29 I've been waiting here for about two in-game hours which is like 30 minutes of the actual real life hours at least I feel like it's that long and that herd has definitely not came back we had a random cape buffalo so yeah we're gonna end it off here let's actually go back to our little mansion though and check out this cape buffalo well yeah I gotta say as well these new stands are absolutely amazing I'm actually surprised they didn't have stands in the game at the start just because of how common it is in hunting definitely nice to have a better field of view and yeah make stationary hunting a viable choice in this game now which is nice because don't get me wrong I like walking around but I do like sittin and waitin as well because then it feels like you're on a real hunt all right and here we are back at our beautiful place so let's uh where do we gonna put this guy I think we've pretty much done a lot in this room we're buddy had multiple guys over here I guess I changed that but yeah we got a few deer here we still have obviously a lot to add to fill this place it is freaking huge there's my jackal by the way the one that I found actually that of Lynx yeah but that's definitely a Lynx so I guess the jackal have I ever gone the jackal now that I think about it I don't know if I've gotten one ah but yeah well throw this guy here place trophy yeah there we go that's what I'm talking about and then when you're sitting here you can just look at the butt because that's not weird let's actually see if we can change the pose yeah these guys don't really jump up at all so there we go at least that running post that looks actually pretty cool I'm gonna I'm gonna say I like that one and there we go we got a cape buffalo a decent cape buffalo in our manner now so yeah we're like I said we're gonna wrap up this one here I hope you guys enjoyed checking out the tree stand update and we finally got to experience a stampede multiple times as well so that was a really nice experience I hope you guys enjoyed it thank you so much for watching and liking and I'll see you in the next one

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  1. A new reserve also just came out in The Hunter! Expect a video on that in the coming days <3 Enjoy and stay positive 🙂

  2. Drae you need to shoot them behind the shoulder. I noticed you shoot a little far forward which is why so many get away.

  3. Press the R button, says it on the side. Lol enjoy!! Love the videos been watching you for years. Good ol slim rancher days.

  4. FYI there are different max levels for each type of animal so the best wildebeest you can find is level 5. For bears and most aggressive animals the max level is 9. And for rabbits, mallards, whitetail deer and some other animals the max levels for them would be 3.

  5. A tip is that When your aiming WITH a scope and about to shoot an animal don’t zoom in as that will make it More wobbly and harder to aim.
    So basically you should never zoom in Even tho it feels like it will be easier to aim when zooming.

  6. This game angers me, I thought itd be a realistic hunting game. But the bullet ballistics do not behave like they should. A .270 should punch right through the skull of any deer. But it barely makes it past the skin. It's so hard to actually kill anything because of how small the damage the bullets do, if they'd would amp up the damage by like 20-30% the game would actually be pretty enjoyable. But I'm tired of using 5 shots to kill a single deer.

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