39 Replies to “Tribute to Bernadette Szocs – Romanian Table Tennis Champ”

  1. Si elle était moche serait-elle connu? Connait-on les joueur de régionnal? Non pourtant c'est le même niveau.

  2. 당신은 참 멋있습니다.  그리고자랑스러워 할꺼예요>>> 가족과 친구들 또한 루마니아 조국이~~~~~

  3. Очень красивая и эмоциональная девушка! В розыгрыш на 0:58 потрясающий!!!!

  4. Little one with big soul! You should mention Romania is one of the only teams in Europe who don't naturalize asian players.

    It is crap to play with Netherlands, Germany and others and their teams starting with: Li, Jie, Jong, Wang, Jung and other chinese names.

    Remember, Romania, Russia and Hungary means a lot in European Table Tennis, look at Hall of Fame 🙂

  5. She is not perfect rather not bad… There are Aggressive Female players out there…But She is Beautifull tho !!!!

  6. Although she's good to look at, I immensely dislike the sound effects.
    She might be popular among male viewers, but intuition tells me she's isn't as popular among female table-tennis players.

  7. Somehow this is not fair…i mean why such people like Bernie r so good on what their doin.. mean time so beautiful!!!… love u Bernie!

  8. Una din cele mai frumoase daca nu cea mai frumoasa! One of the most beautiful table tennis player! By far!

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