Triceps: One Tip To Sculpt A DEEPER Horseshoe!

Triceps: One Tip To Sculpt A DEEPER Horseshoe!

38 Replies to “Triceps: One Tip To Sculpt A DEEPER Horseshoe!”

  1. You are off base talk about misinformation… it takes a neutral grip tricep extension or tricep pushdown to developed the Horseshoe of the tricep! Beginners need to build arms size first, doing detail work comes later!

  2. by way these guys need to motivate girls to get in shape I see way too many fat over weight girl in leggeds gross go work that ass before u decide to put it in spandex thank u

  3. you  are amazing my friend,one  WHO really knows about  training,keep going!Please some more videos about bodyweight  workouts.I watch  your video for muscle ups ,but its still difficult for me

  4. When i do the overhead triceps thing i feel like the right hand is more dominant and gets the better contraction. It's also the hand that's right beneath the dumbbell, maybe i should switch the grip

  5. With skull crushers and overhead triceps extension I keep having a poping sound in my left elbow when I go down with my arm, extending it is soundless. The pop doesn't hurt but it feels uneasy. In a third set it only get's a bit irritated.
    Why is that and could it be a problem? I want to train my triceps a lot more but I can't do a lot of exercises with them because I keep having that poping sound (and skull or throat crushers can get painful in both my wrist which is there when I start doing them and becomes worse the more I do it.)
    So what else can I do to train my triceps? Besides the double rope extension.

  6. Why did you bring the bar to your forehead this time? I watched another video from you last week that said I need to bring the bar behind my head for skull crushers for maximal activation

  7. Putting your wrist back on movements such as those puts the tension on forearm and wrist, and can lead to injury, which is why when you keep your wrist straight you can feel more weight on your tricep. Wrist position by itself however, does not mean more activation in tricep movements.

  8.  sir …please make a video on how to develop strength , Athletisicm and aesthetic body using kettlebells …..also mention types of kettlebell xcercisess and how to do them properly …..

  9. Gr8 tip Mr. Scott….i will surely apply this in my wrkout….thanx pal….keep up the good work

  10. Do you have any videos on the ropes? Most suspension training exercises can be done on ropes with the additional benefits of extra forearm work and some resistance to supination.

  11. I have arthritis in my hips (I'm 18) and although i can't do any lower body strength training or cardio i do upper body lifting and i use your videos for tips. My triceps are getting stronger every day with the wheelchair and crutch use and with your videos I'm trying out more and more exercises, so thank you Scott! 🙂 

  12. hi from Turkey Scott you now this sport buddy  i began weightraining nearly 18 years ago my opinion about your first dumble triceps exercises peoples who wanna do this exercise must very carefully (also dumbell chest pullower similar too) head very impotant both of these exercises.not  us Scott we know this sport (especially im calling new beginners amateur bodybuilders) you should do very carrefully for doing these triceps exercise also my opinion about this exercise i think it is the one of the most effective Triceps training tips .

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