21 Replies to “Trim Your fence with cap board..”

  1. Love it, but looking at a 25 – yr. old dogear fence where weather and lack of stain protection has caused warping and up to 2" rotted away at the tops. This could save the fence, but butting the caps together will make them sit out of line. I'm thinking to make the side pieces 2" offset from the cap, so one section could be screwed to the next. Trim screws come to mind, but I've not seen them in exterior coatings.

  2. Great idea Paul and we enjoyed your video.  I will be doing this to our cedar perimeter fence.  Thank you for posting these, we're looking forward to more videos.

  3. Would it not be best to chamfer the 2X4 horizontal cap board like 2° to prevent rain water from just sitting on top of the flat 2X4 surface?

  4. I love this idea! Not only does it look great but wouldn't it also help keep the fence (which would have the pourous wnd cut facing up into the rain) boards in better shape longer with the extra protection?

  5. I like the way you make it simple to understand thank you this has been very helpful! getting ready to do my fence, I'm using your techniques gate a header awesome thanks!

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