Trump Has Suspended The Law To Get His Border Wall Built Faster

Trump Has Suspended The Law To Get His Border Wall Built Faster

To say that Donald Trump has no respect for
the rule of law, I think would probably be a gross understatement, right? We all know that Donald Trump has no respect
for the rule of law, but each day we’re kind of finding out a little more and more about
how little regard he has for it. Take for example, this story that came out
earlier this week. Apparently Donald Trump has decided that in
order to appease his rabid base, he’s got to get his border wall built as quickly as
possible so that he can have the 450 miles that he’s promised constructed before the
2020 election. But in order to do that, he kind of has to
screw with the process a little bit. See, there’s a reason why federal projects
seem to take a little bit longer and it’s because there are lots of different laws,
actual laws in place, that govern how money is spent by the federal government, especially
when it comes to hiring private contractors. So Donald Trump this week said, you know what? It is within my authority to do this. So I am going to temporarily suspend those
laws so that we don’t have to abide by them so that I can fast track my border wall. And these are all laws, 10 of them, that apply
to the procurement of the project, meaning what materials are used, how those materials
are purchased, who they are purchased from, who gets hired to do the job and eliminating
competition in the bidding process. Basically doing away with the bidding process. So whoever Donald Trump and the department
of homeland security say, yeah, this guy looks good. He gets to go do it. That’s it. There’s no more bidding. There’s no more analysis of which company’s
legit and which one may rip you off. They’re just going to pick somebody willy
nilly, most likely a Trump supporter based on the people we’ve seen building the wall
in the past. And that person then gets to have that job
and they get to make millions and billions of dollars possibly. And, you know, we’re not going to be looking
over their shoulder to make sure they’re using the correct materials or that they’re even
doing the correct job in the first place because Trump just wants it done. Now here’s the question I have for Donald
Trump supporters out there who are just giddy over the fact that we’re going to have this
border wall. We saw reports, what a week and a half ago,
where part of the wall blew down. Right? Like the big bad Wolf is sitting over there
in Mexico just huffing and puffing. But they had a heavy breeze. Part of the wall blew down and it’s because
they didn’t set the concrete properly. And I know they say it’s, well, it wasn’t
dried. Yes, but you do not lay concrete in inclement
weather. So you hired a contractor who didn’t know
what the hell they were doing and we look like a bunch of morons with a border wall
that blew over in a light breeze. What’s going to happen when there’s no more
competition and where Donald Trump, who has proven that he’s already going to do this,
hires some nut job off the street to build this crazy border wall? I can’t wait to see how his base is going
to react. But the thing that terrifies me the most is
one, that this thing is going to even exist because it’s unnecessary and it’s disgusting. Let’s get that out of the way right now. Okay. This is an absolute disgusting project that
is meant to show the world that the United States does not like you, will not tolerate
you and doesn’t even want to look at you. We as a country should be better than that
by now, but clearly we’re not. The second thing, we are about to lose billions
of dollars by Donald Trump ignoring and waiving these laws that are in place. These laws are in place for a reason. Fraud against the government is a massive,
massive racket for private contractors. We have seen it happen countless times over
and over again with our forever wars that we have going on over there. We have seen it happen with Medicare and Medicaid
through these private hospital corporations. You can ask my Senator Rick Scott about that. He knows a lot about it and how to do it,
and that’s what’s going to happen with this border wall. You took away the regulations, you took away
the oversight and you’re going to hire the dumbest people you can possibly find to build
this border wall who are going to do a horrible job and then pocket millions of dollars in
profit. My prediction is that 10 to 15 years from
now, we will likely be seeing massive lawsuits against the shotty government contractors
hired to build Donald Trump’s wall.

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  1. I so want Trump to lose this election so the next President can snowball Trump and his cronies with every lawless thing they have done. And no quitting your job and talking about that you have to go and see you family and all that BS. No. Full investigations and harsh sentences all around for anyone and everyone involved. Fines, jail time, confiscation of assets. No mercy. Hit them with everything you have with no pardons or anything. Take down the entire Republican party if you can.

  2. Trump is going to prison when he leaves the white house, He would be better off sneaking out of the country Now we won't be MAD if he goes far far away now.

  3. His reputridpublicons paved the way for the US first american demented dictator, who not only puts himself above the law, but says… I AM THE LAW.!!

  4. Let's just see how quickly the wall gets built and then watch how fast it keeps coming down. The Mexicans are laughing up their sleeves at this orange moron who can't keep them out how ever hard he tries

  5. fuck off liberals you are full of shit and want crime, Trump is doing good for your country and all you can do is bitch about him. leftist donkeys wake up Lol Bahahahah I hope you libtard sheep are ready for another term of trump. To much TDS in this comment section Lol #Trump2020 #Makeliberalscryagain

  6. Suspending writ of habeas corpus will be next on list. Like wtf good is senate and house. No separate but equal co branches of government anymore.

  7. Trump has suspended those laws so he can hire companies that will give him a kickback, and he will buy supplies from companies that will inferior products for the top dollar and send that money to Trump. This will allow him to build a wall that matches the quality of all his other construction projects. He might complete the wall by November, but it will start falling down sometime in December, but Trump will not care since he will have pocketed millions in kickbacks and whatever bribes the contractors offered him.

  8. Considering Donnie Dump just pardoned a lady who DEFRAUDED SSI FOR DECADES, I REALLY DOUBT he cares about ANY LAW, federal or otherwise… Just give a couple hundred thousand to him and you can release anyone. THAT CASH US ALL DD CARES ABOUT and all the SUCKERS that DONT have it can just kick rocks!

  9. "A republic if we can keep it". Old Ben knew it and said it.

    Makes that one on one talk Putin and Trump had more ominous and the records and notes lost to history.

  10. The wall must be all he has left if he is going Hail Mary on this… But, as disgusting as this is, this may backfire since he pretty much did away with vetting these contractors.

  11. Hang on wasn't Mexico going to pay for this wall ??? I remember back in 2016 weren't you all chanting Mexico is going pay for it???

  12. I guess he wants to keep everyone locked in or fenced in to keep some from coming in or getting out like Warren Jeffs, Jim Jones, and David Koresh did in their compounds, the Great Wall of China lasted longer, I think he said he wanted to be like Ronald Reagan, He’s building a wall but didn’t Reagan say take down the wall

  13. Trump knows that the money he's stealing from us to build unauthorized border wall is going to waste. It will have to come down. Its just a cosmetic wall for appearance.

  14. With Trump's hiring ability I wouldn't be surprised if instead of a wall, they're going to build a sidewalk. And even that will be shitty and not done properly.

  15. One thing I never understood
    When someone does something wrong, God punishes the person pretty soon, but when it comes to people like trump, God hardly does anything to them

  16. Who is this monster Farron ???what is wrong with THE people in WHITE HOUSE there all going to hell in a bread basket that wall will not be built…. GOD won't bless no mess

  17. If Trump were serious about stopping illegal immigration he should be arresting the employers who hire them. No need for his wall, thousands of border patrol or ICE. He could have them picked up at their offices or at a Chamber of Commerce meeting. Maybe at the Rotary Club meeting.


  19. This orange buffoon don't even realize that drug dealers from Latin America can just cross the southern border from tunnel networks,ladders and hot air balloons(like Berlin Wall during Cold War).
    Don't compare this buffoon and confederate Hillbillies to mafia bosses,that's an insult to mafia bosses.

  20. Every cent spent on the Wall is wasted…so what if Trumpy's incompetent contractors can't build a fuk'n wall properly…Bernie is going to dismantle the motherfucker anyway.

  21. Whilst I agree suspending these laws is a huge rort, in regards to building, depending upon the project sometimes it is worth the risk of building things depending upon the timeline and costs etc. involved in the project even though there is a greater than normal risk that they will fail.

  22. So, if the wall which he is still yakking about ever does actually get built, even partially, it's going to be sub-standard, made illegally and more than likely made from dodgy materials provided by shady contractors. Space Cadet Bonespurs will make money from the con, the contractors will all make money from the con. You the tax-payer will end up with 450 miles of badly constructed crap which the wind will blow down.

  23. I'm not worried about the wall because bernie sanders is going to tear it down and the use his presidential authority to store all the waste at Mar Largo.

  24. Sounds about right. Throw a quid pro quo, 50 lies, a sexual harassment or two, and somebody getting fired for having integrity in there and … it's just another afternoon in this administration.😬 your doing a really good job Mr. President. 👍

  25. I’m starting to think that Congress and the Senate are nothing more then Token bodies. Trump is a Dictator, it’s the republican’s fault, one day their will be a Democratic President and the doors are open for another dictator. Not a dam thing the republicans can do about it, it’s their own doing and fault

  26. This is good!! Since the Senate will let Trump act like a king/dictator or President for life just so Trump can get his useless and extremely expensive border wall, when Trump loses and Bernie Sanders wins come November, Sanders will then be able to ALSO act like a king/dictator or President for life too and will be able to "suspend" all laws which will get in the way of Sanders implementing Medicare for all, PERMANENT "FOR LIFE" taxing the rich at 40% or higher, AND making higher education FREE for life for all!! AND the Republican CAN NOT have any stand or say so about Sanders doing this since they allowed Trump to act like a king/dictator!!!
    Remember, Moscow Mitch even stated that and was quoted that they couldn't let Trump be impeached because then this gives precedence for future presidents to get impeach over anything including phone calls like Trump! So THANK YOU REPUBLICANS FOR LETTING THE REST OF THE COUNTRY FINALLY BE ABLE TO PUT LIFETIME POLICIES IN PLACE TO WHERE THE ENTIRE COUNTRY WILL NOW BE ABLE TO FUNCTION AND SUSTAIN AND BE ABLE TO ONCE AND FOR ALL PUT A STOP TO THE TOP 1% AND CORPORATIONS FROM SCREWING OVER THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!! 2020 WILL BE a game changer, game changer for the better and for generations to come due to Trump creating a dictatorship oligarch out of the United States of America!!!

  27. does this guy cry all the time over trump.. if trump farted he would cry that he didnt get to sniff it..dude the wall protects us…

  28. dude get over your hate.. the wall is going to do a great job..the wall stops all.. we dont care about your color or your thought.. stay out

  29. The main thing trump has proven more than once is that the military budget is so bloated that money can easily be remove for any fool hardy reason and it still marches on with it's wars unhindered

  30. Didn't W. Bush pull this shit when he went with Dick Cheney old company to provide gasoline at several times what it should cost after his unlawful invasion of Iraq?

  31. Mexico and the rest of South America probably want the wall to go up too. Because when the roles reverse and we need to move south due to global warming, all they will have to do is lock the gate on their side. But then again we could all probably just huff and puff and blow the wall over.

  32. Trump has got his little fingers in all the pies. He's making money off everything he does as president, he takes his cut from every contract that's given, makes money off every golf trip, every pardon ect . As Sondland said, Trump doesn't do anything without there being something in it for him, he doesn't hand over the check without receiving something first..




    Section 102(c) of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant

    Responsibility Act of 1996 (8 U.S.C. 1103 note) is amended to

    read as follows:

    ‘‘(c) WAIVER.—

    ‘‘(1) IN GENERAL.—Notwithstanding any other provision of

    law, the Secretary of Homeland Security shall have the

    authority to waive all legal requirements such Secretary, in

    such Secretary’s sole discretion, determines necessary to ensure

    expeditious construction of the barriers and roads under this

    section. Any such decision by the Secretary shall be effective

    upon being published in the Federal Register.


    ‘‘(A) IN GENERAL.—The district courts of the United

    States shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear all causes

    or claims arising from any action undertaken, or any deci-

    sion made, by the Secretary of Homeland Security pursuant

    to paragraph (1). A cause of action or claim may only

    be brought alleging a violation of the Constitution of the

    United States. The court shall not have jurisdiction to

    hear any claim not specified in this subparagraph.

    ‘‘(B) TIME FOR FILING OF COMPLAINT.—Any cause or

    claim brought pursuant to subparagraph (A) shall be filed

    not later than 60 days after the date of the action or

    decision made by the Secretary of Homeland Security. A

    claim shall be barred unless it is filed within the time



    locutory or final judgment, decree, or order of the district

    court may be reviewed only upon petition for a writ of

    certiorari to the Supreme Court of the United States.’

  34. He better get busy… President Sanders will be in charge in 10 months and Dump will be tweeting to nobody from Mar-a-Lago.

  35. I'm at the point where I can't deal with this BS. He is stealing my tax money and sharing it with his crooked thugs. I'm out !!

  36. Whatever portion of the wall gets "built," I do not want it torn down after Trump is gone. I want it fenced in and a large sign put over it declaring it "THE DONALD JOHN TRUMP BORDER WALL." I want it to be visited by those of us to survived and remember the travesty that was the Trump era, like Holocaust survivors visiting Auschwitz. So hopefully we constantly remind the human race that we never want to go through this again. Let THAT be his stupid legacy, not a presidential library (a ridiculous concept in this case since Trump can't read).

  37. The great thing about sham contractors, like the ones Donald hired to build the wall, is that you have to then pay a third party to come in and either repair or remove the shotty work. Even after he is gone the US will still be paying for that damn wall

  38. well you call it a border wall when it is only a fence i guess Mexico decided Trump was a fucking moron and decided NOT to pay for his wall..( anyone with half a brain already knew this would happen) yet his moronic base almost get a boner when the idiot speaks his crap….he will probably be re elected because i have little faith in the American people..seems to be a very dumb people to laugh at what a once great and respected country has become

  39. Who's going to pay for it???. The taxpayers is. Mexico and Canada should build their own walls, walls that will not get knocked down by a gust of winds etc.

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