38 Replies to “Trying Crazy Dock Starts – Wakeboarding”

  1. Hahahaaa))) We've been trying it last summer in our park! And one of the guys finally succeeded! %)))) But our starting platform is higher above the water

  2. Hi David!
    I tried to do a nollie dockstart behind a skiboat with only a skipole,, I kinda failed misserably 😅😅 got a headfirst into the water,, any tips?

  3. What rope do they use?? I need to know, someone please lmk, they are so thin, and is it stretchy?? Or not?

  4. I'm going to a cable boarding place and I have a wakeboard would I have to rent a cable board or could I ride a wakeboard. And yes I'm a amateur wakeboarder

  5. I love the look of this video. What camera do you use? Did you add a lut in post production, or is that amazing look all from the camera?

  6. You have to get this again dude! Try throwing your legs and hips over before your upper body makes it and go for the full roll instead of landing toeside. Like how you would in a roll to revert. Catch an edge though and you'll be sore 😛

  7. Hey David, if you get a chance can you do a video on what's possible off the start up wake and also add in how to do some tricks? I was trying a backroll off of it this weekend and just need some tips. Keep up the good videos!

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