Trying to Flee Debaltseve: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 90)

Trying to Flee Debaltseve: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 90)

nameless vineyard will this week dishonor this way me refuse except it cannot see actually decided school new Heidi drop a patrol amenity we’re trying to get into the center of debaltsevo now there’s been some really heavy fighting around this town the past few days is the dnr trying encircle the town and cut it off from other Ukrainian reinforcements we see Jim kazanka anosmia – yes igneous Reata Meucci planea Tony Hassan is via Tanya to Scotts Valley he was going on here rice food utility Rowena’s oh and I work was much easier gays the balsam range indicator equal the pier grass cutter Quran is one of the calmest Arbutus toyota removal Wasilla pd Apicius to the store again no a key period for maxing because the whiskey’s products trios kostas was given a Ukrainian government helping you evacuate people here or is this all the efforts of an NGO one that no no poor a little store news procedure dispose ready go and why aren’t the government helping here Prost Annette was motionless crossed on yet was Morris to provision store a suitors for the sick work socially you needed over get away Nia Kalin was it been like in the time for the past couple weeks but I musically Dutch when you might immediately Tecna Slovakia tourism garita sector is a totem emotion Priscilla DuSable azules if so big that you brush my psyche yes the people are moving inside the administration building now is the shelling sounds like it’s either getting closer or it’s a Ukrainian outgoing fire and the sound is echoing around these tall buildings and everyone who is already on edge here and any sound is basically terrifying them so that they’re just trying to get inside and seek shelter it’s also obviously very cold here and they’re still waiting for these these busses to turn up to get them out of here I was a good way of responding more chocolates of the boys now appreciated water dishes you see Abruzzo a splashing but she will you yeah holiday again do hear you yes I wanna stop radio so was a pseudo velocity is some linear chip Roseville Wario shows if the danger of the shelling isn’t bad enough it’s also a cut off the water supplies this part of the town and so the locals here are queuing up at this Water Tribe has been delivered by the army to get their water supplies before heading out heading back to their home they don’t really want to spend too much time outside because of the shelling but it’s gonna well but the shrimp car to add parsley onion that’s why not want the community guide Ukraine lopaka sheet here with the town having no bomb shelters at all the only place most of the civilians who’ve who are staying behind have to seek refuge is the basement of these housing blocks so some of the locals and this one are going to show us the conditions that they’ve been living in for the past few weeks do you think you could ever imagine that you’d be forced to sit in your own basements as your hometown was shelled news mania what’s it here Olivia cusamano said y para sequence’ do muy mucho Etta soon Luther soon this horrid co2 mousette passage at Papa’s voila it is not exist a magneto of Steel Aveda hi Tom he mooska copy yet Abravanel ago delusion ideale von komotini revolted pretreat last Andolan Angeles Maduro invoke Shia Papa Pahlavi Alice so soon as pincer superior image steadily be spins in a mode book varlamovitch do what a type savolta take a table a secret analysis divan Malevich’s la Leticia shut the pollution school Cali Depot a big power bill why did you would you be wise by exhume people the situation about so is extremely dire there’s no gas here there’s no electricity there’s no water even and the only hospital was evacuated a couple of days ago because of the shelling some people have been able to be evacuated but summer either too poor to leave or have nowhere to go this is the ambulance Bay for the hospital in a chair mosque which is about 25 kilometers from the town of debaltsevo the situation there has deteriorated significantly over the past 48 hours the rebels were able to take the town of Ubu court yesterday which is about 10 kilometers from debaltseve are now are threatening to surround about to vote and this is now acting as the closest hospital to the debaltseve a pocket because the hospitals in that area have had to be evacuated because of the fighting Nikolai could you tell me how many wounded that you’ve had into the hospital here over the past two days which of the Athenian Agora GTD guide me kaliesha store on the way on the military water flow near Kolkata to yourself but if it lead Keturah Bertolini finish later Stata Stroessner Salinas police it’s the corollary area escalation Iranian put out the Ganesha st with each year Alexander he tell me how you were wounded and where you were at the time senior drunken Buddhist in Group A supra Virginia with me in a portable machine yet such was mohammad abu musa this was a show panama to a sniper special problem from boku no browser oppressed oprah wayback machine a machine incident in kosovo bottle darkness whele somatic I remove atomic emission in Germany whoa senator manager climate and is a book is early I would what was the fighting like in the area was very heavy what what were they attacking you with that did the with stroke Oh Rosa district overbroad don’t kill how this radiata Posner a do Botetourt Oh distance or foe strassman whoo-hoo a thing they basically do our community so we do motor systems but the news keeps beside the party which is a leaking if you could name all generation who I should meet in the strongest roster initially to be good when you hear the clip on August Aetna Purdue clean a huge et Mon certainly we disability mustn’t adjusted to world is rotten to working for another suit so in nature do you think the Ukrainian army will be able to stop the DNR from taking about server yeah it is me but I never need to put enough weight on your board the Calatrava pro-rata new boot possible where do you know yeah Salima narrator put Islam or Buddhism to show the notes the bottom is the bottom is the browser putting results judging by the amount removed it coming into the hospital here and from speaking to the soldiers it sounds like the fighting in debaltsevo is getting very heavy and very desperate for the Ukrainian soldiers there last night peace talks in Minsk failed again leaving a piece of resolution for the fighting further away than ever

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  1. тернеию приходит кррнец!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! жиньнь детей в ваших руках!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Вы донецк покажите который вот этот молодчик, которуму дуже страшно. уже пол года с градов и сперчей  поливает! Если им страшно то чего они лезут на Донбасс едьте домой и выращивайте хлеб! Им страшно что их ихние заградотряды положат ,которые в думе официально разрешили, вот чего им страшно!!!!

  3. Военный сказал правильные слова: Я за вами сюда приехал, а вы не хотите разговаривать? Ну хорошо, оставайтесь тогда в ДНР. 

  4. In translation there are many inaccuracies and mistakes, + same dialogs are translated without context.
    /we evacuated less then 50 people/    true translate is  // we evacuated less then 50-100 people a day //
    /the state wos not ready for this situation/   = //the state wos not ready for this war//
    /You ask me  why i dotnt leave the town/  =  //I ask you  ……. //
    /Give me the money and i will leave/   = (semantic )  //I have not money to leave from here//
    dialog—— we don't know that was told before
    man > i came here to help you leve the town, +// (semantic ) why you talk to me in such tone?// 
    woman > your reasonings are wrong
    m > Fine, so stay here and live with the DNR
    w >….

    6:10 – //This morning, my gays and I were in group of support, drove the car … (not ambulance, it is military man)//

  5. From what I can see the Ukrainian government is completely incompetent and always has been. They were better of when they were with Russia.

  6. Well, if the 5000 Russian military has successfully repulsed year from 200,000 Ukrainian army (NATO is equipped with weapons and fired on the clock position of the opponents) without using aircraft and all the technical power of the RF, then the question is: if there is Russian soldiers at all? Maybe it's 300 spartans, which do not take bullets and shrapnel "GRAD"? Maybe it's Terracotta Army of China, which can be converted into a stone? Or mages of Dalaran restrain shells on approach?
    Technically, there is nothing to be restrained from taking over Russia, if she wanted to. It is a pity that the manpower to help the state, which has declared a desire to enter into the Russian Federation, we do not have the legal possibilities … Russia has always respected its neighbors and she did not have to grab them, they have 200 consecutive years running for his mercy "Moms "for pocket money, help in any project, program development, etc. And my mother never fails, no matter what its "children" were not evil, ungrateful. Although you brought up the Cold War zombies do not understand.
    There usually Slavs. These freedom-loving Ukrainians, the descendants of those who at one time helped to unite the ancient Russia. And those who came to their land to establish its order need to fear them. That is a historical fact for those who are not strong in world history: And the descendants of the winners, I assure you, not so far from settled places of historical glory of their ancestors.

    Conscription ended with 3-4% turnout at the first paragraphs. Congratulations. Even my friends, Ukrainians (Kyiv, Lviv, Sambor, Kharkov, Odessa) hid. This is not a war for the guys in western Ukraine, this massacre and no one wants to die on the order of inept politicians. If politician can not resolve the situation is, then place him in the army, and not on the podium. If we compare with the New Russia Ukrainian killers, then east on the right is under the banner of the saints.

    Your fear clouds the mind and reasoning. We are the same people. We just love, laugh, experience, admire the sky, mountains and want peace more than anyone else.

  7. The translation is incorrect. No body in the whole clip ever said the word "bunker", they said basement. Podval means basement not bunker. Come on Vice… huge difference. 

  8. Give these people a few drones loaded with Hellfires and they'll deal with those artillery pieces by the end of the day.

  9. GOOGLE any of these line
    Auschwitz 70 years: Rudolf Hoess's grandson replaces russian liberators as special guest 

    Auschwitz 2015: Undeniable proof that almost all of Europe accepted the Mark of the Beast
    Mocking the human cattle with the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz 
    – having Hiter's younger daughter Angela as master of ceremonies.
    – having this time Poland's government in the role of rewriting History: not the russians but the ukrainians liberated Auschwitz.
    – replacing the guests of honor in the black is white format: not the liberators, the russians, but the grandson of the camp commandant who was held responsible for 1.1 million deaths there, Rudolf Hoess.
    In the words of someone who doesn't know what illuminati jokes are: "It's a shame, like if in D-Day Normandy ceremonies were invited all but American, Canadian or British".

    Illuminati religion's commandment of revenge
    Poster writes:
    "This demonization of Russians and their leadership is very much alike demonization of Serbs.
    It is interesting to note that Serbs and Russians now.. biggest victims of Nazism next to Jews have been accused of being Nazi themselves.
    In psychology this propaganda phenomenon is called projection."

    Last Prophet Matt replies:
    Wrong. It's called revenge.
    And what better revenge than to have the very same slavs who Hitler classified as untermensch, destined to be either exterminated or to be expelled from the European continent, be the FIRST to proclaim an openly nazi state after the fall of the III Reich?

    Almost all slavs accepted the Mark of the Beast, thus becoming slaves
    Slavs are financing the terror war waged against civilians in Ukraine, because since they became slaves their national assets are transferred to illuminati safes.
    In fact most of these assets are now coming from Russia, starting with oil and gas "sold" by Putin below the production costs.
    But they are also financing it in plain sight: military equipement for Ukraine #$%$ transported across slavic eastern Europe, In plain sight.


  10. They are not Poroshenko's people. His real name is Valtsman, a jew. They are Putin's people. Well, we don't really know who Putin is really either.

  11. Ukraine, if they start killing a lot of Pro-Russians, Russia will invade and just take the whole country. So they have to do it carefully so the Russians don't any excuse for invasion. Either way, it's a lose/lose situation for Ukraine. They will end up with Kiev being a border town with DNR

  12. why do the people of ukrain keep blaming their own people their army is doing anything they can to protect the people and their borders

  13. I'm surprised some of the people who support Russia, and want to take their land for themselves, expect electricity and water to continue to flow even though that helps support the rebel army of Russia. Ukraine Government can't do that even if it wanted to. Ask putin for generators and water. He wont send any of that stuff though. Just bullets and shells to kill Ukrainians like these very people of Debaltseve.

  14. Let putin throw up another Berlin wall. Let Russia create a new north korea. In 5years we will see who's government was better. I predict the east will beg to be a part of Ukraine again

  15. Про кровавого Порошенко бабка не побоялась сказать даже при фашистских прихвостнях.

  16. This reminds me of when the British armed the UVF in 1913 to force the partition of Ireland so we couldn't become independent as a united country. That is what Russia is doing.

  17. This break My heart to see in the 21st century. I have no words for this  madness. Its time for all of us living on this planet we all call home to say No More War.

  18. US and NATO invades some Muslim country and justifies Israel actions in Palestine, no one bats a eye.
    Russia supports separatist's and everyone loses their mind.

  19. Why you don't show Donetsk or Lugansk? Hundreds of victims of Ukrainian artillery? Simon, we need you, we
    miss you! Don't afraid, rebels remember you, no more problems, I think.

  20. STOP defending the Ukrainian government actions like ignorants…listen to what the people stuck in the tows are saying. They launched this operation without considering the civilians.   

  21. OK. I see that VICE news is taking a bit of the ukranian side of the conflict since I think they were not welcomed in DNR. BUT … why VICE news is cutting what the locals have to say? Or maybe for VICE news the locals are garbage so not relevant to the current situation?!

  22. калибр 240 у днр есть только отобранные в боях от украинской армии. трофей, которым украинская армия бомбила города донецкой республики

  23. Godspeed Vice correspondents at the scene.. stay safe. You are doing a tremendous service to the outside world. Poor people, all humanity. 

  24. That child looks soo cute with her bunny hat 🙂 hope she will grow up in a united and democratic Ukraine and not under medieval Russia.

  25. if you google it, its the DPR tried their best to evacuate civilians with buses, and ukrainian were shelling them and the bus, why dont VICE report it? oh wait

  26. News shod be impartial and present the situation of both side and let people make their own opinion on the mater….

  27. My family is affected by this crisis, I don't have much to give but I'm trying to help Ukraine rebuild, please help by donating even a dollar at the link below. If you can't donate, at least share the link. Thank you all for your support!

  28. Humanitarian aid means boxes of food in the front of the truck for the international cameras ala exkgb Putin propaganda, in the back of the truck are arms to resupply the separatists, chechen, serbian chetniks, ex-Russian military, mercenaries. You trolling beast liar.

  29. "Potroshenko is doing this". Typical brainless pro Russian bitch blaming the government while running away from the rebel shelling. Wouldn't get any dumber if her head got blown off…

  30. "War – War never change" I feel so sad for the old people on both sides. They have been trough so much sh*t in their lifes. Behing forced to switch sides and homes over and over again. why cant they just stop killing and atleast try to make some kind of peace.

  31. at 2:40.. you can see the level of education people have .If that soldier didnt give two shits about those people… he wouldnt be there. but instead, he has to battle the frustration of his own people and the DNR. 
    also. people crying about not getting electricity and their water running? youre in times of war! what government around the world would instantly set something back up to only get destroyed a day later?? 

  32. The citizens of Debaltsevo are saying here in this clip that Poroshenko is bombing he's own citizens. Who's is laying here.

  33. … look at the bright side …..svabodnaya respublika  doyebaltsevo …. dumbass oblast….
    freedom is not for free   ..batjushka putin will send you some rubbles…. enjoy your freedumb….

  34. It hurts me watching it. It is shame that Ukraine became chessboard for Russia and EU/USA. Such a meaningless loss of lives.

  35. VICE managed to reach the lowest level of journalism. They are no more observers and impartial journalist rather they transformed themselves to a US propaganda media platform. I used to like them but not anymore and it is not just about this video in Ukraine, they shifted strongly to a pro US foreign policy side significantly in any of their videos. What I mean is they do not show or tell the whole story and leaving out important crucial informations so it is actually "Propaganda" just as the same as LBJ said that the war in Vietnam is a just cause and right. Few years later LBJ went crazy. Just saying. US was designing this conflict George Soros was there well before anything and arming Right Sector in Kiev while Vicky Nuland was discussing the new US designed government in Kiev. Thats the truth. If Soros wouldn't go there there might be no war in Ukraine. But the old vampire wanted this war as its business. Money is God.

  36. The European countries ceased to pursue own policy directed on strengthening of national welfare. In the last 15 years admit the poorest states to the European Union, and then extort from them resources, telling the silly population continually about democracy and mythical liberty of choice. With Ukraine so it will not turn out, there the population will blindly not follow utopian liberal democracy and the civil war unleashed by the USA in this big country will surely and quite naturally be thrown to Europe. The matter is that historically Ukraine is a Russian land, and Russians always won against the enemies in the territory. The ideas of nationalism and fascism cultivated by the USA in Ukraine and which are blindly supported by the European politicians will find the adherents among the liberal public of the European Union. Being lately blindly led by the USA, the united Europe forgets that is on other continent and it has absolutely other economic priorities. Europe does not offer own policy for improvement of life of people and becomes quite natural a colony of the USA. And this country does not improve welfare of the citizens at all, the American government and bankers only exhaust them in mortgage and consumer debts more deeply. Unemployment grows enormous rates and the situation will leave from under control soon, having brought down shaky world supremacy of dollar. Europeans and their national governments according to the Congress have to offer lives of the citizens, cut down the level of national development to a minimum and literally pull out the American economy on the shoulders, having paid for tens years terrible American debts. The USA, significantly increasing the troops by territories of Europe, shows the determination to protect only the interests, very productively bullshitting Europeans about mythical Russian threat.

  37. why are these fucking people blaming ukraine for everything?? THE RUSSIANS started this fucking war!! not ukraine! thank your russian speaking assholes for sleeping in your basement

  38. there is no oil or easy to fuck people there so america stays at home or what???? you fucks are always the first one to fight its easy for america to involve in a conflict noone will complain SO FUCKING GET YOURE FUCKING ASSES ON THE GROUND THERE

  39. I  like  this  woman  at  2:46! She  says  to  the  poor  soldier  that  it  is  rudeness, of  what  he's  saying  to  them, but  she  doesn't  see  her  own  rudeness  towards  these  volunteers  who  came  there  to  help  them! Some  people  got  all  the  nerves  some  times!
    Meanwhile…why am I having the sense, that they do have a few DNR crypto – sympathizers among themselves?! (3:19)

  40. I bet our Govt the US govt would deem us terrorists and destroy us with no mercy!!!! I feel for all civilians going thru this!! God bless em

  41. Vice News=CIA paid shills. It's proven in leaked documents that Vice has been paid via the CIA to make up anti-russian propoganda. I'm an american with no russian or ukrainian background and can see right through VICES propoganda

  42. This reminds me of this war of mine, they probs got the inspiration from it, probs why they have Russian names. I think the developers are from there too

  43. So many elders… most of them probably been in ww2 before, now they need to meet the same situation again, sad, really sad

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