16 Replies to “Trying to forge a horseshoe! On a reforged anvil.”

  1. Nice, but a large shoe such as this would have 4 nail holes each side.  I did notice the extra pinging you do with the hammer onto the anvil surface in between shaping

  2. Doing a demonstration, a man asked if I could shoe his horse. I looked him squarely in the eye, and straight faced, I said " would you prefer Nike or Doc Martins?". He replied in the same manner " I was thinking something more like a steel toe". We understood eachother at that point, and both laughed

  3. Not bad for not being a farrier… and most of them would have a hard time nowadays as horse shoes are factory produced and just "adapted" to the individual hoof.

  4. So first of all, I'm very glad to see you're back – I certainly missed your videos!  So I'd love to take a moment and post a video request – run your forge on hardwood lump charcoal and demonstrate forge welding and proper fire maintenance.  I find essentially zero YouTube videos on blacksmithing with real charcoal which was the ONLY blacksmithing fuel for a few thousand years.  Everyone uses either propane or coal.  I don't have a propane forge and I'm in Chicago, Illinois, USA which offers no source (as far as I know) for proper blacksmithing coal unless I have it shipped from Pennsylvania in which case it's extremely expensive due to substantial shipping charges.  I have a feeling that there are many significant differences between operating a forge on coal or charcoal due to the massive energy density difference and although I've been forging part time for a couple years, I still don't think I have figured out charcoal.  Thanks!  – Jens

  5. do you work as a blacksmith or do you do it just as a hobby? and were do you work/hobby? Because i want to become a blacksmith in the netherland but my parents don't believe it is still a job i can live from.

  6. It may or may not BE a proper horseshoe, but it certainly looks like one. Thicker than most I have seen, but a horseshoe none the less. I could tell you haven't done many or any of these by watching your hands. There was a lot of fidgety movement and that is unlike your normal way. Still fun to watch and it gave the anvil a decent workout. Now you know more about how well your idea and method worked for repairing that anvil..

  7. So I have to ask, what does reforging an anvil entail? Also, do you think you could do a video on how to make that style of tong, with the shoulder? I've looked and I can't find anything on them, and I really want to learn to make them.

  8. I am certainly not a horse person, and know less about shoeing a horse, hell I am not even good at pitchin' horse shoes but that looks like a fine shoe to me.

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