10 Replies to “TSR FreezeRide 2011 Texas Ski Ranch Freeze Ride. Cable Wakeboarding”

  1. @jboneill i know there both grinds..but i was wondering if there is a difference performance wise between the 2010 Liquid force witness grind and the 2011 Liquid force witness grind (the board fooshee rides)

  2. @VoLcaMaTic the grind base lasts wayyyyyyyyyyy longer, but i suggest the obrien format or the obrien paradigm with grind base.

  3. is it really worth it to buy the 2011 witness grind?? i live about 20 minutes from McCormicks cable park and it's $369 there and at a wakeboard shop about 45 minutes up the 2010 witness grind is only $303…from the details the only difference is the look..

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