TxDOT's Installed $40,000 Metal Fence To Address Fort Worth Pedestrian Issue

TxDOT's Installed $40,000 Metal Fence To Address Fort Worth Pedestrian Issue

a single block of a busy state highway in fort worth is now separated by a tall metal fence it runs down the median of Lancaster Avenue and E's Fort Worth and as Jason Allen discovered its text on splat to try to fix something people brought to the agency's attention several years ago Jason Yoma this fence is not keeping me or anyone else from getting in anywhere it's also not keeping us from getting out it's just keeping people from getting to the other side of the road unless you walk all the way to one end or the other which is exactly the point a city block in length and about seven and a half feet high this fence stands alone on this one single block of State Highway 180 in East Fort Worth it is tech stocks $40,000 solution to this neighborhoods pedestrian problem and I've never seen this this is something new longtime resident Wanda Carlin was part of the group that went to txdot two years ago and asked for help Trinity Metro buses drop off and pick up passengers all day at a transfer station they walk back and forth between convenience stores restaurants and a blood donor center and crosswalks are almost never a consideration we talked about what in the world could we do to keep people from getting hurt because it was just it wasn't getting more intense the traffic is getting worse along there numbers back that up a Safe Communities coalition study found these two intersections are in the top seven in the city for pedestrian accidents two more including the worst are also on Lancaster just a couple miles west texta told us it's the first time it's installed a fence like this on this highway is it working sometimes and then we also saw people like John Stansell walk across the road anyway only to have to walk down the fence line a project he told us was quote senseless miles with no traffic so I make sure TxDOT uses berms and planners and landscaping for the same effect similar effect in other locations around the state but they did not think any of that was going to work here we're live in Fort Worth tonight Jason Allen CBS 11 News

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  1. It’s almost like the Philippines where people don’t follow the cross walk. We have tons of those barriers

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