19 Replies to “Types of Horseback Riding Boots : Equestrian Information”

  1. But also I am not riding a normal just Quarter horse the guy that's teaching me won the triple crown and I'm going to be riding thoroughbred racehorses for my first time riding and I don't know How I feel about it I'm' kinda" nervous ):

  2. Will normal cowbow boots with heals be good enough for riding I have those a nice cool stretchy shirt some stretchy pants and some smooth socks

  3. The two types of riding boots are "Tall" and "Paddock" Western boots you wear on a hayride, to clean the barn or line dance

  4. Random question but.. are you allowed to wear runners shoes while riding? Because I’m a beginner and I don’t have riding boots yet so I only wear my runners.

  5. Who would win in a fight? A grown man on his knees or a 16 year old girl standing up and armed with riding boots, spurs and a whip?

  6. Great video. Do you mind if I include this video on a website I am putting together? The site is to help women when choosing their next pair of riding boots – womensridingboot. net

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