Tyson Fury to Deontay Wilder, 'Suck My Nuts' | TMZ Sports

Tyson Fury to Deontay Wilder, 'Suck My Nuts' | TMZ Sports

47 Replies to “Tyson Fury to Deontay Wilder, 'Suck My Nuts' | TMZ Sports”

  1. This bum doesn’t have enough power to hurt anyone, wilder will finish him before the 7th if they fight again

  2. He was praising wilder in one interview now that he took breazeal out he's hating because he's the most talked about

  3. It cracks me up that he calls him bum, yet he's the one that got knocked on his ass twice. I don't care if he did get up. He was talking all that smack about what he would do to Deontay and failed. Please don't tell me about Tyson out boxing him, because far as I'm concerned, you have an unsurmountable Mountain to climb when you get knocked on your ass twice. You do not deserve a win if you're looking up at the lights. A puncher's chance? You better believe it! The advantage that Deontay has over Tyson is the fact that he is wild and unpredictable. Tyson is a lot more predictable. He will probably end up on his ass again and a rematch because of his cockiness.

  4. Fury lost, but I want the rematch so Wilder knocks him out cold!!!
    And that gay remark Fury made toward Wilder was unnecessary and the polar opposite of what a fighter should be saying. It shows his true colors. Fury had a chance to put Wilder to rest during the fight but it didn't happen. So long as it's not fixed, I want to see the rematch.

  5. you got knocked out by Deontay but the ref saved you with promoter Money, you gypsy fag.. you fight like a fag and you're all talk.. less gypsy fag talk, more "learning to fight" pleeeeease.. (faggot gypsy)

  6. I had to give this a like wilder vs fury best fight I’ve seen this year from a real boxing fan

  7. Wilder won that fight clearly. Even if he didnt land a second knockdown, one was enough to win the match. Those are simple boxing rules

  8. Tyson Fury talking smack is all promotion Lol. Both of them text and speak to each other more than most people think. He most likely congratulated Deontay for the knockout. I hope you all don’t think this is real.

  9. If Wilder wanted he could have tbagged and let you feel his nuts the whole time while being knocked down 2times on the ground lol

  10. hold on i love both but ddnt fury sign to espn ?? so when is this fight gna happen and ia that why he wants to go on gypsie style and bare knuckle with him

  11. Tyson fury the people’s champion wilder not fit to lace his boots the dosser legs like a dear the weapon

  12. He keeps talking about fair play like he's the one who put wilder on his ass twice and he lost.

    He got got smoked twice and still got a draw πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    He's lucky he went back to the land of the dossers with that

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