U.S. to spend US$ 3.6 bil. to fund U.S.-Mexico border wall

U.S. to spend US$ 3.6 bil. to fund U.S.-Mexico border wall

the US Department of Defense has
announced new funding for a border wall with Mexico using 3.6 billion US dollars
partly diverted from international military projects now here in South
Korea those projects include the ultra secure military bunker command post
tango and the US Air Force Base at Kunsan Airport the plan is to build or
upgrade around 280 kilometers of wall on the border with Mexico which is more
than 3,000 kilometers long now some lawmakers in the US have criticized the
plan saying such would weaken the momentum of the ongoing defense projects
around the world for American soldiers however the Pentagon is now seeking new
funding from Congress so there’s not much they can do to turn things around

5 Replies to “U.S. to spend US$ 3.6 bil. to fund U.S.-Mexico border wall”

  1. About time. Hope they’re high voltage electric. It’s s good start but now it’s time to round up all border breachers living in the US and immediately deport them. Taxpayers can’t support everyone. Corrupt politicians are the ones to blame. They reward border breachers with benefits paid for by US taxpayers. They encourage asylum with no proof and visas for those that can’t support themselves. This isn’t the 1800’s and this model doesn’t work.

  2. This is brilliant as the DON changed the priorities as he should but the critics say he cant do that ??The COURTS have said it OK ?????

  3. The US immediate threat is not North Korea. It is the flood of chinese made fentanyl from Mexico and the human tidal wave that is straining tax resources that could be better served on infrastructure or providing tax paying Americans with schools and hospitals. Not welfare and other free services to anyone who can jump a border

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