UFC's Cowboy Cerrone quitting the UFC to wakeboard?

UFC's Cowboy Cerrone quitting the UFC to wakeboard?

hello this is Tracy Lee and I'm out at Lake Mead with cowboy Cerrone he's been hitting the lake on a daily I think right yeah every day whether it be Lake Mead or it be out in Albuquerque here or outside algebra querque he's hitting the lake trying to become a professional wakeboarder so I hear I hear that you're thinking about quitting the EOC to permanently become a professional wakeboarder well now I got it I got to keep fighting because that's how I fund these boats and stuff so I got I got a key I got to put the fight on the backburner but now I'm definitely a fighter first but uh being a pro wakeboard to be awesome I think it looks like a lot of fun I've been out on like a few times with you now can you tell us what trick you're currently working on sticking I'm trying to stick the toe side five you know it's giving me some problems but I've been out flow to working with the pros and there you know doctor I need to be lying in nines and ten 20s before I you know go pro you know I'm doing doing I'm just the beginning stage it reminds me of fighting a lot you know you see all the guys are like yeah I wanna be a pro fighter and you see them in the local shows you know and it's kind of like getting to the UFC it's it's a long hard road and you know I'm on it now so so um you said this is you know a temporary boat now III saw this boat delivered to you when when I was in Albuquerque last and that was in June it is now September and you're talking about another boat being delivered to you next week or yeah I mean you say that we have 400 hours on this boat already I just let you know how much time we've been on the lake and I need to put more weight in the boat and so I got a supercharged 502 motor putting it so and it's all black black on black on black so it's a it's going to be cool sweet custom-built how did you start wakeboarding uh uh my buddy Mike we bought it we went bought a boat last summer and he's like we should get when he's wakeboard like yeah that would be fun and then we got up and got on it were like oh man we love this so then I bought a tower and I was like we got to get a real boat man and then I went and bought access and I traded action for a Malibu and now I found what I love and this is the boat now you say last summer's so you're saying you've only been wakeboarding since last summer yeah that's it one year in the making and that just goes to show your dedication to anything you put your mind to it I mean it's like it definitely says if you decide you could do it you could mean put your mind to it you could do it right yeah I mean definitely no Garcia does it with me you know I mean he he doesn't have the exact love I do for the water but yeah I mean hopefully in a couple years like I said it's a slow process but I think I'm learning pretty fast this year and I plan to just give it hell now I heard you saying earlier that the new contracts with the UFC say what do they say say can't snowboard wakeboard bungee jump all kinds of ridiculous things horseback ride horseback ride yeah which I own horses and I will not not ride them so I don't know I guess I'll have to sit down with Dana I figure this out but I that's who I am you know I'm just wild and crazy and I need to have these things to keep me I can't get painted into a corner basically I'm trying to say so I gotta I gotta figure it out so what's next for you ah pedis hopefully in December is what we're looking for I think he's healed up and ready to ready to sign the contract and I'm ready to sign the contract so I think the fans want to see it you know it's got fighting that all over and it's going to be a 2 wc boys going at it so it should be fun so since that's December are you going to be wakeboarding with wetsuits and doing that as your strength and conditioning or yeah I mean where it's where I live it's cold now you know the waters like 68 degrees so we're here in Vegas playing as long as we can I got till and October and then I got to go to Florida or Australia so and I'll definitely be there this winter now tell us about your new friends in Florida yeah Chad sharp and rusty they're you know probate waters are the best best of the best and I actually met him through social network of Twitter and everything which is crazy so that's the great thing about Twitter that you can you can speak and talk to whoever you want to so and I just reached out to them and they responded and we're building a friendship and they're they love UFC which is crazy and I love wakeboarding so it's kind of a good mixture I haven't met too many people who don't love UFC that are professional athletes I think it's like the thing they look up to I mean I hear Y and I look up to that so it's good they talk to me like that I get whatever do what about wakeboarding you know so it's funny we got there I called rusty the other day like what are you doing is like yeah man I'm watching you see what are you doing I said I'm just getting up the lake he's like he's so funny so so um my next question for you was after you're done with all you know perfecting your art of wakeboarding what are you going to turn to after that I want to be a pilot or a movie star pilot first end movie star why not do both at the same time yes I could but I think flying a plane takes a lot of hours and time everything went flowing those planes with you you know something I really wanted what keep going out yourself to make the jet boat himself as good time thanks everybody this is Tracy Lee at Lake Mead with cowboy Cerrone for Alienware calm I doubt alive like though the door you yeah ow you you you

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  1. I agree do not know why you got so many negative votes. This kind of sports are dangerous and have a high probability of injury

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