UKO VS A SMALL ROBOT ARMY! — Let's Play Hot dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (HTC Vive VR Gameplay)

UKO VS A SMALL ROBOT ARMY! — Let's Play Hot dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (HTC Vive VR Gameplay)

that's what you are blind Corwin okay we are back with more hot dogs horseshoes and hand-grenades and there are the ticular hot dogs floating in front of you goes face getting ready for him to double fish them down as throw him dog see I was an illusion if they they went they just ripped down your nipples or something that's what they just did ha ha ha dog Bonnie on there is that smell it was just in the shadows just in the show you like my hot dog nibbles to me it looked like you know how occasionally in Japan they'll have like here's a burger that's entirely black that's what that hot dog looked like on the ground to me okay and I thought man they've taken this little weird black bread thing way too fucking far so this is the second time that we've recorded this video today the first time we were like oh yeah this is fantastic we're in going the shit out of this and then for some reason we hadn't plugged in our VR microphone and everything was fucking terrible so it's time for us to take out our vengeful thoughts upon technology by going into the arena proto and mashing down some drones into a thousand pieces oh yes the Skynet NSA will not be allowed to procreate our minds no more a new codes gonna have to turn into the chainsaw Turman Iser and get down oh yeah business go brown hunting now sir attack the slices out here Tony Tony Manny I need you to have those okay that's what I need you to do oh yeah start all that shit down oh oh you know what you two still alive no you know what you just did there you just like you just rushed your mighty weapon inside of it and it was like oh yeah this vibrator feels so good between my brain that's exactly what it thought okay obviously oh and I did it again that is uh Candelaria an awesome fear seriously it's like it's like you're dousing against them or something about pouncing like racing all the way over there always like this one right here I'm getting to throw the mom don't look at home watching sawed it dumbass oh yeah one get it get it get it spirit spirit real fucking uh ah ticket like this all what I'm talking about oh you are destroying its soul okay you could see that it where you can always ring and you gave it the fucking business and now we've got a work look at the chainsaw am I ready on the ground um it was like Moo it's moving okay you know alive it's becoming one of the machine people get it yeah we did it yeah it has a taste for machine butter now will be the machine here vampire clearly what happened um I got to do this clearly you're gonna have to drill you lay time okay you're gonna have to drill yourself some slicers oops real Oh God oh yeah there we go um I'm pretty sure you almost fucked it up there on the first run don't let it don't let it get its blades near your head though hey I'm kind of difficult and daring to try to shave your beard alright got it done anyway I know this is 8/3 where we're supposed to be shooting things with our murder guns we'll do that Alex fun – fun it's too much fun to take your power tools to their power faces oh no oh no oh god yes don't even worry about it – oh god way from your face keep it away from your face Oh cause it to do not know God your wedding ah oh yeah keep on thrusts and phrasing – its box it's your box no no no no this our control of it you totally do not how I don't under congruent I did control it you may be able to handle the situation but you definitely had nothing under the fuck come home oh you're heavy here drowning it around yeah groaning Rona droning how about you Fanta progress but no no no fret frappe oh god oh god for you bro oh I am scared for you don't let it happen bitch don't let it happen oh yeah yeah yeah yeah suck on my dry math bitch when you drill a robot to death that is absolute boner fuel okay now what you got to do you gotta go get a regular gun and maybe spawn like nine slicers okay I tried that it just launched three over and over again I know right it's the weakest of all sauces okay that is a pile of weak sauce dumped out from a bat a weak sauce okay that's what it fucking is spawn your fucking slices and you found it I better I better get a mace though at hand weapon you got to get your mace windu handling beep you need although you will be shocked at how easily this thing goes down when I put legal rounds in it you got your overpowered deserts legal they'll say that is real hurt Smeagol and it finds those uh splicers to be night preciate best part about the deagle is that it locks open on an empty magazine so you know that you gotta round in the chamber yup you gotta and you're about to have a round and this motherfuckers chamber oh yes there we go keep bursting him down bro just like nope Leslie and drop to the floor that was amazing okay hahaha oh I knew would be over there okay why didn't you sneak up on top of it and then pop its fucking zone okay why didn't you pop us move it into the Oh oh yeah that will it get you okay I thought it was gonna get you now you need to fight some tanks oh yes your life isn't full and complete until you fought something none of us melee crap is gonna work the malaysian ain't gonna work with the tanks they need to introduce a riot shields you can sneak up on the tanks and then wail on them good with that is a really good idea obviously i nothing like this i'm like a salad good ideas okay i'm a vat of I just punch on that is no you just punched my hand it's all fucking good make sure you actually duplicated those duplicated is duplicated so get on over there and fight yourself I'm gonna do the easy ones man flunky mark – good old clunky mark – now we're gonna have our I didn't uh put a bullet inside of his clunky mark – anus never hurt the hell you even talking about a man like I'm talking about it doesn't matter what I say all the guys that you explode them with your grenade launcher goodness okay make him taste the stream of fucking molten metal inside of his fucking that's what well that's what these things kind of do is it really is it totally is yeah streams of molten metal inside of their molten buttholes okay sexy shape charge we're just enjoying some sort of weird sexual pleasure from inserting the Shafi stem of that grenade inside of the rocket launch nothing weird about it helmets doing that shit okay next time you have to like repeatedly penetrate it with it okay get it all sexy my man oh yeah here we come you were supposed to fuck it okay you are gonna fucking in a minute you weren't supposed to fuck it with the shaped-charge and now I'm gonna have to punch you in the back of the head I get all the way out here man Otis it because you got a VR helmet horn okay yeah if you sneak up on me and rabbit punch me while I'm being it is on like frickin Donkey Kong I would never risk my VR headset like that okay hahaha I know how I know you know caring about your hell it's all about the VR now get all up inside of its face and destroy lated real good of you man believe me the plan twelve feet I'm not missing trying to shove the thing in the hole yep that sounds like something that would cause it blow up home it's still alive man fucking shit this motherfucker glad I just did it just go okay blue um okay where to go it is it up where the other one is it be real be real careful I hear it because I am pretty sure laughs ha ha hunting hunting tank wabbit where the hell is up here okay it's over this way there it is now get up real close to it get up real close this ain't close enough it's not close and I'm walking out of it you got a big dick fish shit there's no way you can do this with the tiny penis you gotta have a big ol up-close-and-personal penis and that's what it's all the fuck that's how it's fucking done bro Oh miss somehow I don't think so it looked like it was right on target man I looked like some I would hit the fucking wall well fine I'll get a way up and Grill stay on – oh god I think I killed a phone I I think it survived man I'm serious I think it looked like it was still lie I do here I'm coming up there man so so long as you sacrifice your life for nothing or nothing obviously that's the harshness of hotdogs horseshoes and hand-grenades war okay you sacrifice your life for nothing they'll totally hive Hank you're like oh yeah I'm making sexual fuckin pleasure for your Villa why I absorbed it inside of my tank Kathy met her for her matter her oh yeah whoa it's real no I think it's gonna go it's gonna go just god I mean yeah it's definitely gonna go after you fucking shoot oh okay oh I know it's going ha ha ha there's a third one right well I don't know I don't remember what you gotta do is you gotta go out her head I can see it okay sneak the fuck up on it and show it who's the fucking I think I think you may have hit it I'm not sure yeah not sure you will from in in real life it looked like you were trying to jerk yourself there okay that's what it looked like you're like oh yeah oh yeah let me jerk the air near my penis rapper rapper that's how it go rolls these airs honorable spots that's what they thought is what they need man can shoot it upside its exhaust pipe and show it who the fucking boss is okay show it who the fucking tank hunting bosses oh I think it's going to go another 100 yeah I'd like a champion okay one last thing we got to do is you got to hunt them down with a minigun okay you got oh yeah downs a minigun to make sure they respect you in the tanky afterlife I will even hunt them on down the hard ones you're gonna head down the hard one because many guns are absolutely beastly enough to hunt down any level of difficulty in fucking AI controlled tank because you know what AI doesn't have it doesn't have the bloodlust of a human okay I'm right what's doing is must efficiently kill must kill efficiently no respect for rage I don't respect human emotion if I'm dead close games all about getting angry paying yourself orange and green and fucking these tanki's up okay that's what it's all the fuck about here we know they are still dangerous man they because they will mess me up it's three hits I said just go ahead and creep the fuck up on it and then reach your fucking thing around and start shooting in a bajillion times around the fucking wall okay no no I know I hit my I've got exploding is it exploding it's not coming way out are you pleasuring its tank hole um blob day before it overheated Oh God okay there we go now now you should be able to get a good shot at him and work in the fuck son of a bitch it's on to you so fuck I think it just hit you once okay I think it just hit you once okay now I'm overheated on breath explode possibly I think I know y'all don't alive nope there we go keep on board I am oh it's way over here and I wear a lot of em oh no I got out you just go ahead get yourself a new box and start beating more your goodness in spite of it's fucking no no maybe you'll need armor-piercing rounds okay maybe that's what you fuckin need and I think I've got there yo is fucking go I couldn't really see any of what was happening where they're all it is it goes out my left eye like some sort of Gears of War Marcus Fenix motherfucker leaning around like fire I will try to off this one flat-footed approached upload the fucking myself you approach it that flatfoot fat foot in what the fuck oh god I gotta go I gotta go okay stop all that by it sparks okay oh it's jumping out of mad mystic arts um your booty hole okay and smoke man will obviously so why don't you go back there and get some armor-piercing round yeah for a fucking machine gun thought oh you're right to the side and equip yourself with armour-piercing inflammatory by inflammatory incendiary fucking rounds now it's time for eco Newcomb to show these tanki bastards whose ball I've got vertical balls of steel out there they're clustering virtual globe incendiaries armor-piercing rounds okay that's what you've got and you're gonna belt feed that shit spring up out of their nasty tank hole damn right oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god okay okay that's ready to be there we go this is where you need to be and this is where you gotta show them who the fucking boss is I can't see anything that's happening over there but I'm pretty sure already kill me again real fuck okay this time I'm going to do it long range style as if I have you know a firearm yeah as if you have a firearm that has incendiary armor-piercing rounds that'll show them who the Beast champion warrior is okay I can see it real fucking good and you are fucking them up like a bow um I just saw your health flashing before your eyes no no no um you're about to die aren't you you're probably about to die from a bitch suck it down oh I love oh how many seconds what do you think is completely there but I was yellow combat remainder one left somewhere is there one left somewhere is it sneaking around getting ready to set your butthole on oh there's the other one right there I see it over there come on sneak up behind it and show it who the fucking boss is okay I gotta get over there I'm just gonna go here this way and we'll be all good you can handle this shit because you are the you go oh oh oh come apart showed you it's treads and now you're going to show it it dude it drew lids okay let's leave it killed me when all else fails fill your enemies face with grenades there we fucking go just keep on grenading it until it bursts into a thousand fucking pieces is it stuck there or something oh no oh is it shooting you okay be very be very careful okay that's gotta be in the area of attacking whoa okay okay come on urinating it okay no more of this being all that sorry ready grenade it like a fucking champion sneak up a little bit fucking closer so you can just pop them right around the fucking corner all right I'll do that I'll do like in death range but there we go hopefully the grenade won't kill you as well okay hahahaha oh my god I can't honey bee crying oh my god it's a liar okay just drop the grenade off directly onto it Wow Wow there Bella can I say anything on the wall there I could I could um did you get that I think I think I got it oh my life okay it's still alive but it's going down there real fun oh it shot me okay I on real fucking close oh no life I just drop it over the top there okay oh yeah give it so many fucking grenades until you can grenade no fucking more certainly it's gotta bad now okay it's real life serious seriously okay fine you can have another ton of grenades this is like reenacting certain elements of print warfare in World War one okay hahahahaha um so it is it's still alive oh oh oh I'm British that was it oh no alright okay it is fucking now I'm gonna just start chucking them this way chuck them that way everyone can see the wall I can roll hahahahaha look this is hilarious even without being able to see the tank okay hahaha um oh that one was a lot grenaded this shit out of your soul but I swear the fuse was longer on that one okay it's almost in contact with it this time um did it get it I freaking hope so it's under it it's under oh it's directly under it and fell and it killed me final but then they gone back okay I'm starting to think those were anti-personnel but this will do I can't hide a little man talking lid o or bring this bitch right the fuck down better fucking die um you need to get kryptonite fucking bullets I don't even understand is is still fucking alive and kicking what the fuck oh yeah oh yeah oh you do it for a second I thought it was gonna come back to life and be like oh that wasn't very nice of you go now I'm gonna have to set the inside of your asshole on fire hahahahaha that motherfucker was almost unstoppable I can't believe that shit can't believe what just happened to you it killed like seven who go home okay alright Chloe so we're gonna stop here if you enjoyed this video please hit that sex it Psalms up button spicy waffles signing out

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