Ultimate NERF Shooting Range

Ultimate NERF Shooting Range

we're what have we got Ellen so now I can summon a new Thunder boats make a video out I'm a 34 year old I don't go outside I've got a younger audience they'll be interested in this so what would I want to do what's the younger person in me when I do one of these well all the original ideas I come up with all ruled out from health and safety maniac 1977 but I can't afford got a real about action bites mega whistlin arts kind of picture myself around a forest shooting this stuff so I've took that turn it up a bit and now I've got the Altima shooting range for you so there we have it me running around like a kid for 50 seconds now of course these things don't blow up on impact but if you are interested in ear brighteners and you want to see some of the other models there's some other youtubers done some other videos and the links to them are in the description box there's also a unike which you can enter on the Nerf website but for now that's the Thunder Bay and now I've got some money left over from this shoot I'm gonna go buy some is stupid

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  1. Brilliant fun. i was saying to myself, ''you can't do that'', when i fell off my chair laughing. Thank god for nutters like that. Never mind health and safety it does my health good just watching him doing these projects.

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