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  1. if people would send you gifts you should ask them they send their names in the package. I mean you are totally a nice guy but it just looks a little ungrateful. I know it's impossible to remember names and stuff out of too many users, and it's not your fault but there's a solution. cheers skall

  2. I made mine based on the same process as you. I managed a "working" recurve bow – somehow – on my first attempt. It works well, but now that I have the money for ammunition I usually go shooting my guns instead.

  3. Is a 65lbs draw weight bow a lot? I'm just wondering cause I got one for a Christmas gift about 2 1/2yrs ago and I could easily draw it back to 28in within about to weeks of getting it . I'm 17 now and am wondering what is the usual draw weight for 17 yr olds because almost everyone I know could hardly draw it?

  4. What do you think about Lars Anderson "the super archer" technic ? Is it a historical technic or is he a crazy genius ?

  5. Is it normal that my cousin uses the thumb draw with his 52 pound recurve bow? i find it a weird style

  6. PVC Bows suck,sooner or later they brake from "Material Tiredness",you know this effect what happens when you bend a Paperclip up and down few times until it brakes.
    You have like 1000 km Forest where you live,why dont you take your camera and an axe,and look for a nice piece of Ash or Yew? Doesnt it grow there???
    Since im a Guerrilla Grower 😉 i walk trough forests alot,i want to make me a Wooden Bow in Summer,since i have to chop down a tree to get to the Splint Wood i will have more Wood than needed,when you pay the shipment i would send you a good Piece of Yew when i find one.,I have a book about Trees so i  should be able to identify it safely 😉
    If i cant find one i would look for a good Piece of Ash.
    I would send you a quarter of the Log and making the Bow would be your Task 😉
    But perhaps the Shipping from Germany would be more expensive than buying it somewhere else,you need to research that. I know Lindybeige could not afford to buy Yew and had to buy Ash so considering all his Stuff Yew must be realy expensive and rare today.But Ash is a fine bow wood too,specialy as Amateur you cant handle 120 Pound Yew Bows so a 70 Pound Ash Bow should be more than suited 😉

  7. I don't know much about bows but those vertical holes for inserting the cord does not seem very safe. I think a V shape would have been much better.

  8. my dad, an archer for most of his long life, uses 100% bees wax. No product name, just pure bees wax.
    As for the wheelchair archery comment, they do make a hybrid recurve/cam bow. Lots of power and speed. Not enough to compete with an over draw system, but more than a standard recurve.

  9. You mentioned "get up to a pretty high draw weight"… what do you think (educated guess perhaps) a maximum/high-end draw weight would be with such a material?  At what point do you think it would just fail?

  10. I was wondering during this video i fI could make you a pvc bow my self? please tell me if I can, because I would love to

  11. Looks like the bow string is about three times too far from the bow it's only supposed to be about a thumbs-up away

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