37 Replies to “Unbreakable Records: Top 10 Individual Career Records in Professional Team Sports”

  1. No one will ever touch Gretzky. Crosby and Ovie are still playing and still 600 points just behind his all time assists.

  2. Wilt never gets the MAD RESPECT he should !! HE WAS a TRUE " BEAST " THAT would DOMINATE in today's candy ass NBA !

  3. Ricky Henderson's "Greatest of all time" speech would've been better if Nolan Ryan's 7th no hitter wasn't the same day.

  4. There is a consensus among most sports historians that there are two records that will never be broken. Joe Dimaggio’s 56 game hitting streak and Wilt Chamberlin’s season average of 50.4 ppg. And neither one of them are included in this video? Ridiculous!!!!

  5. If we’re talking about noncareer stats

    Hack Wilson’s 191 rbis in a season.

    How about Steph Curry’s 402 3p in one season?

  6. Cy young nobody active comes close in Barolo colon's 23 career he only has 203 win if he double that he still trails and he 45 he would be 69 years old to beat the record

  7. Also Cromartie's 109 yards in one play is the longest technically possible. It can be equalled, but never broken.

  8. Stockton's should have been #1. Jason Kidd is second on the all time assists list and he's about 3,000 behind John.

  9. What about Joe Dimaggio's 56 consecutive games with a hit? That's probably never going to be broken.

  10. No love for Anthony Cavillo, the quarterback with an unsurprassable 79,816 passing yards? Tsk tsk…..

  11. 6 MVPs by Kareem Abdul Jabbar is pretty damn hard too, considering that the virtually unanimous GOAT Michael Jordan only won 5.

  12. dumb af if you don't include dimaggios 56 game hitting streak. that will never be broken in anyones lifetime

  13. Johnny Vander Meer's back to back no hitters. This one is unlikely to be matched let alone broken. Also Hugh Nicol's 138 stolen bases in a season or even Ricky Henderson's 130 and Vince Coleman's 110 stolen bases by a rookie. In fact, I don't even see anyone stealing 100 bases period anymore.

  14. Move over baseball, ice hockey, basketball there are so many atheletes whose records are impossible dhyanchand legendry hockey player from india for example

  15. Sir Donald Bradman cricket average of 99.94 in 52 matches (80 innings)..
    The second best in the past 2 decades is 63.68 by Steve Smith..

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