Unity Horse Riding System

Unity Horse Riding System

hi welcome guys this is janam with a short review of the unity asset horse atom set pro 3 a writing system for unity first let's download and install the asset for unity 2017 dot 2 and imported into a new project the asset comes with five demo scenes for mobile and desktop and you can use prefabs for first or third person player I opened the third person demo project here and attract a third person Rider and a horse prefab into the scene so let's start and see what we can do you can walk around with the player by using the WASD keys and when you are near a horse you can press F to mount if you are sitting on the horse you can also write it with the WASD keys and when you press shift you can move faster when you press S and space you turn 180 degrees and the pressing the F key you unmount again it's very simple to add more horses to the scene just drag in the appropriate prefabs there are different types of horses even a low poly and a Minecraft horse and there's also a prefab with a wagon and horses that I can use out of the box you can mount every horse and even the wagon and there's a weapon system included so that your rider can use a salt pistol or a bow and when a horse is hit it reacts and can even be killed now I climb the wagon and the corresponding animation is played for the rider and as you can see it can be controlled just like the single horse again press F to unmount and leave the wagon novel move to the minecraft horse and when you stand behind the horse by pressing the F key the rider will jump onto it since horses are able to swim it is possible to move them into the water and as soon as the horse returns to the terrain the right animation will be active again but the asset is not limited to using the predefined horses it is also possible to use your own models for riding with special mount prefabs I will show how to use them in a future tutorial this one is just an overview of this asset in summary I can say that the asset is very mature and versatile and it can be used very easily and without much preparation the animations are nice and professional so if you need a writing system for a unity 3d game I can highly recommend this one so if you like this video and my channel please don't forget to subscribe to not miss a future one and perhaps you think about supporting me on my patron this would really help a lot thanks for watching thanks for your support and see you soon on J Anna

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  1. Hi, Nice asset just purchased mine, want to ask a question. i want to add my own Wagon for the horse, is it possible?

  2. Hi, Nice asset just purchased mine, want to ask a question. i want to add my own cart for the horse, is it possible?

  3. Can you do a tutorial for water like that? Nothing too complex but something a low poly adventure game like this would need

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