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  1. Finally, a bandsaw fence that I like!!! I will be making one of these very soon! I have also used my bandsaw to cut slot bottoms like this, it is actually pretty efficient, because you can do it all with one setup. Thanks for the great video!!

  2. That can be done with a dado set on a table saw, or with a drill press and the table band saw, or a drill press and a copping saw, many different ways, it all depends on what is easier for you.

  3. Five years later…great video, despite those who are completely missing the point of the demonstration.

  4. Hi, I like your video and was wondering if you could give me just a little advice on my band saw. I have just had delivered my very first band saw, and have managed to build and set everything except two things. If you could help with these two questions it would be great. Firstly I have put a square edge to the side of my blade and it's square with just a little table movement. But when I put the square edge to the back of the blade, the bottom edge is touching the square but the top isn't. Is that okay, or do I need to alter it some how? The second thing is cleaning the table, I know I need to remove all the grease with a cleaning agent. But what can I use to coat the table after the clean? I live in the UK, and I can't find the Johnson's paste wax people talk about. Any help would be great thanks.

  5. 8:24 I have seen this technique making a dado with a circular saw and clean the rest of it moving the saw from side to side. That procedure reminds me kind of using a band saw like a router.

  6. I am new to all this. Is there a tip on how to set up for such a long length of board to be absolutely even on the table?

  7. if your not getting a perfectly straight cut on a bandsaw its because you haven't set the blade correctly on the wheels.

  8. It just struck me: he is using a PowerMatic PWBS14 – just like mine…
    AND it comes with a very nice fence.  The miter gauge isn't the very best in the world, but it suffices.  I've got a Wixey digital protractor that I use when I need PRECISION..

  9. This is an extremely helpful video, thank you. Especially so since coming from someone with YEARS of experience. For those of us beginners, what a wealth of information we have access to.

  10. I am new on this woodworking world and I have an old Delta band saw with out the fence. Definitely this is very well explained, usable and easy to build. Thanks, I ‘ll take a shot to see how it will come out.

  11. Why the long interior cuts just to get rid of the wood in the middle?  Why not just use a forstner bit in the drill press to make a hole at what willl be the upper end?  If you do it carefully,you could have the hole just kiss, or almost kiss, the  upper end of the slot, thus saving you alot of work, and providing a start to the cross-grain cuts to make a square upper end?

    Granted, it's not quite as sexy as making all those long cuts with your new fence, but it surely would be easier and quicker and, if done carefully,, safer.

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