Universal Router Table Fence

Universal Router Table Fence

today we're going to build a router table fence so today I wanted to upgrade my shop a little bit and that's gonna be to build a router table fence I've got a great setup where I have a router lift at the end of my table-saw wing I did a great video on router essential skills and buying advice and one of the things I love about my triton router is that it's got a lift built right in now I love the fact that I can use the fence up my table saw however with a router fence a lot of times you need to have a sacrificial board you need to bury the bid into the fence so we're gonna make a shop fixture that has some really cool features including some shims which was a tip I picked up from Mike Farrington and recently built a really cool router table you should check that out so let's head over to the table saw and I'll show you how I make this one of the things that's crucial when you're making any shop fixture especially a fence is that it is square we're going to be using these match fit clamps from micro jig to attach and be able to remove our fence from our table saw fence so I'm going to take some 3/4 inch plywood that I know has a straight edge I'm going to rip everything to the same height we're going to cut some blocking to put in between the two boards so we can bury our bit in the fence and then we're gonna make some shims so we're gonna get started on the table saw ripping these down there we go [Applause] and you dummy you got me so we've got our defense put together and I wanted to add dust collection to it so I'm going to drill a hole for dust collection I'm going to glue this on top of the fence making sure to leave the channel for my clamps to slide in and out then we're gonna go ahead and cut up an auxilary fence and attach that out of some half-inch plywood and cut up some shims that will be able to go on the fence I'll show you what I mean here in a little bit I marked out a hole here I'm just gonna cut it out it does not matter because we're gonna have a half-inch piece of plywood that goes over this that will be a removable and replaceable fence and so I'm just going to clear out an area that's bigger than any bit I have that way it never gets in the way and then we'll cut out the main fence [Applause] [Applause] okay so we've got this thing done real simply you just take your dovetail clamps slide them in there and then you just tight them down so easy this thing really came out great and I've got it set up so that the dust clasher works great and then here was the brilliant idea I saw in Mike Farrington channel and you should go check out his channel he's got a really great channel I love him is he cut some shims so I've got some half inch and quarter inch shims and so if you had a really big round over like a half inch roundover and you didn't want to take it all in one pass you can set your fence perfectly for the round over clamp some quarter-inch shims to it take one pass take them away and take the rest of the past same with the quarter inch ones or you could build them up to three quarters and it would be really easy to just take an F style clamp and just put them on there you could also make a new zero clearance insert if you really needed one but this is really just a quick and simple way to do a great router fence these micro jig match fit clamps are fabulous this is gonna be really useful for me I use the router almost every day we use it to chamfer the edges on the jigs we use it to round over the edges on the CNC dovetail boards I'm now selling so it's a very valuable tool for me so thank you so much for watching stay safe in the shop and have a wonderful day

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  1. I saw quite a few butt joints on that build Jonathan. Can you please make a video on the proper way to make them you knucklehead?

    I've watched this video before, but I'm building a router table now so I'm looking at fence designs. While watching it again I realized it was posted on the day of my 39th wedding anniversary.

  2. Excellent video. I'll definitely be coming back for more; liking, sharing, subscribing as I go 🙂 This is a very interesting project for me and I would like to do something similar. Being that you built this out of shop scraps, I figure you had a mental picture of just what you wanted to make, i.e. you may not have had plans drawn out. As a viewer, though, the shots of your final product were somewhat fleeting on this video. I would have liked to hear and see more of your design decisions and actually watch you using it with the dust collection going. My router and "poor man's" shopmade router table generate a ton of wood chips and dust bits. Your dust collection box is very intriguing, but I never got to get a good look at it! Nevertheless, I am tremendously impressed with your channel and content. I will be coming back! Thank you!

  3. Great video! Thanks! Thanks for posting your favorite tools and videos. Very helpful. Question, who makes the apron you’re wearing? Bucket Boss?

  4. Definitely keeping this one in the saved videos. The Triton will definitely be my next router purchase. Your killing it in all these videos!

  5. Another great video(and the router, this time, I can buy over here!) Thanks, always learn a great deal…rr

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