UNLEASH THE ARCHERS – Apex (Official Audio) | Napalm Records

UNLEASH THE ARCHERS – Apex (Official Audio) | Napalm Records

20 Replies to “UNLEASH THE ARCHERS – Apex (Official Audio) | Napalm Records”

  1. This album is just so fucking good. All the Heavy Metal fundamentals are there, the riff, the hook and the flying vocals not to mention the poetic lyrics. The next time people tell me Metal is just artless growling Satanic shit, I'll slap this album right to their faces.

  2. If you manage to get my eyes teary from emotion within 10 seconds of the song, you must have insanely good musicians… well guess what.. you have.

  3. Just got back to this album the first time in almost a year. I can still remember that glorious night I sat there in the dark in awe of this for this first time. For some reason I proceeded to forget completely about Unleash the Archers. But now I'm back here, and I'm reminded – this is insane.

    The entire album is amazing, with "Awakening", "Shadow Guide and "Apex" being the ones that completely took me away. Can't believe it's only my second time listening to it, but after hearing this closing track again, time to go back and be blown away by the entire thing again.

  4. I heard this song once some time ago and somehow did not come up to me. But now … I literally love this peace of art 🙂

  5. Can't kick the feeling that there is a strong emotional connection between this song and the latest God of War storyline. Not implying a direct link but more has there are common theme of someone longing to return to a mountain…

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