37 Replies to “UNLEASH THE ARCHERS – Cleanse The Bloodlines (Official Video) | Napalm Records”

  1. I have point of reference from which to tie the video to the music. So I am lost regarding what the overarching storyline would be? Not bashing the music at all. But I saw a skyrim reference someone posted. Anyone got something more concrete?

  2. Beyond amazing song. this blew my mind. i am so glad i stumbled upon this video.

  3. Great video production along with a with a really well written song. Vocals just slightly below their ability.

  4. WATCH NOW ? watch now for first time on the earth !!! real vampire creature on our land >> – ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6BjSV_xtfE

  5. Incredible masterpiece. If you want a scaled down unplugged version, sing the chorus by playing Em, C, G, D on the acoustic.

  6. down voted since old women dont move that fast and fyi old women are slow and frail, i know people want to empower women but didnt that happen with the invention of the vacuum

  7. When you see the title of a song and start to wonder if youre listening to really racist music but just really get the lyrics.

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