Unleash The Archers – General Of The Dark Army (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Unleash The Archers – General Of The Dark Army (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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  1. hey wait a minute ain't this that lady from Chernobyl and Game of Thrones? The one whose only role is to, like, run away from something crying and then suddenly die in the middle of everything?

  2. I love this song and video. I have to say, the acting of the women with short hair is amazing for a music video. Her display of emotions is spot on.

  3. I just want to add that her voice attaind it'must in "Tonight we ride" which is ine of my favorite sound…
    She touched my soul and heart by her technique an enormous personal work and rare ability to goal so high notes I'm charmed and adore

  4. Subliminal guitar solos
    I'm stonned by the girl
    Her voice capacity and power are exceptionnal she's gifted

  5. Thumbs up! Personal Opinion: Barbie Singing Metal (No disrespect). I recently found this band; and am just giving my personal opinion. Overall; Feels like Iron Maiden Child band (in a good point of view). It completely got my attention. Regarding what I feel wrong: Her profile (gesture comunication) feels wrong / weird. Voice is too clean (don't get me wrong; I like her clean and clear voice – Just dont feel it fits perfectly).
    Keep up the good job.

  6. I love the "whoa ohh"s. With the majority of my taste being swedes and brits its not something i get to hear much in my metal. Its a very north american thing and most metal here sucks.

  7. soo good song but in clip soo bad lookyng knight 😀 nex time you need knights lett my know, we do a reenactment of teuton order so knights in full plate armor or chainmail are aviable 😉

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