22 Replies to “UNLEASH THE ARCHERS – Time Stands Still (Official Video) | Napalm Records”

  1. imagine a music vid with the gorgousness that is brittney and the sexy alissa white-gluz from arch enemy together would be heavenly!!!

  2. I'm really loving the powerful, 80s-esque guitar and vocals! Nice, even percussion too.
    Props for the Drawing of the Three reference also.

  3. this probably wont be known by too many people, but her singing in this song reminds me of an anime called NANA which was band based….point is, THE BLACK STONES was the main band kind of, and her sound reminds me one of the songs in an episode…..just kind of funny what you hear sometimes and get reminded of a better time you had(relationship failed…we watched anime together…go figure)

  4. wouldnt have the red haired guy made more sense as the stereotypical scottish viking guy? loll! ah well he was an Epic western ranger also!

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