25 Replies to “Unluckiest Moments in Sports History Part 2”

  1. the broom and the track one are absolute bs lol, that was outside interference. might as well just throw a banana peel from the audience and say whoopsie

  2. Fire the moron who left a broom on the skeleton course. That could've injured or killed the rider. Not to mention totally unfair and absolutely an avoidable fuckup

  3. The track is actually a track in Tula more ireland where I compete for my county but it’s only 200meters and is usually very cramped

  4. 2:33 why was the crowd celebrating when the devils were at home?

    Edit: I just realized the ducks were at home, but why were the ducks wearing their away jersey

  5. I feel like getting hit in the mouth with a hockey puck is probably bad for your teeth. Would the NHL compensate you for that, or is that in a disclaimer on the tickets?

  6. I appreciate that you show more than just the most popular sports like Basketball or Football, it's a nice change from other channels

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