20 Replies to “Unstaffed Shooting Range Etiquette”

  1. Isn't the name just a LITTLE bit wrong…..
    conservation? by hunting?
    that's why Americans need Indians…..

  2. I live in Missouri and go shooting at my local shooting range all the time. It’s safe and a awesome place to shoot. But my problem is back yard shooting ranges here in Missouri I don’t think it’s lawful for your nabbers to build a shooting range on the property line. Why because there nabbers owns the land on the other side and to place a target 🎯 on a fence line weren’t your spent ammunition travels across your nabbers property should be totally agents the law. And I think a law should be made to protect the peace. Buy how close you can build a shooting range to your nabbers property too. Because sooner or later something on nabber killing the other because of laud shooting driving there nabbers 🥜 could happen

  3. 3 second breaks is a little much, especially for hand guns when most use them to train for self defense. other than that i'm jealous of you and your statelol

  4. Can someone tell me why rapid fire is shunned? I am new to firearms and am curious as this is not the first time I have heard this.

  5. This is all good and fine and everything but!, I stopped going to public shooting ranges some years ago, no matter how safe a shooter you are you're only as safe as the other guy there. All one has to do is drive on the highway and see how drivers disobey the rules of driving, same thing. Anytime a person goes to a public shooting range they are putting their lives in danger, most people are idiots and when you put a gun in their hands they become idiots with guns. I have my own shooting range at home, Thank God!!!!.

  6. Can't stand people who take off ear protection at the range. People take them off during cease fire and forget to put them back on. There was a father and his kid and the kid took his ear muffs off during cease fire and forgot to put them back on. The father and the RSO were talking WITH the kid, but neither realized. They were talking behind me and I didn't see them. I fire my AR and I hear the kid say, "aww dad, that was LOUD!" The father says, "put your ear muffs on honey." I felt so bad for the kid. Stupid father.

  7. "Up" is a safe direction? I'd much rather be caught by a ricochet 70 yards down range than I would a round falling out of the air simply dying from gravity.

  8. 3 secs a shot. BS! Has nothing to do with safety. 1 shot a sec is perfectly safe. And thats not even rapid fire. You should be allowed to fire as fast as can aquire your sight on target.

  9. Even in a staffed range you are a Range Safety Officer. You can call a cease fire if someone is being unsafe, careless, or wreckless. And if they become asshats and point a loaded weapon at you then open fire. Alot.

  10. I moved to Tx after living in MO for 25years. I MISS THE MO DOC RANGES! Every weekend I was at Lake City or Parma Woods. $3hr rifle or pistol. $3 a round for skeet including birds. There is nothing like that in TX. I used to go to Pigeon Hill unattended but way too many knuckleheads messing with their firearms while you're downrange. Not asking for a cease fire and going downrange while you're changing mags. It wasn't safe.

  11. What a great state to live in. The only thing I don't like is the firearms pointed downrange during cease fire. I'd rather see vertical rifle stands for rifles… it's just a bit more obvious the firearm is not pointed near someone is all. This coming from a guy in NY… on Long Island… where we have none of these freedoms.

  12. The no automatic fire rule is deplorable.  It does nothing to curb unsafe practices and curtails shooting opportunities.  Looks like the hoplophobic crowd is becoming part of the MDC culture.

  13. 3 seconds between shots? i'll remember to tell the attacker rushing me that he should be sure to allow 3 seconds between steps.

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