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  1. i just used one for 1st time today and had issue with bottom gap like you had with the little one.. but it does cuts like a dream. for $5800.bucks you'd think the wheel kit would be included! i noticed how slick the rail was when assembling and chuckled when i read about the warning in the instructions, then nearly pissed myself when you dropped it! thanx ill sub

  2. Another good option is a Vega fence. I put the 50" on my old 1970s craftsman carpenter table saw that came with a fence when you tightened it you could visibly see the fence move. Boy howdy has it upped the precision and usefulness. I can't even begin to say how nice it is to be able to trust your fence measurements without question. It can be had for a couple bills cheaper than the sawstop fence. Great for the broke or hobby woodworkers.

  3. I have a second-hand Bosch table saw with a similar fence. I hated it so much, it broke, I replaced stripped bolts. I built a fence and rails out of scrap one day and 3 years later it is still somehow square.

    I'd love to go full biesmeyer-style though!

  4. Anyone ever tell you that you look alot like the most real ass dude, comedian Louis J. Gomez?

    Because you do.

  5. my schools shop somehow has 3 saw stop professionals, all of them with an upgrade fence and one with the sliding crosscut table

  6. I upgraded my SawStop fence to the VerySuperCool Tools fence. It is more work, because I had to purchase the rectangular tubing and angle iron to make the rails myself, but it was less than $500 total, and the precision aluminum extrusion makes it very versatile. I am also going to make new rails for my band saw, so I can move it there as well.

  7. "The people at Sawstop know how to pack a box". Ummmmm those people that packed that box are in China.

  8. Way to much money. There are better ones on the market. And every one is right, the fence is crap. Real carpenters purchase the best fence on the market, and it is made by Incra. The biggest flaw in all saws, is the human factor. NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO THE JOB YOU ARE DOING. The only thing going for the Saw Stop, is the fact that it is a baby sitter, for people whom, should be never be let around power equipment in the first place.

  9. I do not do Patreon. If you have a direct Paypal link I will send you a few bucks. Great video, this is on my wish list. Oh yeah, got to get the saw first.

  10. $500?…NOT IN MY WORLD! I bought a Craftsman table saw about 20 years ago from an older gentleman who bought it new in 1966. It's built like a Brick Shithouse. 53 years old and it cuts as true as the day it was built. Best $40 I ever spent! Just look around and realize there are plenty of bargains to be found without having to drain the bank.

  11. you're like i am but am trying not to be. willing to fix things you just bought. an auxiliary fence for your fence.

  12. Great video. For those thinking about buying ANY table saw there are few things to remember: A contractors' saw is NOT a cabinet saw. So, if our budget means you cannot buy a $3500 cabinet saw you CAN do fine work with a contractor saw if you take your time, maintain your machine, and double and triple check the fence. I did for years. Save your pennies but, keep on truckin' with your small saws, understand their shortcomings and keep making stuff. Great review.

  13. About sponsors… Maybe I'm just naive, since I've never been sponsored, but wht would a tool company, in this instance, expect a biased review? Maybe they just won't send anything if you state it will be an honest review. I mean, if they have done their work, they should know how their products perform. Or if they genuinely want to find weaknesses they should be prepared to hear where the failure points are… personally, I'd be happy to accept a sawstop PCS to test out…

  14. saw stop …the most overrated piece of $*#^^$%. i've been using a table saw for over 40 years and still have ALL my fingers, because, i'm careful!

  15. You can buy a stinking Biesemeyer for less money (if you're into paying exorbitant fees for name brand stuff). You do you, but for crying out loud what a racket SawStop has going. None for me, thanks.

  16. The biggest flaw n original fence it the really short T brace at the base . (a modification might have kept it aligned )
    YOU buy the SAW STOP for safety so at least you still have all your fingers to do a later upgrade .
    Tighter budget check verysupertools

  17. I wish you had gone into the design so we could emulate whatever makes this fence so great. I've been accumulating the components to copy Jeremy Schmidt's incremental fence for an installation on an old Powermatic 72. Is this Sawstop fence anything Biesemeyer's isn''t ?

  18. I purchased a SS contractor last weekend and spent the extra $200 on the upgraded fence. Much cheaper to buy it along with the saw. I haven't checked it with a dial indicator yet but lining it up with the miter slot shows it to be very, very close so far. I'll dial it in this weekend.

  19. I've got the same model SS TS and love it. I replaced the Stock fence immediately with their 52 incher, probably overkill. I got lucky and found a used Sawstop TS for a College that was shutting down one of the their Maintenance Shops, maybe 2 hours on the saw, for $700.00. I switched from a Craftsman TS that I had installed a Bessmeyer Knock off Fence ($104.00) on it, sold it for $500.00. I still need to upgrade my Dust Collection features on the Saw and in my Shop! Definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made, I still have all my fingers!

  20. My fence is fine, the laminate covered plywood sucks, I replaced it with a piece of Corian, works great, I bought one of the first machines when they first were available straight from Sawstop, they have been excellent to work with over the years, I now have two in my cabinet shop, I have the fence in the picture

  21. Super cool tools fence is the bomb. I think it is far better and have used the sawstop fence and own the super cool fence.

  22. It is sad that a vast amount of money could be spent on a product that has such an inferior and cheap part (screws strip out, gap under fence, plastic is brittle, dangerous parallel variance). If ANY corporation sells a high-end, top-shelf "Mercedes-type" vehicle with a "corrupted cheap-ass break system"….it just wouldn't be a "Mercedes-type" corporation to begin with. They would lose my faith! I certainly wouldn't invest more money in that organization. Years ago, I fired Wells Fargo for ripping me off and have watched as they have had scandal after scandal ever since then…for…ripping people off in so many new ways. It's a corporate honesty and fairness ethic. A company either HAS it…or they just simply DON'T. I wouldn't give any company more money for selling me a dangerous and defective product in the first place for an astronomical amount of money. However, I love your videos. I appreciate your honesty and I sincerely wish you the best success going forward ! Thanks for all that you do ! I am now certain that I will never buy a SawStop at any price. You have saved me a lot!

  23. LOL – $500 plus for a couple pieces of alum and steel? Hardly an engineering marvel. It's a T square.

  24. It would be nice to hear that Sawstop had progressed to a design change on the old style fence you have pictured. While thinking of buying a similar saw like you have it would be an added incentive in 2 ways. (1) Not to have to shell out for the upgraded fence, (2) to come off the hip with the green backs to go with the Sawstop.

  25. the tglide was only a $200 options when getting a new saw. To buy that fence after the fact is 500?

  26. I just stumbled across this video and it earned my subscription. Great video and great presentation. I look forward to watching your other videos.

  27. It sure is pretty, but is it really worth $575? NOt to me, I can build John Heisz wood one for a lot less ans still have like $400 or more left. No thanks.

  28. Thank you for your unbiased opinion Rex. it's quite appreciated, especially that I'm actively looking at my purchasing options these days. Not sure if you have the time to answer comments but since you won a 1.75hp, would you say it's powerful enough to rip an 1.5" maple for instance?

  29. Did you consider the Incra TS-LS fence given the price similarity? I recently got it on my old Jet table saw and love it.

  30. I don’t know how much extra it was when you bought your saw but today it’s only like a $200 difference. It’s best to do it when you first buy the saw.

  31. My tip buy a Harvey table saw great quality at an awesome price. You'll get a similar quality fence standard.

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