I just wanna like dive into it like what's the camera rolling what's going on guys Bradley Martin here hey hey definite like I had like an echo that time it was good that was really good um so before I get started I want you guys to see like obviously like I bought BAM a bike you know and saying don't show the license plate exam I want that on there got myself a bike and yeah you know I feel like it would be cool if we just you know sat on it post workout with our shirts off and let the helmet onto some photos you know I also have some Nike leggings maybe like stack supplements around it because they just so happen to be like around all my pictures why do you say that huh but I say what I decide to be cool like that's why I got these bikes for me and babe so we could like stunt on the ground so check my last picture on the gram stunt on the gram probably selling you supplements and there in like the bottom there probably like in the bottom corner of one of my photos anyways that's just life is that what is that why we did this video yeah alright ready let's go alright what's going on guys Bradley marnya this is actually the real video this time um workout video it was just I was just shady over here I just there was a lot of shade here in this area and like I felt like it like I just kind of want to add to the shade a little bit but anyways should see me show you see look Sun but she look now we're out here and I was like what's going on guys and it's here it's like you know some take some pictures on these bikes and that's out here it's like alright guys so today we started off and we did this many sets and it's like alright yo fuck the haters man flex harder than me anyways okay let's do the video all the bullshit up so you guys do always in my comments go in the comments I can do a video starts at boom right here that's where I started BAM okay now start it off oh this is an upper body routine so you guys know obviously could see in the thumbnail like ever like I think I'm doing this I think moon is think I'm doing this by probably bear because the lighting a little bit better cuz Fitness is like 41 40 percent 80 percent lighting yeah the angle angles yeah the pump a little bit of oil maybe baby oil I'd have this time so so where the video really starts this is upper body routine so there's no really preface to it there's no like bodybuilding or this but satis I just came to the gym one just get a fucking workout because I that's how I felt today so I felt in the top field a lot of days today I actually got to work out we didn't film all my sets because Kevin was like got substitute guys have to do very i Brad Oreo your foot back there huh why'd you put why did you it's like I was getting ready for my show you see you ready yeah oh shit at Paul's bro yeah you see that pose Sheils good bro it's a good ass pose anyways you know the little twirly hands you know being pinned online coaching get it out you know anyways oh my god so much shade in this video this is like I better just cut it no no fuck it we're not so I started like IO and actually – I want you guys notes I always start my upper body routine especially if I'm gonna use bench or any kind of like pressing movements I always started warmin on my back because I have like this issue in my was going to show you but I can't show you on Kevin because you can't see him because he's invisible but it's on my back right shoulder have a good one bro and yeah it's like back here and I always if I don't warm up properly then it fucks me a big time like my I feel off balance so I always warm up my upper back with my rear delts rotator cuff that area before I go into pressing women so make sure you guys do it as well so I just use it as an exercise also because my back is lagging so touch up body parts I just did four sets I kind of went in between like a front pull so like up here to like the clavicle and then behind the neck pole and if you guys know the flexibility that just keep it in the front it's okay but I went basically five five five so I went front back front five set Fox to me five reps right five reps five reps five following our exercise I went to the Smith machine and I normally would not recommend Smith machines because it's like it takes the balance out of it it's a dog endanger stress SiC the dogs out danger I love animals anyways I went to the Smith machine I don't know me useful thing like I said because of its just if you're gonna benchpress benchpress and if you can use a food machine uses a big machine but they don't there's not like you can't say I've been through fifteen and like the guys like alright show me a many like the guys it sounded soo machines like it's not the same ok bench press is the bench press Smith machines the Smith machine even though your best pressing to the Smith machine it's not the same you can be like I bench five plates in the Smith machine because you will not bench five plates on a bench I mean unless you do you're just really out fucking struts crazy but they're not the same so the Smith machine will take out your proprioceptive skills that you won't have to balance the shit right because it's on the track so you can use a little bit more weight than you normally would so what I did I use a closer grip just to kind of bang my triceps to get you know obviously the mass in the triceps because my right side is like so hates me and we have this like love/hate thing mostly just a hate thing but I don't want to get into that so second exercise close grip bench press worked up to four or five did like two really shitty reps because my angle was like really off or looking it was it was weird but it doesn't matter point is when you're doing this keep it if you're going to do the Close Grip like I did you wander the bench do bench arm you want to beds if you want to do it but if you want to close your blog I did I make sure that like my elbows are coming like as far out as possible and again if you don't have the flexibility in the shoulders and it starts to hurt dip your elbows in a little bit and it'll take away the pain from the shoulder so the more you can do it here in my opinion for this exercise the way that I'm doing it the better but if you start to feel pain if you're like this you try to feel pain your shoulders then pull your elbows in it's closer to your body and just continue to press through there okay I did that five sets total I tried to get anywhere from like eight to fifteen reps they gave myself like minimal rest okay like a minute now following this exercise which one was given to me this improv is so difficult bro see he didn't say it but he showed me him half the time you show me him with something you got to remember anything just kidding I remember most afraid fuck this guy so this is a variation of the high rope right front row what are going to call front like Y row wide row like instead of like rowing here yeah what you doing and what I do is I'll grab a you know I already fixed dumbbell tumble barbell hex bar are Brad bar remember it's just it's either one okay doesn't matter it could be like this there could be straight the point is you're you're putting your hands all the way to the ends of the weights like so you're you're outside of your hand is against the weight and press out and all you're doing is your think about pulling like straight up to like just a little bit higher than shoulder right sometimes I go a little bit higher and it's important when you're doing this that you keep your elbows ahead of the barbell so the barbell is here keep your elbows ahead of the barbell like this make sure they say this is so they're going like boom like this versus this because people will do this I've seen people in the gym they're going like this right that's like mostly front delt so we're trying to get like almost like our full don't kind of keep it here even though it's gonna hit your front down a lot probably them definitely the most out of any front delt out of any front out of any delt toyed Toyota misses second Pokemon it's like a Pokemon note here's the deltoids three muscles yes yes okay the neck don't like I don't know that bro I know that bro it's the anterior-posterior in the middle area anyways so if you go like this you're more than likely gonna hitchhike your bicep and like fuck your back up maybe like roll your ankle and then hit mostly anterior which is the front ok posterior is back two girls with a nice posterior sims hand so you guys that's how you can remember it anterior boom like ant-man I don't know anyways let's give us keep going so this exercise is cool and now I want to add one more thing like that I think about while I do this you guys probably would not even think about how do I explain this it's kind of difficult but at the start of the movement right my hands are all the way out what I'm thinking about doing is I'm thinking about like flaring my laughs so if you guys want to flow your lats great that shit's hard if you don't know how to play your lats you'll learn to do that over time if you're a little bit younger I don't know how to do it right away but if you learn to fly your lats so like first standing here there so you know like the guys at ILS would imagine lats engine when they're like they walk around the gym cuz they just learn how to further lats or they go walk around like this and they wear belts like this and then they're in the gyms and they're like you walk around like this sorry bro it don't like sorry bro sorry bra I was here I was here they're like this they're just like this and they like there's one at this gym but to douchebag anyways whoo long story short right that's when they first learned how to use her last thought I got let's keep it flex all time because you look extra big because they skinny fit me see the so anyway so this is laughs this is flare this relax right that's normal so what I'm saying is for this exercise player laughs okay which is–what's– going to do it's kinda it's going to like roll your elbows forward right the reason I like this I feel way more balanced because if you start to pull like just like this right you're going to feel your traps and your shoulders and I notice I feel more my trap so now when I flare my lats and almost takes your traps a little bit out of the movement so if you play your lats forward right and so you're here and all you're thinking about is like pulling with your elbow like this and keeping your lats flared you're going to get a really cool contraction in like your whole shoulder versus just like your shoulder in your traps right so I know it's kind of like complicated but if you understand that try and I'm gonna say really cool word for like apply that I could just say apply that that works like some some motion that find out how to burn the other day but okay that's a great exercise probably one of my favorites because you also look really cool in the mirror you probably get any good shots he's got a really shitty I filming just kidding but yeah you look cool in here so you could take like selfies and stuff or you could have frontside pictures of you look cool and you're like this anyways next exercise a superset these two even though it's I'm a true super seconds it's not opposing muscle groups but I went from here boom so you know every day is army so I had to get some biceps in there because also like the mirror that I was looking at when I was doing this it's a really cool mirror in this gym that like so when you do this you look extra cool and I want to feel cool plus I want to bicep pops plus I knew it was going to go hit more like pressing movements so it all kind of made sense but I just rationalize it because I wanted advice the foam anyways so do the same thing these are both 5 sets and don't worry so much about wraps just do as many reps as possible both sets completely different muscle groups like you'll feel a little bit fatigued when you're in here doing the curls because your shoulders are kind of like tired of being held up but complete different muscles you'll be fine so do as many as possible each set give yourself about a minute minute 30 rest between each supercenters probably like two minutes you can like really really get it I know I did this I did it that's okay anyways what's next decline the decline dumbbell press and I just do this in there because I hadn't done decline dumbbell presses for like you know probably close like 26 years so you know me yeah you know you don't really need to um well you don't come yet yeah I definitely don't because I need to work my upper chest which is like most people have to work their upper chest squad yeah get it on the camera yes hell yeah anyways squat up all lives matter anyways you got to get like I've always had like a better development down here and this is always been like really she like super she like worse than Kevin shitty and you know it's like that so I don't only do a bunch of decline but if you need to build this section and do some decline but really like benching will be fine and other movements would be cool the reason why I did the D classes I haven't done in a while you can move more weight definitely in the decline position and whatever you do like stuff like this whenever I do decline stuff that I'm not like comfortable I make sure I just up really slowly so I get like a really good like feel for it because I haven't done in a while so I don't want to rush because like my shows might be like what the hell is going on so if you don't do it don't rush it but just go into it slowly but I understand it you can move more weight and you normally can like in a flat bench press because you're stronger in that position it's also shorter range of motion that you have to go through but I kind of went to like a guillotine I kind of like guillotine presses I made it like extra extra hard so the 120-hour pressing was actually like three seventy five pound dumbbells it's crazy you saw it you saw when I did it the number one are we going to go grow it and then I press it and I'm just like we shouldn't put that because the internet will be like what the fuck honey yeah back it's figgus fixed there was loser did small like all these things they all say Mikey if they only knew anyways um so oh what's the next next exercise drugs next exercise drugs drugs you said drugs broke nice and straw are you trying to sell me drugs no I'm not to report you to the government no bro they're gonna send you back to Taiwan drugs kevin's taiwanese by the way that's BAM yeah why you trying to change the subject all right so anyway so you know who else is Taiwanese Jeremy Lin I learned that yesterday Kevin taught me that yeah yeah we're gonna give Kevin the Jeremy Lin haircut anyways this is a pad of BAM which is probably the most important part of this video I'm trying to drop it I don't know if I should I might maybe I don't know anybody's comment below let me know I also give this video a big thumbs up what what's next though there's nothing next that's it this is shrugs Oh shrugs I talk to basic yeah easy that's it no no it's not just kidding um the shrugs I did another video for explaining the shrugs more in detail and I might even be wearing the same clothes you never know go check that shit out but actually no seriously in all seriousness the shrugs I did that five sets if you want to implement this work if you want to use this routine implement I did five sets I don't really go up crazy and wait just cuz I've been keeping all the heavy stuff for like deadlifts because I didn't I didn't need to do heavy weight for the shrugs you know I don't really need to get my chops that much bigger I just kind of like just kind of like icing on the cake top it off a little bit you don't like the froth on the top of the beer you ever do that anyways that's it give the video a big thumbs up I love you guys sorry about the rant and all the bullshit all the other stuff but I'm not so like hashtag sorry not sorry Bryson tiller that's a song it's all I got I love you guys make sure to subscribe and check out the other trap video like it's a trap put the poker traps no but check out the other video if you want to learn more about the shrug and how to do it properly it should be on the channel after this video I love you guys I'm out make sure you subscribe to the snapchat bro for this app chat in here do the thing why do the thing again yeah and do the thing where this side alright there it is find me I love you I'm out I'm gonna ride my bike hi there bro hi bro


  1. Dude that was so obnoxious that I barely even got something from the entire video. If people are gonna watch your videos, try getting to the point a little bit rather than trying to be funny.

  2. Comedy is cringe.

    Seriously drop the gangster hand movements and comedy and your sharing the knowledge which is why people are here. To decide if to cycle or not.

  3. Since I've been in trouble for going out drinking too much I've been spending a lot of time at my computer and I always end up listening to Brad Martyn. Brad, my wife now calls you my new best friend. lol. Keep being cool brother. It's keeping me sober

  4. yo that bit of advice about warming the upper back up before a press sorted me out bro. had a tilted ass bench XD shoulders were all out of sink but some rear delt stuff and upper back movments helped

  5. Bradley Market some tights for girls and have a print on her butt thing "Focus" but in those words that looks like it's all blurry

  6. I'm the exact opposite my lower chest sucks ass but my incline press is almost the same weight as my flat bench

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