US Soccer With The Kid Mero at Red Bull Stadium On Complex

US Soccer With The Kid Mero at Red Bull Stadium On Complex

this time it was good America I'm saying internet there's metal in the wild you already know what it is I go to several different places in the world and find out what's poppin because I want to educate you on what's really good for the streets and I'm saying right now we have Red Bull Arena you're not I mean for us C vs Turkey football match you know I'm saying a little football if you go for Columbia call it football Rose hey buddy go in there you know say he actually beat me some questions he was good out here with us soccer where I hit do a real big things I got an ambulance on deck and I'm saying just chickens too turnt up there's Merrill on the wild complex TV I already know what time it is you better go in there and see with Papa baby I'm here looking for Uncle Sam's Harmon you know that it's like a group of dudes we'll meet up everywhere they're like swarm soccer games I'm here mommy a wild lady the building young same guy got jokes what's that joke you right shake you I say is that Dominicans on Team Dominicans not that I know I don't make it for real homie I'm gonna be the only soccer player that comes that shows up to practice with a baseball glove and a bat take F note you go fro hey sweet airflow hey hey oh look at that that's actually the Costa Rican flag on his back but we not even get into that is this your boyfriend look I came here trying to get down with Uncle Sam army I didn't know if I was gonna have to cut somebody's face or like run a train on JLo with something like I know now I'm ready for the you know in Dominican Republic team and I'm saying we out here I'm trying to find Uncle Sam's army and I mean I'm trying to get down talking initiated you feel me I don't know if I gotta get jumped in I don't know if I gotta cut somebody face but all I know is I light up by a little reflection oh they told me to get down with Uncle Sam's army I'm a host inside with the vuvuzela it's like eight years old exactly like I won't go over there whooping little ass listen man if you don't know this dude is a legend in the game and I'm saying like I'm just letting you know right now you're not even as a dude from the Bronx little graffiti rat you know I'm saying like just dude it's one of the many you know I mean who out here doing big big big things my uncle Armand yeah well listen if you ever get a tattoo of the team that you support that lets people know that you are not playing and you may have a firearm on your person if you dare to insult their team you guys always do how do you get down with Uncle Sam's army oh oh that is not the Milwaukee shot no no okay so everything else we play where there gonna be anything go they're very open yeah I thought it was something way more sinister than that man it's the kid marrow daddy no you don't say stray from Rio de Janeiro Brazil Oh ah that was a little high it was a little high you don't say I got to get my Foreman and also I got eight hundred I'll see you guys out I'm gonna try to mess up how lackeys only I'm an extremely handsome man I'm also very skilled in soccer and all types of stuff and look I didn't even ask you to come over they just started they came in they attach themselves to me like barnacles like very beautiful barnacles whoop Oh vx I didn't feel up there so you'll be on Sunday the building hey yo who's good man listen this is Marilyn wild I'm here at Red Bull Stadium you I'm saying we've seen a lot of cool things out here the us us outlaws the Uncle Sam's army over there we've seen some pretty girls and a lot of soccer and this is free stuff here that I don't even know how free it is but since I'm from the Bronx everything's free so I'm trying to make some moves out of here discretely United me so nobody sees booth oh hey oh no

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  1. Why does this only have 150 likes…this is pre star mero, it's gold. I bet MTV and complex r hating life now they had these dudes….and didn't recognize the brand as strong

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