US Women's Soccer: Just Pay Them Already! | Full Frontal on TBS

US Women's Soccer: Just Pay Them Already! | Full Frontal on TBS

the Women's World Cup is officially underway and the US team has been crushing unfortunately yes they still haven't won the fight for equal pay at home the best women's soccer team in the world is paid less than the men's team if a male and a female national team player each played 20 exhibition games in a year members of the men's squad will have earned more than 250 thousand dollars members of the women's squad less than 100 thousand they are making less despite beginning to bring in more revenue to US soccer than the men the US Soccer Federation says it's misleading and inaccurate to claim that because the two teams simply can't be compared they're right they can't be compared the women's team has won three World Cup titles and four Olympic gold medals the US men's team didn't even qualify for the last world cup that's like hearing the lead actress of a show got paid less than her male co-star or let's say if a bunch of late night shows hosted by women got canceled despite the fact that they were critically acclaimed and they were amazing anyway I'm not crying you're crying keep kicking ass ladies but also kick the ball that goes across the field and into the goal homerun good night everyone [Applause] you you

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  1. If you play top futbol you’ll see the diffrence… men are more entertaining, I respect that women play soccer and try their best, but come on it’s not even close to men’s soccer

  2. Nonsense. When viewed appropriately—based on how much money they generate—women actually make more than men.

    As Dwight Jaynes pointed out four years ago after the U.S. women beat Japan to capture the World Cup in Vancouver, there is a big difference in the revenue available to pay the teams. The Women's World Cup brought in almost $73 million, of which the players got 13%. The 2010 men's World Cup in South Africa made almost $4 billion, of which 9% went to the players.


  3. Fact is the US Women’s national team can be beat by top notch high school teams. The men are on a way higher physical level than the women. And the reason why the women have won so much over the men is because there is less competition in women’s soccer, which is why it brings in far less money.

  4. Unfortunately billions watch the men's world cup and millions attend all the games whilst the women have played to half empty stadiums most of the time. The men's game generates billions the woman's game is a fraction off that. The argument being put forward is on par with why doesn't the champion of badminton win the same as the champions of tennis and the answer is more people and more money in tennis than badminton. If the women's game is to catch up with the men's game then it needs far more women to start playing, attending games and buying women's merchandise then it will catch up. An example of the difference is a ticket to the final of the last Men's World Cup started at $1046 whilst the upcoming Women's Final the tickets are $95 dollars.

  5. This is simple to explain:

    Men's World Cup profits = 6 billion
    Women's World Cup profits = 85 million

    But yeah let's go with gender discrimination. Noobs.

  6. Well I could understand if it was professional wage but in national team just pay them already.
    Even though football in general (not soccer) has bigger market and teams even in europe. They should pay at least equal in a matches

  7. Women's national teams have been trashed by 15 year old club boys teams. Just how good are they?

  8. As much I would never question women being paid the same for men doing the same job…….unfortunately when it comes to professional sport, common sense means it’s not the same as a in real job ( in that it’s based on popularity , not work produced). After all where does the money come from? It’s from sponsors/tv deals etc basically if women’s sport doesn’t happen to be as popular as its male equivalent they can’t get the same money. It’s why say US (male) football players get paid more than say US ( male) soccer players, it’s not the soccer players dont work hard or “ deserve” it etc but it’s just not as popular with audiences so there is no way they can claim equal pay compared to sports that are super popular so have $$$$$$$$$$$.

  9. Sam you should smile more, maybe show some leg. Everyone knows that women's sport is boring. Well not for long anyway, now that dudes are going to be allowed to play.

  10. The main reason is not about who performed well.
    The main reason behind this gap is attendance.
    When a men's game is around literally a vast majority of mens watch it. But when a women's game is around, you can literally count on your fingers how many womans are there to watch it. Thats the main problem here.

  11. When 15 year old boys team spanks ya ur not worth much…. female teams don’t bring in the revenue the male teams do.. nobody wants to watch female soccer..

  12. Of those four cancelled shows hosted by women, I've only seen The Break, and I can see why it was cancelled, to be honest. I mean, it was enjoyable enough, it was just kinda mediocre.

  13. duh thats bc the women's world cup doesn't make near as much as the means does, last time i checked men's world cup generated like 2 billion dollars, thats like saying i'm making 200k as ceo of a company that makes 3 million profit a year and saying that i should make 15 million bc thats what the ceo of a company that makes 100 million a year makes

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