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  1. You need to make a H brace in the corners if not your corner post will lean like @ 6:02 and not look nice, also your fence will loosen up more as the post lean more over time. Also add barb wire along the bottom first to keep predators from bushing up on the fence, and you also need to put the Tpost first before the fence and the barb wire will guide you since it is at the bottom straight between posts.

  2. Very well made instructional video! Thanks for the great information. I like the use of the chain link fence bar to give additional support. Much easier than a t post.

  3. Some good tips, thanks. A couple of points to consider… end posts need to be plumb, yours are not, so the fencing comes across them at an angle which contributes to the sagging top of the fencing. And the end posts DEFINITELY need to be properly braced. Unbraced end posts are doomed to failure.

  4. Another tensioning method would be to drive a stake in at an angle and then drive another stake 2' behind it and tie the top of the first stake to the bottom of the second stake. With this method you can use as many stakes as needed depending on the tension required.
    Using the winch at the first stake, you drape the tensioning rope over a board or post that is half the height of the fence and tension the fence. If the board becomes angled, tap it back upright or slightly toward the target fence.

  5. Two quick suggestions. When your installing your fence staples, install them diagonally across the welds instead of straight up and down. It gives you a better connection. Also, I like to install a 2" x 4" the same height as the fencing, positioned over the wire nailed directly into the fence post. That will provide further protection for your fencing and cinch things down a little more.

  6. Worked on my uncles farm for a few months, did a fair bit of fencing. Old hand there used a length of rebar and three truckies straps. Weave the rebar top to bottom, set your straps in from the top, middle and in from the bottom, tension away. Worked a charm and excellent for getting the tension equal along the fence, and FAST as frig! A real skookum choocher.

  7. Drive a buncha heavy nails in a cutoff tree limb or fence post, bend them over and you got a free fence stretcher.

  8. Yeah, pulling wire like this over slopes is tricky. Keeping everything equally elevated as you pull to your anchor is a key.

  9. Very Helpful, I really appreciate it. .Ive also seen in an old farm fence book that you can cement an extra pull post to attach the come-a-long on. . but this was by far the most helpful video ive seen, thanks and happy trails !

  10. Attaching tight wire on a single post is not smart ! Unless you're using old telephone poles buried 6 feet deep !  You need to be very strong hbraces , before attaching tight wire to such !

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