Using Recycled Fencing for Skirting @ the Off Grid Cabin

Using Recycled Fencing for Skirting @ the Off Grid Cabin

hey y'all this is Sunday July 28th pretty sure we're out here to do some work out here at st. Bernard acres Gail's gonna mow she just fired up the mower I want to show you what our project today is this is the fence that blew down at my house and wheeling total privacy fencing you see where the post the good old post from male America RF Malevich you can see the post from Lowe's where they just rotted after a few years and the weight from all the rain and everything is really heavy just snapped at three sections of it four sections so I cut them the sections that they were eight foot sections I cut them down to be more manageable and what I'm gonna do is try to cut these this is going to become the skirting around the trailer around the cabin and the porch here I have more sections that I'm going to be bringing out so I'm going to use this it's cedar slats I it was bored I'm bored I didn't those weren't kits that I bought or anything our pre-made panels I made those panels myself so I know they're cedar they'll last look good while they're got a nice patina on them at least and I think they're gonna look good sitting along there please that's what we're hoping here comes a gale now I get to work and here it goes Nick my son's gonna help me today so he's here yeah yeah so let me get things rolling I'll be back Joe later all right just show you what we're doing to make the runners along the bottom for the skirting so that everything is of recycled used material this is the old pallet I've gotten from work and used for a deck off the old RV we had and we'll take the boards off of this that's all pressure treated tuba sixes on the top now the other stuffs garbage but all those top boards or pressure treated tuba sixes and that's what I'm using for the bottom around the skirting so it's all going to be recycled reused repurposed and rebuilt material so we should call the cabin the ours [Applause] yeah yeah I'm not doing that end so we'll be okay doing here these are the slats the panels we've cut off the fence that blew down we cut this in level on this side because our yard goes up you know we measure out I need 36 and a half on that end 35 and half on this as we go Nick's gonna cut this section off I leave this middle in here for stability and then once we rip this I'll tell you how we put it on the good walk to him so again I know step so we'll do this [Applause] in the meter [Applause] looks like your top pensioners yet [Applause] what was the good in with I mean it wouldn't an angle that looks great from top this one the are you sure this is the way we're supposed to go yes it matter it's not that has to be covered one you see in swamp now well you can see Gail is mowing while me and Nick are doing the skirting she's taking a break we're taking a break I did what I wanted I got the front done and wrapped around the corner here still coming up with ideas for the steps and the houses over on them and what I wanted to do but as with the let me go turn to generate all so Jerry to generator off this might be a little bit better scale Nick taking a break but we're getting ready to start cleaning up as with the pallet wood walls this turned out better than I hoped it would open using that old fence and blew down I really like the look you like to look Gail yeah I think it's turned out great and I got plenty of fence leftover Gail took a bunch of pieces of back to do all the sides all the way around the back it will all get this treatment but it really look nice I like it you know I may have been prettier with new stuff but may have certainly been easier to put up them with you trying to use his old stuff but uh you know what we made it work and I didn't have to spend any money and that was the important part so it just gives the cabin a whole new look I love it heck can't wait to get more of a done but we're gonna start picking everything up now

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  1. Just a suggestion joe, don't skirt the cabin unless you have a plan to keep the little critters out.  That enclosed area under the cabin will become a mouse condo in no time.  You might be better off leaving it open.

  2. Hi Gail, Joe, and Nick! Gail did an awesome job mowing as usual. Joe & NIck you did an awesome job with the skirting. I love it! Nick, thank you for coming out to help your parents out!

  3. Once you get the skirting up, spay it with bleach with a pump up spayer and it will make the wood look like new. I have made old fences look new doing this. It can later be stained.

  4. How sweet that your son came to help out. It looks great and everything is so green! Everything is green here in Chicago right now too. Big change fromTexas, but I am heading home in two weeks.

  5. Hey Joe!
    Looking better every week. Don't forget to leave a door, in case you need to shift a possum. ;o)
    All the best.

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