Using Smaller Targets on the Shooting Range

Using Smaller Targets on the Shooting Range

our guys Chris Wilmer Vail solutions today we're working on these two inch circle targets get him at pistol training comm and these might look familiar anybody it's running dot torture or anything like that you know or familiar with been Stoeger if you shoot some USPSA some competition and stuff you might have seen something like this before these two inch dots are uh they're kind of a good base it's a smaller target that you can utilize to work you know a bunch of different things in dot torture you know you work strong hand you know support hand stuff like that as well as kind of working cadence and speed and stuff like that so say you're shooting this target at 30 yards you can run this target a little faster than you could at 7:00 so as the distance varies you know you get some different usage out of the target today we're going to look at a little bit of some of that you know working on a consistency here so we're going to work on processing information with you know seeing your sights between every shot as well as getting good smooth trigger presses at about five yards and there's a couple like I said there's a couple different versions been stokers got a pretty challenging drill set up with these dots 36 total rounds and being extremely consistent with with all these strings so we're gonna run through some drills and explain them out a little bit and like I said you can pick up these targets online print them out and all that stuff alright guys so what we're gonna do here is we're gonna run a basic build rail and those two inch circles we talked about big thing here's we're looking for consistency we're trying to get all six rounds inside that to encircle from about seven yards okay [Applause] all right just shot that in 525 all rounds are in or touching the line there so in Ben Stoker's world that would have been a pass for the one circle now I just have to do that six times but for now we're just going to work that drill a few times okay so shot that in for 5o again all six rounds are in the target we're gonna run it one more time for consistency okay all right so four three three I threw one round low so that would have been a fail for that specific drill I could have slowed down a hair there but uh you know we're just going to keep wrapping this work on tracking my sights a little bit better making sure the grips shirt up and all that okay [Applause] so it looks like I threw one more there as well slow down a hair shoot it one more time there we go shot that 506 which would have been a pass again all my rounds were in there that's exactly what we're looking for with drill so 36 rounds total on those two inch circles at about 7 yards it looks like I threw 2 for sure you know for that specific drill we would have failed that at the pass fail but you know I think of a little bit of work we could have cleaned that up and definitely past that so we're gonna try showing off with this with this target we can be used for and some other drills here in just a second okay all right so we took a few steps up here and what we're gonna do is you know work those same two in circles from about 3 yards this time we're going to work a little strong hand and support hand the better we can be it's shooting each one of those individually the better will be it at shooting the gun you know with a full master grip and everything like that so not so much worried about cadence here as we are making sure that we're accountable for our shots and where they're going where we want them to okay [Applause] six rounds all of them in there definitely a little slower but those rounds are exactly where we want them to be so now we're gonna shoot its support hand okay so a little bit slower through one just outside the lines so you probably need to work on that a little bit one more time so we're out a few rounds short but all rounds were in that circle so trying to be accountable for our shots you know everybody's like ah three yards you can't can they work but three yards that a small target really forces you to you know to be conscious and get good trigger presses good sight pictures and all that so try that out try hitting something real small same round through the same hole even is a couple feet it's more difficult than you think it might be our guys so as we kind of wrap up some of these drills here you know in these two inch circles you can kind of see you know a couple of drills we were working at three yards strong hand support hand stuff like that seven yards working those those six shot bill drills at seven and under that five-second mark they're been Stoeger style drill but you know you can work this any different number of ways you want to get start transitioning you know one rounding started you know top left to bottom right Bert you know in reverse order stuff like that they're small and they kind of force you to be accurate not everything's about speed if you can get kind of get these uh you know these skills and concepts and everything developed out you know you'll start to pick up speed as time goes along so really try to force yourself to be accurate you know work these drills as much as you can print these targets off use them in any different way you can and like I said the accountable fruit of shots and understand what's putting in the gun so Chris Wilmer bales solutions and Big Daddy guns you

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  1. Funny i only print 8.5 by 11 targets, im cheap, CA – CCW qualification set at 7 yards here and sheet target is smaller than qualification target so i'm safe for all 6 firearms i have to qualify with, 12 rounds and 9 must be on target each gun

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