Using Stretch Wrap: Pat's Tips & Tricks for Hanton Glue-On Horseshoes

Using Stretch Wrap: Pat's Tips & Tricks for Hanton Glue-On Horseshoes

okay this is a really small footed horse and some of these horses that are really small footed or the foot ducks in or you've got some favorite horses that have lost some wall down at the bottom so the the wall kind of comes down and then drops off the blisters not one hundred percent of time will fit every single horse so this is a pretty good example here they're tough to wrap around this horse because he's really small footed and what I'm going to do it you can tell they're all chained in here is that I'm going to stick these on here you can just tell they're they're a little tough towards the back so what I'm going to do is I'm going to stretch wrap it prior to gluing and you also can use those of the method if a horse is not actually hooks in trouble see I'll do that and then I'll take a nail and find the hole and pick the hole open and so therefore I can just fill the glue as uh as needed I'll show you how to fill these blisters with the stretch wrap on the outside I've cleaned both of my holes put the strap strap over so it sucks down the blisters on there tight for an odd foot odd shaped foot horse so we're just going to put this in here now this can get a little bit more messy but we'll just watch it here because it's already pressurized just watch till it fills out the bottom and that's it you clean it up but see and how you've already stretched wrap it you don't have to do anything here you just make sure everything sucked in tight there you go you

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