USSSA Men's Major World Series – Championship – Resmondo vs Smash It Sports

USSSA Men's Major World Series – Championship – Resmondo vs Smash It Sports

47 Replies to “USSSA Men's Major World Series – Championship – Resmondo vs Smash It Sports”

  1. Hi guys! Great video! I’m a D1 baseball player from Australia and I just made a day in the life video that I want you all to see! Please like and subscribe! Let me know what you think!

  2. Too many beer bellies, too many runs. Lots of bad defense. Good ball should be about all elements of the game…..pitching, defense, base running and strategy, not just hitting. If you can do it in major league baseball you could do it in major league softball. This reminds me of those long drive contests in golf….driving for show without putting for dough. And what is this? The pitchers wear face masks and the catchers don't! Remember Eddie "the King" Feigner the fast pitch guy? These guys could never hit Feigner.

  3. Give me a Break!! This is Total Jackassery…..Why dont they just hit it off a T??….I bet most of them are in it for the after game Group Shower…..Little League World Series is 100% better than this shit. GET A FUCKING LIFE!!

  4. Bunch of Uncle Rico's. Is anyone surprised they are hitting a rock hard grape fruit sized ball thrown underhand out of the park????

  5. High level softball is BORING AF. I've played at high levels and it's those who make fielding errors that lose the game. Who can't hit HR' s in softball?

  6. I play babe ruth league baseball with close to the same size field so 325 to right and left and 400 to center and i must say this looks harder than that

  7. I’m a baseball player and am a little confused here…is this a full-sized baseball field? And if so, these dudes are really friggin strong

  8. why do all these infielders throw like girls haha is that SS on resmond sure he’s right handed?

  9. someone explain the one hand on top of each other strategy when holding the bat? 1:13:26 is a good example

  10. stepped out of the batters box and doesn't strut around the bases … shouldnt count

    I use to play slo pitch and i hit a few over 300 ft but these guys are hitting it alot further .. its knda cool to watch

  11. guys its slow pitch softball, cool it in the comments they know their not big leaguers lmfao, its called having fun and loving beer

  12. IN this game you're allowed to hit the ball with one foot out of the batters box?……. apparently. See 19:36

  13. I enjoy playing rec slow pitch on the city league. It was something fun to do with the friends but one thing I noticed was that the comp players are some of the biggest douches that I have ever met. The guys walk around like they are hot shit because they juice up and hit a slow pitched ball out of the park…

  14. How come 44 didn’t have to run the bases it’s not a homer if you don’t make it all the way around

  15. There are exactly 0 athletes in this video. All guys who probably couldn't handle a 70 MPH in baseball so they turn to this cupcake style of play.

  16. uuhhhh, you clowns are playing a girl's sport. You know that right? underhand slow pitch SOFTBALL. That's how gay you are. Always remember that. And you are probably a disappointment to your fathers.

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