Vega Pro 40 fence installation

Vega Pro 40 fence installation

so here we go open it up got your instructions right here as you can see it's still packaged the only thing that I've noticed that isn't a big deal but could be was the measuring tape came off of a pipe but I don't think that's too big a deal I'm gonna set that over here out of my way as you can see we've got our pipe looks like they've partially assembled everything and got the bolts in and everything like that so that thing is heavy by the way I'm putting this on my craftsman so I'll show you that in a little bit but as you can see we've got our main fence here got our components down here in a box oh wow they even gave me an Allen wrench to go with it all the brackets and the tools that's all coming out here we got all of our brackets everything a head adjustment we've got the back rail front rail looks like everything is here well here's my old fence this is the original craftsman from 1977 here you know the tables cast-iron got off Craigslist for 50 bucks I've told you that in other videos the vents here not very good you can tighten it down and if you're lucky if you pay attention you can have the back square it back up but sometimes you forget you know things aren't perfect so I can't wait to get rid of this fence I've tried all the remedies for it it's just not that good offense okay well we've got all of our old components off ready to put the new fence on I forgot to mention that this old fence would only cut about a 24 inch wide board with this Vega upgrade I'm going to be able to do 40 inches some almost doubling the capacity of the saw for ripping so that's a big plus too alright guys here's the step one I have to determine if my holes are 16 and 1/2 inches apart so looks like they are I've got six and a half there and then it says to make that approximately nine inches from the blade eight to nine inches and it looks like it is so alright so in the next step take this bolt here assemble this little system that's got a really long bolt here I'm guessing for better access it says to set this about a sixteenth gap here and then bolt this through the holes of yourself and then use a star nut or a nut and a star washer to lock it in so I'm gonna go ahead and loosely set this in for now I just want to try and show you each step as I go and here I've got both brackets mounted loosely right now okay I've got the front rail just temporarily held in like the direction say if it's got these slots you can adjust it a little bit side to side as you can see it adds a lot more capacity than what I used to have my old saw would stop about right here you know 24 so I'm getting a lot more cut here's a close-up shot of the front I have the two mounting holes and then there's a center hole but on the back one of this side over here there's no hole so I'm going to have to drill a hole for the back I have to drill a hole for the back panel that's what I was talking about in the front I'm missing one hole alright I'm going to show you how I'm going to drill this hole I took a punch and punched me a little nibble right there just to give me a place I'm going to drill a small drill hole first you all right so I drilled a smaller hole in the previous shot now I'm going to drill an 11 30 seconds hold that will be the proper size sharp drill bit makes a real difference for this by the way okay guys I've got the rear rail bolted now I got that hole drilled just the bolt goes through there's another bracket with an adjustment screw that comes up and that's how you adjust your rail up and down all right we're up to our next step this is the head piece you know with the cam lock we've got to attach it to the fence so step one there is to put the spacer there then we're going to set the fence on top and then put this screw through the fence and fasten it down I went ahead and I just off-camera set the screws in so we've just got it's just the heads just sitting here it's kind of loose right now I just put the spacers in just lightly tighten these up enough to where it'll hold as you can see there's plenty of tightening still but I was going to wait and adjust all this when it's on the saw but that's the next part of that was putting the head and the fence together then I got one other piece for the headstock here just the big knob that works the locking lever you just thread that on okay so according to the directions I need to have a sixteenth from the top of this bracket to the top of the saw so I'm just using my my Craig multi-market got it set to a sixteenth so just just a little bit below the top of the saw so I'm going to make that adjustment there's a big screw down here to help make the adjustment you have to loosen this piece here your bracket bolts so I'm just going to loosen them a little bit just kind of lift it up get it close huh once you get it where you want you just kind of snug these big ones back down a little bit so okay and the back rail the instructions say 7/16 from the top of the back rail to the top of the tabletop so I got lucky with this when I really didn't have to make any adjustments and then on the other side for the other side of the saw there I had to just all you do is raise that bottom adjustment screw up so once you do that you're pretty much there so 7/16 for the back 1/16 for the front now we can move on to putting the fence on and aligning it all right so the way the directions call for it we line up our fence with the miter gauge slot have this lock down first right now it's lined up you need to head locked tighten the four bolts really tight I used a box in wrist give me a little more leverage they're really tight and then it says that hopefully I'll never have to adjust that again so I lift up the cam I've moved it off of there three or four times when I line it up on this end lock it down it's there every time so far it has been just exactly where I put it so that for me right there is money well spent because my craftsman fence could never do that all right the next step was to take the tape measure and glue it back on so what I did was I just took the fence lined it up with the blade made it zero point using the cursor and I just slid the tape to the mark here on the cursor glue to dent taped it down and glued it with superglue and now it should be set that's how I did the tape all right I want to show you one of the nice features about this fence is it has a micro adjustment down here you have your main cam lock and then you have a small micro lock and this lock here you just want to lock it leave your big one loose and then you can turn this wheel to make micro adjustments so I'll show you that in the next part all right I'm just going to show you the cursor moving with the micro adjust as you can see you can do little adjustments there okay guys here's an illustration there is a rear hold down right here that you can attach to your fence I'm going to attach one to mine because I like to use table saw buddies but if you didn't use any kind of hold downs that attach to the fence and press downwards it wouldn't lift the back of your fence up like it's going to do mine the way I did this was I put the fence on the saw i'm took this bracket and set underneath the rail to find where it needed to go i made a mark right here and i just took a piece of tape squared it up and then line the edge of my bracket on it this is a four inch wide fence centerline is two inches i marked the center on the bracket I don't know you can kind of see it and then I just took that laid it over here drew a couple circles out through a couple circles in the hole took my punch hit me a couple punch oles so once you do that should be able to peel that away I'll see if I can create a little shadow here yeah you can see the shiny punch holes in the aluminum and then all you have to do is just I'll give you something for your bit to get into so let me try that here I don't know if this will work sharp bit really helps I just sharpen it from start at this so and that's how you do that those are 1164 just like the instruction call and they supply some screws for you so then all you do is get rid of your debris and then I'm just going to take and take my screws set them in here and for this since it's aluminum I would not use a power driver of any kind I would just use hand hand tools like like I'm doing here because it'd be real easy to strip out the aluminum if you weren't careful so that's pretty much how you do that okay here's my close-up of the rear hold down as you can see it doesn't go very far so if I had my table-saw buddies and they were pressing down on wood it would lift up about that far and then it would hold it from the rear fence popping up it's really not that big a deal to remove it I just grabbed it from the front now lift up and go away and then if you want to put it back on it's just a matter of hooking it on there and then dropping it on to the front so it's not too much of a big deal to take it on and off okay this completes our installation of the Vega pro 40 table saw fence the installation itself I would say took no more than an hour we were provided with the installation hardware we needed clear instruction on how to put it in the fence itself is rock-solid the locks square every time very happy with that the system is very heavy-duty you know it's a great upgrade costs you can get one for 252 for our dollars on the website so you can be like me and find one on Craigslist they're made in the US of A which is a great so I'd like to thank you for watching this video please leave your comments and subscribe thank you

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  1. Watched your video, bought & installed the fence on my Craftsman 113, great product EXCEPT can’t reinstall my splitter with kickback paws. Had to buy MJ splitters.

  2. Thanks for the video. I purchased a Shop Fence from Grizzly for the same saw that you have and the instructions are not that clear and I have to drill holes in my table saw to mount the rails. The fence does come with drill bit and Tap. I do have extensions on my table saw and the mounting bolts are in the way of the mounting fence. It looks like the Vega is the better route to go.

  3. Thanks for the video! But the fence price is unreasonable. I check online and with the price i can buy a better table saw

  4. I've only had mine for 30 plus years , so far ; so good . Not one problem . They could make the plastic cursor a magnifier though . just for us old guys 🙂

  5. Great video, thanks for sharing! I also have a Craftsman saw, and I'm curious what you did with the power switch after installing the Vega. I think yours is like mine, which is on t-track on the underside of the original rail. It seems like the Vega hangs down lower in general, but I don't even know how you'd mount the switch without that t-track. What did you do?

  6. Nice video. Well lit,great audio and closeups. It helped me get an idea of what the instructions are trying to convey. They seem as if they were handdrawn in the 1960's. It's probably time for Vega to update them.

  7. Huuuaahhh! I have the exact same saw and have been searching for a replacement fence myself. So, decision made and time to order. Thanks for the video. BTW, if you decide to replace you router extension please make video of that too!

  8. Hi. Nice video indeed! Gotta ask you. I live in Sweden and Im currently thinking of ordering this fence from rockler. Around 600USD with shipping and taxes so Im trying to work a few things out. The thing is, I need a Metric scale so I will have to replace the one that comes attached with the front rail. There’s a few I could buy but I started hesitating around something. Is your measuring tape attached directly onto the rail surface? The reason Im asking is because to me it looks like it’s ”counter-sunk” down into the surface. May just be my eyes but thought I should ask. Thanks for the video. It may come in handy once I get hold of my fence!

  9. I subscribed to your channel just a few weeks ago ! I started watching your videos! I saw this video!! I have the vega fence on mine craftsman table saw! I have a 12” saw from 1973 I bought it New. I got the 26” fence system I have a small shop. But it works great!! Regards BobLee

  10. When you slide the fence all the way to the right (with all the "T" section not overhanging" is it a true 40"?

  11. Has anyone cut the fence length down to better fit craftsman 113. TS>  My table top is only 20 inches wide and a 42 inch fence is too much?

  12. Thanks for the instructions. Just purchased a Vega Pro 50 off Amazon. I originally bought a ShopFox 57 inch fence system, but they didn’t drill the holes in the front rail so that the tube rail could be attached. Was a waste of time and money. If they intended that, they would have given dimensions and clearances in the instructions. This system looks very promising. Thanks again.

  13. Okay, mine’s installed on my Grizzly contractor saw. All the bolts for the front and rear rail were too short. A quick trip to Ace solved that. Other than that minor hiccup (which I’ve come to expect for an aftermarket add-on), the installation was very easy.

  14. This just saved my hide this afternoon. Thank you! One question – do you remember the size of the allen wrench needed to square up/align the fence to the table?

  15. Did you tap that hole on the backside of the table? My fence is en route, so I need to figure out if I have everything I'll need before I get started!

  16. Thanks for the video, it brought back some old memories.   I added a Vega fence to my Craftsman 25 years ago and still use the saw today.  The fence is an awesome upgrade to the Craftsman…

  17. has anyone had problems with their miter gauge hitting the back rail? I had to do what most other people are saying and drill one hole on the back left of the cast iron top.  I drilled it to match the existing hole on the back.  The lowest I can get it to sit using these holes is still too high, meaning the back rail protrudes just a little bit into the miter slot.  Not sure if there is any way around this without having to drill new holes in the back rail.

  18. I just bought an old Unisaw (34-761) through Craigslist that came with a Vega Pro fence. No instructions, of course, so your video was a huge help! I saw that you have printed instructions, which I have not been able to find online. Would you mind sending me a copy?

  19. Thom,

    I bought this same Vega fence and installed it on my Delta 34-444 Contractors saw years ago. Installation was a piece of cake and it locked in parallel and solid every time, just as yours does. My problem was in the face of the fence itself. The fence seems to have a twist in it along its length, so the face isn't 90 degrees to the table. I returned my original fence and was given a replacement. Same problem with both fences. I bought it at a woodworking show and a second return would have been a hassle at best. That fence has been sitting in a box in the basement for the last 20 years. I ended up with an Incra fence and have been thrilled with that system ever since.

    My question is, do you see any evidence of twist in the length of your fence? Is the face of your Vega 90 degrees to your saw table along the entire length of the fence? Anyone want to buy a Vega fence, 20 years old in brand new condition never used?

    By the way, nicely done video.

  20. The part that contacts is the pivot point for the blade guard. Removed the guard and the pin and now it pivots fine. But will be unable to use the guard in any position other than 90 degrees. Love the fence though, finally now have a next best thing to a real cabinet saw.

  21. How did you solve the tilt issue with the Vega fence and your craftsman saw? I have the same set up and only can get just of 40 degrees of tilt before the motor mount contacts the underside of the square tube in the back. Other than that it is a great set up.

  22. I need to know what the measurement is of the front guide bar from the right side of the blade to the end.I am trying to figure out if I will have enough room to install this fence. Thanks

  23. Thom,
    Thanks for walking me through my Vega Pro 40 install with your video. You made it easy. No drilling on my 24 year-old Craftsman Contractor Saw (Model 113.298843). I'll need a new start switch but otherwise, it is better than new! Subscribed.


  24. Really good video. I have a Bridgewood that I bought on Craigslist that came with a vega system. Wasn't sure exactly how it all went together. This really helped. Since my tablesaw is a right tilting saw, I'm trying to figure out if I can mount the rail system in reverse so I get the most rip capacity on the left of the blade.

  25. Thom, this video played a large part in my decision to buy the Vega U-26. (It didn't come with the hex wrench). I had to modify the install due to shop space restrictions. So far I am very pleased with the fence. Thanks for posting, it really helped!

  26. Great video was very useful when I installed my vega pro 40 fence system on my delta contractor saw

  27. I have a ridgid r4512 hybrid table saw and the stock fence is making me mad to say the least. I spent some time and money building a beautiful folding outfeed table custom to the existing fence. my question to you is can I install a vega fence only using its front bar? I'm never gonna use a fence buddy. and I'd rather not disturb the rear stock rail as long as it won't effect the accuracy of the vega fence. please advise or point me in the right direction. thanks and great video. also FYI the r4512 is basically identical to the newest craftsman

  28. Mines a little newer but like you I bought it off Craigslist for $50. And coincidentally bought the same fence. I do on-site woodworking, so I remove the fence and motor to heft the saw up into my truck.

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