Ventrac Aera-Vator Bermuda Grass Soccer Field Repair

Ventrac Aera-Vator Bermuda Grass Soccer Field Repair

I guess in some cases is just thinking too bad is it that looks better than good Heys Pete GCI turf I hope you're having a great day today and I know went a little different setting here just don't look like no tall fescue does it with this my friends this is Bermuda and I don't know if you know it or not but we've been treating warm season turf for a while now we treat several Bermuda yards or G yards some sport sports complexes and that kind of things I'm no stranger to Bermuda I know a little something about it but today I want to show you something we got going on here this particular soccer field has had three soccer camps within a matter of four weeks look at that man I'm telling you the foot traffic and those cleats from the soccer players and it was it's liable to be a couple hundred kids out here just all day going at it man that is tough on this Bermuda turf so it's my job to wake us back up and fill these spots in before we go into winter so I got a couple things I'm gonna do right here first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna I'm gonna pound on this with some nitrogen I've got a good commercial grade nitrogen I'm gonna put down a pound per thousand and in my bare dirt areas I will put down two pounds per thousand next thing I'm going to do is I'm gonna throw some biostimulants at this I got some RG yes I got some air rate I got some humic trails all mixed up in the tank I'm gonna spray them all over the field at one time now I went I'm going on a high rate on every single one of those products you for the last thing I like to do now this is by far my favorite part now you know I'm a big-time advocate of the era Vader I'm gonna tell you what it ain't nothing in the world like an elevator now let's get up and let's look at this ground right here and you can see that this is irrigated and look at it hard as a rock even though it's irrigated look at that that is comes from compaction foot traffic foot compaction mowing it you know these Bermuda fields they mow them every other day and that ground gets hard like I'm gonna work that fertilizer down in this ground and I'm gonna break the surface of the soil about four inches deep that way this Bermuda you can see it see these runners right here what this thing will do is I put the extra nitrogen in the bare dirt so that when it's ranked when it rains and gets watered in right here that nitrogen sitting right here this Bermuda is gonna chase after it it's gonna go get that nitrogen in runners are gonna take off and filling in this area right here now you you don't have to have elevator to do that you can use a little tiller a little small hand tiller you can use a pick if you got little small areas you can just use a pick and drive that thing in the ground and break that salt that soil up all I'm trying to do is loosen up the ground so that those that Bermuda runner can take off and tack down and just go like Craig Hey once this Bermuda gets to running man you can't keep up with hey you don't have access to a good quality commercial nitrogen fertilizer or whatever hey don't sweat that that's okay just go down to Lowe's or Home Depot and get you some milorganite it would do the exact same thing if you're trying to fill in these bare spots in Bermuda now one thing I would do different than what the bag says is I would use double the amount of my load because you can have Bermuda and it's hungry it's gonna eat a lot so you need to double up on that milorganite so that you get that Bermuda to to chase in these bare dirt areas but but you can see right here man that at elevator it just eats the ground all the pieces in it the hard ground ain't got a chance against that thing all right so there you go I'll get with these folks and make sure they water this real well and of course you if you if you try this on your Bermuda you will want to water it in real good but remember I wanted a fool a full rate of humic 12 RGS and aerate I put a pound to end over the entire property of the entire field and I put two pounds in on my bare dirt areas and I worked them in the ground with the elevator of course you can use a plug or a Raider pickaxe whatever anything it will break that ground up now a little quick note on this bad boy right here what I've done is I loaded this machine up this ventrac on my trailer in my truck now the elevator spreader in the front sprayer in the back I just sprayer built for this thing and I want to tell you how productive I've been today one man I have spread a light a bit of fertilizer is this a total of seven point four acres of turf out here it's three softball fields three soccer fields and I have elevated all of the bare areas I have spread the entire thing down with fertilizer and I've sprayed all seven points acres in one day in about five hours so that's an incorrect that is super duper productive so I couldn't be more happy right now alright so hope you enjoyed this video I wanted to just do something a little different like I said we've been working on Bermuda yards for a while now I just don't talk much about it well I don't know I just don't I'm a fescue yeah I like fescue but hey I know that you Bermuda guys you've been beating me up on this and you know all you guys were warm season hey wins you're warm season program coming out well I've been working on that thing for about two and a half months now and the reason it takes me so long to get one of those things ready of course I work I got a job I got a family and then on top of that I don't want to hand you nothing that isn't incredibly detailed and that's the kind of guy I am I'm a detailed fella and so I won't when I give you a lawn care program on every I dotted and every T crossed okay so I'm just about done with it so just be patient I'll get it out there to you and then it'll be the same Academy style program that we apply to fescue and other cool season turf but of course it'll be directed directly toward warm season appreciate you watching like subscribe I'm gonna start showing a little more warm season stuff now that we're coming in the thick of things and get your Bermuda right

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  1. Thank you so much for the videos! I'm in North Texas DFW area and I have summer Bermuda… sum of this kind and sum of that! Looking forward to new videos… thanks again and God Bless!

  2. Hey Pete, thanks for the Bermuda update, having a hard time getting rid of Bahia grass, and getting Bermuda to grow. Any tips would be highly appreciated

  3. Pete can you do a video on the sprayer you have on the back of the ventrac. I interested in buying/building one to spray your products.

  4. I like fescue also. However I have some great looking Bermuda lawns including my own. Watched this because I am interested in what at the ventrac machine can do.

  5. Love my bermuda! Great work. Glad to see this content. Thanks for all your hard work and effort! God Bless.

  6. The aeravator implement for the Ventrac is on my wish list. It would be just the ticket for my hard clay loam that is NOT irrigated. Might give my earthworms a headache, though.

  7. hell yes Pete…bring me the Bermuda info…load me up!! LOL…I will be patient. When you get it done, you will get me added to the academy. I want to get my Bermuda right.

  8. Man with these salisbury north carolina heat waves lately, I think im gona try out some zoysia in my backyard. Thoughts?

  9. Not sure how much they're paying you for this, but my suggestion would be to Aera-vate FIRST (or core aerate if need be) then apply your granular products, then Aera-vate (or aerate) again, then apply liquids. By Aera-vating first, you've opened up the ground so the granulars have better soil contact initially, then by doing it again after, really work them into the soil. Once liquids go down, I prefer to leave the area undisturbed for 24-48 hours. Looking forward to the follow up video.

  10. Hey Pete question, what can I do with my yard it’s full of water grass? Thanks for your time! Blessings on your day!!

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