Very Rare Horse gets New Horseshoes

Very Rare Horse gets New Horseshoes

hey guys welcome back to another video today's a pretty cool video we are heading over to a museum to shew some of the rarest horses in the world the Suffolk Punch horse it's a draft horse so it's a big heavy horse thick set legs like tree trunks some people would actually say that the more the rarer than the giant panda we've got five to go and chew so if you like your gentle giants if you like your heavy horses check this video out once is just now than this one on now we've got going in the background over here clenching up the middle wants this to be the first three finished and then there's one more to come so good system going on we must work our way along not taking all four shoes off at one time because they're all so big and so heavy we tend to leave a you know either a front on or side of shoes on just so he can stand on the side with the shoes rather than take them off and let them stand on their big large frogs so I don't think I've actually introduced own channel yet this is Owen hey guys he's our first apprentice he's done his first block he's three months away from your second block yesterday which would be the end of his first year he's getting on well the first sort of stages that you do you do a lot of the clenching open the shoes Portland State you're cleaning and preparing the feet that's what I was doing at the moment he's just finishing off the sheet of jewelry sitting the clench in the polishing side of things we've also got Kendall Kendall's not here with us today but he started his pre fiery course and that's one of the courses that you need to do in order to be allowed to start an apprentice with an A with an ATF or an approved training farrier who is Lawrence so he's our ATF if anyone is looking to do their pre fire or wants to become a fire then there is information on the website I'll drop a link in the description below for anyone that wants to find out a little bit more information on that we're also going to be running pre fiery coursers over at the forge so we do have that facility available so all that information can be found on the website to do head over there if you're interested but I think there's some shoes needs nailing on sighs nine nails quite a big chunky now but we don't use big heavy shoes use pipe in wide shoes less weight not as heavy as the standard saw draft horse shoe some people just don't tend to have strong feet especially these guys who stand a lot in stores quite wet and damp English environments so they have quite weak walls so we don't tend to choose that too heavy on them it's a nice and light weight they don't do a lot of road work they don't were these shoes out hence why we can get away with using them much like is the lighter section as well so other than the people are on the channel that are interested in becoming a fire but those that aren't and are interested in the blacksmith side of the job or this trade or this tradition we're also going to be putting on blacksmith taste today's over at the forge so if anyone's interested in and coming to one of them learn the basics of blacksmithing we've got the four coke forges so we'll be putting on these days drop me a comment below we'll get in touch and maybe get you email address and when they're when these days do come up so I'll pop you over in the email with all the information on keep you up to date that way thank you very much this is Boulder boulders all done he's going out in the field now I'm gonna let Richard take him from here beautiful sky yeah

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  1. These horses are so wonderful! They have the personality of a puppy dog. The one I worked with used to try and rest his head on my shoulder. He would have climbed in my pocket it he'd fit!

  2. I’d be curious to know what kind of rate you guys are getting for a full set on those big horses?

  3. There is no certification necessary to start your own farrier business here in the Wild West..Anyone can shoe a horse or teach a riding lesson or buy a semi automatic firearm with 0 education on the matter at hand..yee haw!

  4. My grandad used to have a pair of Suffolk Punch horses. So beautiful and even tempered. Gentle giants, they were.

  5. Cracking fantastic work guys. I've had horses all my life, starting at 3 when my uncle sat me on the back of one of his Shires named Samson. All I would say was "Mine! Mine!" sitting crossed legged on the back of this gentle giant I fell in love. A love that remains, however, due to a back and neck injury, my daughters have my 4 horses between them. I've had Farriers come and Farriers go. Over the years I got that I could recognise a master farrier. You my friend are a master farrier. I'd like to thank you and your team for looking after the funder mental part that makes or breaks a horse, it's feet. I just wish you had been around when I was riding Convoy my 17:2 Hanavaran.. He had feet like dinner plates. Lol..
    I've just subbed. 😁

  6. Well done. I'm glad to see this is a channel I can subscribe to I like what you're doing. We have very few Suffolk punches in the u.s. being registered. I'm glad there's some in there country of origin.

  7. Great film very interesting, is that a Cats head hammer Lawrence is using? and where did he get it? Thanks very much

  8. I absolutely love your vibe! So many farriery videos I watch have a sort of "I'm bigger and better than you'll ever be" vibe – whereas you're promoting education and encouraging people to get into the industry. I love it. THANK YOU for being an ambassador!

  9. the climate is very similar here in NZ yet we do very little hot shoeing ( that i know of anyways)…ive been told its good for seedy toe as well as getting the best fit to the hoof but can you tell me any other reasons why? just out of interest…cheers.

  10. I’ve been a farrier for 22 yrs and you guys do some of the nicest work I’ve seen! Just wondering why you guys don’t use a finishing stand or a hoof jack for those big horses..? Awesome work tho!

  11. Wow. I haven't done a set on a big one in 8 years.  I felt every tug and pull.  No hoof stand or cradle????  Are they not aloud over there?

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