Viking Camp and Traditional Archery, Campfire Cooking in Viking Tent

Viking Camp and Traditional Archery, Campfire Cooking in Viking Tent

you hi there fine leash a Viking video we are at well me and the rest of the living history group are we are at a local museum we are presenting the Viking Age to the general audience here today so we arrived last night and we spent the night in the tent and today we will be will be offering archery mostly for the kids and horse riding that's also mostly for the kids so I hope people will enjoy that and I have already been out in the woods I was going to say hunting but just for a walk and yeah so I hope you'll enjoy this video I have been looking forward to this for a long time [Applause] whenever I'm in a Viking camp I like to start my fire with flint and steel it just seems more appropriate I have some charred material here I can't I know some of this is cotton the Vikings didn't have cotton of course but I think some is Lynn as well the Vikings would have used a fungus found here in Norway and other countries as well I can't remember the English names there are two actually names right now but also charged punk would but I'm going to use this charred fabric here I'm leaning down because I have all my prepared kindling here and I have some I don't have any dried cross because it's been raining for days and but this is I think jute five jute fiber jute string that I have made into you know this bundle here it's going to be a bundle like this I have my flint and steel and many of you have been asking what's your advisement comes to using flint and steel and now I would say don't stress just take your time and it's it's like I see people you know they hit the flint bike obsessed but don't do that because I don't always manage on first strike this is a very small piece of lint there but you you you want to here's you want to just take your time okay but but when when it's burning then you should be fairly quick because otherwise you will burn your fingers okay be quick to get it into the bundle and when you have it in the bundle like this there really isn't a hurry because it will it won't go out you'll have some you don't have to stress about it we had some rain so I'm trying to make have a dry spot sir and there is always still I would say it's the feeling of accomplishment when you make fire in you know primitive fire it's there is something special about it I had me we are getting there [Applause] hello there so this is this for you I would say I just made it but it's been standing it up against the wall in my office for a long time and so I'm trying it out now for the first time and I am sorry for this globe I don't have a Viking style shooting low now of course you might say that our oh I should toughen up my my fingers what happens this is I think it's about fifty something pounds so what happens after a few ten fifty our arrows your your fingers swell up if you don't use any any kind of protection I could use a tab as we call it but I don't have any with me I might make one right now before people arrive we are we are just shooting for fun and I'm I'm not entirely happy with my bow it's not finished but we'll learn let's see how it goes and now people are arriving I okay so I'm in the tent now it started to rain and I have actually a fire going here I have a fire and there are lots of modern-day stuff in here but when it started raining everyone just threw everything inside the tent we are now it's me and one two three four five six people here not lots of people outside yeah I'm not so happy about that I feel like I'm on display which is for me not a good thing okay okay so I am in my tent throwing bacon no you must never do that because the offense can burn down our blog is burned on my Pinterest now I need much privacy right now it is necessary which comprised device so I'll give you close-up of the baton I'm looking both Android the site of some station being fried in in our Viking temp I know what you're thinking that's the tomahawk not a Viking axe but you know what I actually think that tomahawks and smaller axis from the Viking Age they look kind of very much the same and maybe that's because I believe both become hope and I know in the Viking axis they were made in an environment through ariram was scarce so maybe they came up with the same design now if you have never surprise baking with an action you have not really to live that's my opinion this is the thermal hotel but it still still the same principle okay so I'm back in the tenth and it seems like we are leaving we are leaving and first of all we need to get our tent down it's wet I think that's that's like it's every time it's everything is wet when we are leaving so we need to find somewhere where we can keep it and dry in the tent now yeah so anyway thanks for joining me here and this quite small Viking camp and I hope you enjoyed the video I'll see you in the next one have a wonderful day bye bye

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  1. I don't know if this was already asked , where did you get the clay oil lamp? Love all of your videos .

  2. So you feel enough of a driving need to put yourself on display for 80,000 people on the internet that you regularly put out these videos (which we greatly appreciate), but a few dozen people in person feel intrusive. Interesting. I would think being an exhibitionist transcends mediums.

    On a separate thought, what wood is your bow made from, and did you make it yourself? If so, did you get any video of the process? I’m just starting on the journey of learning to craft bows myself, so I’m always interested to see how other people do it.

  3. Bjorn, I think we are kindred spirits, like so many others that feel the same. When you talked of the uncomfortable feeling of 'being on display', that so strongly resonated with me. You are not alone. 🌷
    Lovely footage looking down at the end, on the battle with the long handled axe.
    I don't believe our Viking Ancestors were near as violent as most think. I do believe they 'could be', if needed … and were extremely successful at it when they had to be. 🙂
    Wonderful video, Bjorn … thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Can somebody explain the drinking horn to me? How do you put the thing down without spilling all over? It seems like a terrible vessel to drink out of.

  5. One of the reasons why European hatchets and throwing axes appear so similar to Tomahawks is this; the American Indians didn't originally make them out of steel but of stone or other materials – when they came into contact with European settlers they quickly started trading various steel items from the Europeans which included axe heads.

    If I remember correctly some European settlers to Americas would even engage in lucrative manufacture of axes for trade with the Indians as they were quite well valued.

    The genuine American Indian addition to the design was when they created that integrated peace pipe addition to the basic hatchet design. Also any regular European hatchet in their use would amount to a Tomahawk.

    Which is where we make the full circle when the European hatchets get called Tomahawks, when the designs predate the emergence of the steel Tomahawk by more than a thousand years.

    So, the "Tomahawk's poll" is the distinctive trait as in the one in the video. Yet especially hammerheads and spikes on axe blades were common in Europe long before the discovery of Americas and the subsequent introduction of metal blades to the Alconquians.

    The pipe part is truly the most unique addition. I have not personally discovered if the spike and hammer head opposite the axe blade were introduced through European sources as they existed in Europe or if the American Indians only ever were sold regular hatchets and made these additions independently along with the pipe piece.

    Pipe axes I've never seen anywhere but with the American Indian cultures. They made some really beautiful pieces, I hope to one day be able to own one.

  6. I am going to the Foteviking vikingmarket fair this friday 19-06-29 fully dressed in my cloaths and leather lammelar armor with my bows and arrows. i have been there every year now for about five years on the friday that week.

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  8. I just stubled upon this channel and absolutely love it. Its just has the perfect mix of history, insight, personal opinion, nature, and action. Id also like to share that “if you have not made bacon with an axe, you have not really lived.” Has made me laugh heartfully. I also relate so much to burning the tent down instead of puting on a show for people who you dont know.

  9. Is chaga one of the fungus you forgot the name of?
    I've been using it as a coal extender (backup), but I've heard it can be used to make the first coal as well.

  10. I hadn't even realized those few strikes had actually lit the charcloth! The way you handle Flint and steel is near mythical.


  11. Bjorn these is an underlying stoic sadness to each of your videos, you are truly a prisoner of this era, as am I, as am many here I believe. Stay strong 'Bear' and keep up your amazing work. Your struggle is giving many hope.

  12. "I feel like I'm on display"…
    You are camping at a museum, dressed in Viking costume, in a Viking tent, surrounded by Viking equipment.
    What did you expect?
    I thought that was the point, to show people Viking life.
    If you want privacy don't camp at a museum in anachronistic clothes…

  13. Fantastic video Bjørn, I am the same with crowds as you are! That bacon was making me hungry, guess I shouldn't watch your videos before lunch! Skål my friend!

  14. I love all your videos, and the reenactments are my favorite, the archery target is really wonderful by the way, thank you!

  15. Is it me or whenever a Norwegian speaks English with a heavy accent it sounds eerily similar to Scottish?

  16. Note to self: See a guy frying bacon in tent with tomahawk…leave him alone. I'm glad you shared with us here in YouTube land. Agree re: Viking battle axe and tomahawk — I subscribe to the notion that Vikings introduced the weapon to N. America. Bacon grease — good way to keep the blade rust-free.

  17. Glædelig solhverv 😊
    Hil Sol ☀️
    En fantastisk tur håber jeg ?
    Hvor ofte tager du til noget der er viking relateret?
    Og tak for vi så dit viking telt⛺ og håber maden smagte godt?🥓🍀
    og det kan godt være din bue ikke er færdig men den er virkelig flot Og godt ramt 🏹🎯
    Og mange tak for du delte din tur med os alle
    År og fred

  18. Thanks for the video! I enjoyed it and seeing some of the woodworking also! I would like to try shooting too looks fun!

  19. It would be great to have a video about Viking ritual practice, Blots and other rituals. Maybe talk about Viking funerals and annual traditions. That would be interesting to see. Love the bow Bjorn.

  20. As I say often. I hate people, while I also love people. Privacy and personal alone time is extremely important.

  21. Bjorn, you are a healthy introvert- being very sociable but also leaving the crowd to recharge, even if you have to bend a few rules slightly (like making a careful fire in your tent). You are an good example for us introverts who sometimes have trouble setting healthy limits for ourselves.

  22. One of my ambitions is to make a bow and practice with it. Good relaxing video, many thanks from England.

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