Vintage Traditional Archery Build & Hunting

Vintage Traditional Archery Build & Hunting

Ryan Gill here from hunt primitive where we entertain educate and inspire and on this channel we do a lot of primitive build and/or hunting videos just like this one so if you're new here please consider subscribing but hopefully you've actually been following along and seeing all the cool videos we've been doing for the last all few years now and you're probably used to seeing me shooting stick bows and stone points every now and then in the flintlock a little bit this show we're going to focus on something a little bit different we're gonna bridge the gap between traditional and primitive bow hunting and how are we going to do that by going all the way back to the 1930s and 40s and handcrafting a wooden traditional style bow and then of course in true hunt primitive fashion we're going to take that bow we're gonna go out we're gonna do some hunting with it so let's move on into the adventure see what we can get into in the early 1900s Saxon Pope knight young started the snowball of modern archery helping the bow and arrow gain popularity and recreational shooting and hunting the next generation bellossom traditional bow hunters like fred bear howard hill to introduce to the world the challenge to be found in modern day bow hunting and before 1949 when Fred bear commercialized the new fiberglass line of bows builders like Nels grumbly handcrafted bows out of staves of wood thus was the fork in the road and divided the two distinct styles of modern archery and traditional archery when the compound bow was later invented the fiberglass traditional bows took over the traditional bow hunting world compounds to the modern and the old wooden bows bridged into the ironically new demographic of primitive archery what we are showcasing today is the time of the 1930s and 40s and the Reeb ridging of the gap between traditional and primitive archery permit of archery today usually draws inspiration from early traditional bows and blends it with the even earlier influence of Native American bows modern primitive archery embraces all the characteristics of natural wood with knots and wiggles and slight twist and in our build we are going to be utilizing a single piece of wood yet focus on the uniformity expected from the commercialized building of wooden bows in the 1940s this video isn't a detailed how-to on building bows but rather to entertain educate and inspire those interested in learning more about archery of this era we see a glimpse of the work that goes into this style of bow and then of course in true hunt primitive fashion we are going to take this bow out and go do a hunt with it and if you would like to know more about building wooden bows consider checking out my book on primitive bow building which can be found at Hunt primitive comm and also at the link down in the description in the area that we are hunting this time of year antlerless deer are not legal game so while we were in a good position we had to give this little guy a free pass now as much as I like deer hunting I will never turn my nose up to the opportunity at shooting wild pigs when they come by although I'm quite certain I heard the pig crash we give ample time and take up the blood trail shortly after dark hunting here with my buddy Dunn Davis who's currently hiding off-camera you can stick your head in and say hi if you want but this is his lease and he was nice enough to invite me along and we're deer hunting but I'm never gonna turn down the opportunity to shoot a pig especially when it walks by close so I guess we'll get him out and drink a beer and cut him up we'll have us another pig friend the cooler if my kids absolutely love to eat the canned pork that I make from these wild pigs so they are gonna be extremely excited to see me rollin in the door with another pig in the back of the truck what kind of boat that well it's kind of like a vintage style throwback to the 1930s and 40s Osage recurve so it's a single piece of Osage and it's backed but it's built more like a modern boom so it does not like a normal cell phone where it's got a little bit of wiggles and knots the focus is on being really clean and really straight and I think we represented it pretty well I think that's yet I think that pretty well covers it so thanks for watching and stick with us to see what we come up with on the next adventure

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  1. Some of the best content on YouTube! Do you make the steel broad heads or do you get vintage ones from an online source? I am partial to the zwickey Eskimo

  2. Beautiful bow, get shot. What part of Florida do you live in. I've hunted pigs in a place called Bartow and Winterheaven, with a friend that lived in Lakeland fl. Thanks for making all these nice informative videos of primitive archery. Love them on knapping and arrow making.

  3. Ryan again you have surpassed my expectations and delivered a beautiful killing bow!! Can you elaborate on the poundage and arrow spine and weight?

  4. Hey love your vids! You inspired me to be a bower! And flintknapper! I think your awesome and thanks for helping me find traditional and primitive archery.

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