VIRTUAL BOW AND ARROW GAME! | Bowslinger: Virtual Reality Archery (HTC Vive Gameplay)

VIRTUAL BOW AND ARROW GAME! | Bowslinger: Virtual Reality Archery (HTC Vive Gameplay)

well well well it's time for a new video on my channel NPR and it's weekend so go enjoy it and play some awesome games with your cardboards oculus rift vibes whatever you have go enjoy it maybe even the PlayStation VR I'm not sure if you can already get one but I don't think so but that would be a special thing but anyway I am here to play some awesome games with the vive and today it's bow slinger and this is a game where you play as Robin Hood and you have to hit all kinds of targets like apples humans arks much more it's really fun we are going to try it out so I hope you guys enjoy that and I received this t-shirt for free from VR Brisbane and it looks so nice there's like a character wearing HMD it's really cool if you want to have one of these t-shirts as well there's a link in the description to their web shop and then you can check it out there's much more than only this t-shirt so anyway let's go right into PR and let's have some fun let's go here we are guys in the game and it's time for some fruits real reality artery and that radio is pissing me off so that's the first thing I'm gonna hit there we go shut up that's more like it finally peace so I got a camera here I can use right now I can turn it on like this and now you can see me it's a new feature you can use in some games it's really nice it's like a selfie camera you see I can just take you on a trip here and I can just put it over here and then you got a nice camera to look with me so anyway let's switch back to this camera my first person one and now it's time to shoot a target because we got a menu err oh wait where's my arrow did I dropped it I need a new one I can get it from my back as far as I know where's my arrow how did this happen oh there we go it's magic so we can play a challenge endless range juggling or playground so let's go for a challenge there we go nice one loading loading loading and air we are in the game mode guys I can't wait to try it out and I can hear another irritating radio hmm the music here we are going to get rid of that by throwing it in the air and hit it with an arrow let's go for it nice one that works out so let me get my selfie camera again let's turn it on stop and now let's put it over here so you can see what I'm gonna do nice one I hope you like this site it's really where to see me like walking around here like that right it's really funny so let's go for it let's hit the start button and I'm gonna switch back to my first person Matthew so you can Luke with me what I'm doing exactly so let's hit some targets if you hit them in the middle you get extra points no Sherlock mathe yeah I have to explain it explaining 80 Oh getting arrows is kind of hard I have to get used to it but it's going well as you can see Oh purple target more points oh that was a nice one nope can't do that one hiding behind a tree can't hit that oh it's going faster now it's okay I can do it BAM I'm a new Robin Hood Oh purple want purple no it disappeared there's a purple one in the castle oh I missed but nevermind I hid it anyway a purple one always the purple one first and now we are going to spend with targets fair enough I'm so slow look at me and it's done score twelve hundred arrows 31 accuracy 0.87 great see I see what I suck in this game yep look at that and the top one is what a hook what a name and Mitt Romney is second seems legit so let's go for another game mode I'm gonna shoot this way to the main menu BAM let's see what we can play more seriously there's a radio it responds every time ah now I can't hear it anymore nice one oh now I can still hear it in the background but I can't shoot it wow this radio so let's see we can still play endless range juggling or playground I think I'm gonna go for playground because I like playing around in PR so let's go for that one well what is this for a funny place there are standing on trees and their apples flying in the air they're getting shoved by something funny I don't know what is going on here but it looks nice let's try it out we got the selfie camera again but let me show you another feature you can use in this game you can put an arrow into the selfie camera like this and now I can turn on the camera and I can just shoot you guys away so let's try that I'm gonna shoot at the purple target there we go oh and we hit it how does it look at a camera I think it's funny and also kind of confusing so here I am again I'm gonna put you on my arrow nice and let's shoot it on the ark Apple let's go for it oh and we hit it right in the middle so let me turn off the camera again and let's go for the first-person view it's less confusing I guess oh we hit the Apple I'm gonna practice a bit here let's hit the arc on the tree oh he fell off the tree I'm sorry poor guys oh you fell down oops oh yeah we can't hit the Apple as well Oh almost close one nope I want to shoot an apple instead of the guy himself yep that's an apple I love apples they are so tasty and they keep the doctor away as well one apple a day keeps the doctor away that's a wise lesson from natty endless apples everywhere oh man give them all mmm let's collect some apples I'm gonna do a giveaway of apples that's right nice one they're all rolling away so that's enough for now to practice with nope this one should be it it smells like a Lucky Apple yes yes yes oh did you saw that that's crazy well I tried so many times so maybe it's not that epic but whoa let's go back to the menu to the main one here we go and let's try one more game oh man oh man and a radio is back Oh what are we going to do with this one let's place it on the table and here we go whoo ah nice so we can still choose from endless range or juggling I think we are going for juggling because I wanted to practice that anyway so there you go let's juggle around with that Apple aha so our objective is to shoot the apples to keep them in the air for as long as possible that sounds easy but I'm afraid it isn't so let's go for it I got my camera here let me turn it on so I can show you a nice angle of how you do this let's put it over here yeah that's a nice one I even wear a Robin Hood hat you know it's like a arrow to it so I hit myself that already shows how pro I am that's right so let's hit the start button BAM and let's get ready I am ready for it oh we hit it once twice three times four times five times Oh six times this is how you do it seven oh look at all the arrows sticking out of this Apple it's crazy nice Oh 11 this is how you make points I'm good at something at least can you see this how I'm making my skills here and it looks like the Apple is getting smaller now well that's no challenge for me I want to become the new Robin Hood oh never mind I suck anyway even after saying I want to be the new Robin Hood this small Apple is okay they get smaller every time what can we expect now oh noes are you serious here nope what is the last Apple we can expect what the heck that's so small how do you even hit that I will never become the new Robin Hood yeah I'm gonna be sad now let me turn on my camera and let's end this video oh man why is my ants facing so much so yeah see you later guys let's end this video and let's go to the outro so yes that was bowling here with the oculus rift the oculus rift I mean the vibe I am confused now I'm sorry ooh I just screwed up my outro but anyway this is a real thumb game and I really enjoyed it I am kind of new pin it I will never be the next Robin Hood but still if you want to check it out and there's a link in description to the steam page and then you can buy the game if you want to and as I said before if you want to buy one of these t-shirts then go to the fee our Brisbane webshop and yeah go check it out and see if there's something cool for you and if not then just don't buy one you don't have to so yes that's basically it for today and as always say and I see you guys next time see you in the mana first Wow no I will never be next Robin Hood oh it's hard to accept

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  1. a ps4 vr is 500$ i ikr click this link and you will see

  2. I don't have school on Saturday and Sunday yayayayayayayayayayay I love Friday I don't even have to go to bed yayayayaayaya

  3. Nice video!
    A lot of angle shoots now.
    I didnt know this game, very good game!
    I think you are very good with the bow in VR.
    Sure not the new Robin Hood but a very good archer.
    Good weekend for you too!

  4. I think I enjoyed the Oculus games better since they are more focused on graphics (from what I can tell). HTC Vive is looking like the Wii Fitness equivalent whereas Oculus looks more like the XBox or PS4 equivalent.

  5. When you threw the radio the sound would have to decrease in frequency in distance like in real life when we hear pass a siren ambulance

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