Virtual Shooting Range & Guns #2 – Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades – H3VR Htc Vive

Virtual Shooting Range & Guns #2 – Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades – H3VR Htc Vive

Mary come come around a Pyxis well robbers here playing more h-tree vr i'll be firing downrange today we will try to make it a little bit more serious lost time was quite a riot I'll do it mp5 hey that's pretty good look at that I like it get out of here your puny guns you don't belong in my world I want big guns how high can we go put it oh I ain't it pretty interesting there so I don't know how ha it's closed bolt works it is shame bring a bullet or something Oh click hocked it see the bullets in there red on single oh it's starting Oh release a coat the bolt I mean whoa release the car I only do that during the evening all right Pilar oh yeah very well Ridley's magazine we have already have a bullet in the chamber see you put a new one in well get over here let go oh shit haha this is amazing so to clean up a little bit Oh what are you going well what the fuck it's a ghost cow hair that was a good day at the range I am yo some fresh air now some whoa whoa what the fuck who is that oh god there's hipsters on my lot on my property I'm gonna show them who's boss I don't negotiate with hipsters I kill hipsters it's good I didn't see us go that's good we want them game bias public and I'll look some skins for it and get some knives you know all of that yes we have the element of surprise they won't know what hit them get off my property my player oh yes one hipster down many more will die in my rampage put another one in which fired all the bullets so we have the racket again you know these are serious hipsters when they've turned into cardboard they've been eating that much fibers not allows you freeze bitch okay they eating vegetables in my home they are taunting me making fun of me after focus everyone gold Oh the destruction of the hipsters should have in a dick look fuck burial punches pure self oh no little girl I'm sorry I'm sorry you had to see all of this but don't worry civilian casualties never hurt anyone except the civilian so fine more melons I'm running out of bullets but fear not I will do all of it I'm ambidextrous I can do this I have to believe Oh freeze bitch oh god it's not cooperating I will have to put them down over a puppet plant in my house their filth is spreading we have to end them quickly oh yes they even sort of put off in my home get out whoa Louise hello killing off his shoulder spot bottom the government function I'm gonna take it easy I gonna sneak up on this this asshole alright I'll use him against the tolerate avail it ends oh no it's all your team innocence focus I'm gonna take him out OOP fuck Ruki mistake what am i doing well it's too slowly I'm still mostly barrier they're probably fucking having an orgy in my master bedroom how's that a fuck in my bed fuck with my life these hipsters are smarter all right then they look it's almost like they are human beings oh wow I've underestimated them a little shooter two penises off hipsters can feel a weakness I have to stay strong hard they're everywhere is this the end oh look at about you Hooper stored this is it the final room I will do what I have to do to save my property yeah Oh motherfucker so ah fuck them yeah what does it they take in my livelihood they've taken my computer there's nothing left for me in this world filthy hipsters so they want the way out of this I'm sorry I'm gonna eat this hanger Nate Oh

24 Replies to “Virtual Shooting Range & Guns #2 – Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades – H3VR Htc Vive”

  1. I'm starting a campaign to buy a VR headset for all liberals and a copy of this game…that way they can get used to firearms and maybe, just maybe, they won't be so terrified of firearms anymore….

  2. Today we're going to be a little more serious, last time was a r-
    "Get outta here ya PUNY guns!"
    "How high can we go?"

  3. I am american and we don't have guns and we are only allowed to shoot if someone is tresspassing,robbing us, or stealling from us

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