21 Replies to “Virtual Shooting Range & Guns #4 – Return of Sniper Shotgun – H3VR Htc Vive”

  1. Do you hear this guy can anybody hear this guy he's the kind of people we should not let have guns because he just said he want to murder and he's the kind of person will f**** our gun rights this guy is stupid this is what we call stupid with guns guns don't kill people stupid motherfukers like him do I hate this video follow the judge I'll put you in prison for a long time Behind Bars make you go crazy because crazy is what crazy does and you are one crazy stupid m**********you belong in prison or psycho ward just the kind of person going to f***** our world I think I'm going to report this to the police

  2. Am I the only one that is getting tired of people that are getting raped by shitskins making jokes about have freedom?

  3. Why an ultramarine? they are so overused, why no maybe just a commissar who shoots cowards?

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